Not satire: MLG to receive ‘hero’ award from Las Cruces film festival

According to a report from the Las Cruces Sun-News, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat, will receive the “Hero” award from the Las Cruces International Film Festival (LCIFF) for “her support of the state’s film and television industry.”

“[T]he award is in recognition of the growth the industry has experienced throughout the state and particularly in southern New Mexico since Lujan Grisham stepped into office in 2019,” the report notes.

Despite her hot mess of failures, including the limiting of the film industry due to her strict pandemic lockdown orders that crushed small businesses and commerce in the state, the LCIFF is choosing to honor the scandalous Governor who paid out $150,000 to a sexual assault accuser. 

According to the report, Lujan Grisham is in good company with the so-called “Hero” award, with radical leftists like ex-U.S. Rep. Xochitl Torres Small previously winning the award.

During Lujan Grisham’s tenure, at least 40% of small businesses have closed and the film industry hit a standstill.
“The number of productions shot in New Mexico dropped to zero from an average of 34 productions a month during the first three months of 2020, according to data from the New Mexico Film Office,” New Mexico News Port notes.

7 thoughts on “Not satire: MLG to receive ‘hero’ award from Las Cruces film festival”

  1. So who promoted this nonsense -the druggies she lets run free or the scum that terrorize NM? The ONLY reward she deserves is a pair of metal bracelets and some quiet time in the state pen!

    1. Would that quiet time in the pen be before or after she takes that long step with a short rope necklace for her treasonous play with the Awan gang, the Pakistani spy ring in d.c. that had a passle of dimmoKKKrap representatives that were paying BIG BUCKS of taxpayers dollars to the Awans to do their IT work. Giving unvetted islamics access to our nation’s most closely held secrets, the Keys to our Kingdom, instead of using the U.S. House IT team of vetted, patriotic AMERICANS who were already there, on the payroll, to do the very same work!?! WTF?

      WHY would NanZi pelousi and Debbie washerwoman Schultz direct those representatives to hire the Awans rather than use the existing, secure IT team? Good question… One we will never get an answer to, because when the Awans skipped town after down loading TERRABYTES of data from House computers to unknown and untraceable servers in Europe, the Dept O’ JustUs sent an intrepid sleuth from Fart Barf ‘n Itch (FBI) to investigate this mystery. But, sadly, the House servers had DISAPPEARED!! One of the most secure buildings in the world, with cameras everywhere, locked and blocked access, as well as the well armed Capitol Police guarding the doors. GONE!?! The FBI guy (who happened to be D. washerwoman Schultz’s BROTHER ) scratched his head and pronounced the case deader than Seth Rich – No server, No EVIDENCE! Case closed…
      Not my Governess mlg decided it was a good time to head home and continue her “Sacrifice for Government Service” while having the Santa Fe Ring install her at the Guv’s Manshun while things cooled down in d.c.
      — Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars paid to the Awans
      — Several million taxpayers dollars scammed by the Awans and 20+ dimmoKKKrap reps in an office equipment scam
      — TERRABYTES of our Republics most closely guarded secrets sent out in the dead of night.
      — All covered up by the Deep State elites, covered up like cat poop in the Capitol litter box

  2. Nancy Tannenbaum

    I can only imagine how many of her brain-dead followers believe that she deserves to be rewarded for destroying this sad poverty-ridden state and providing the final straw to make this place first in the nation for suicides. It is last in everything else.

  3. She deserves nothing, but jail time. She kisses the rear ends of the Hollyweird people hanging out in New Mexico. She is worthless as a governor and a human being.

  4. Hero award? Just another way the film industry kisses the Governor’s bottom for all the tax breaks she gives them. Alec Baldwin, where are you? The film industry in New Mexico may want to give you a Hero award also.

  5. @ Nancy, and 50th in the Nation for education, yet she played the PR stunt and played Teacher for 2 hours with Kindergartners.

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