Heinrich rails against Lujan Grisham’s vetoes, sparking ‘26 governor run rumors

On Saturday, New Mexico’s U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, a Democrat, took to Twitter to voice his frustrations over Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s multiple vetoes of legislation he wanted to see reach the finish line.

Although Lujan Grisham signed many extreme far-left bills into law, such as H.B. 9 forcing New Mexicans to lock up their guns at nearly all times, H.B. 207 expanding the “Human Rights Act” with woke transgender ideology, and H.B. 7 mandating public bodies facilitate “gender-affirming care” and abortions, that wasn’t good enough for the Democrat senator.

He wrote on Twitter, “New Mexico’s state legislature took bold action to deliver for our state. I am disappointed to see many of those efforts now vetoed.” 

Heinrich bemoaned the governor’s veto of an electric vehicle tax credit that was stripped from the omnibus tax package. He wrote, “Our state legislature passed HB547 to lower taxes for families, veterans, & educators. And it would have made NM a national leader with climate tax incentives – similar to the ones I fought to pass in the IRA. But these reforms were vetoed.” 

“The legislature also passed SB426 to give children and others a legal advocate in the AG’s office, responding to CYFD’s systemic failures that continue to place children in real danger. But this legislation was also vetoed,” he claimed.

The measure referenced would have created a “Civil Rights Division” in the state Attorney General’s Office, which would mostly be used as another tool to hunt down New Mexicans over alleged Civil Rights Act and Human Rights Act abuses. 

Democrat state Sen. Joseph Cervantes chimed in on the Twitter thread, writing to the senator, “Among vetoes Senator- keeping NM judges lowest paid in the nation. With her stated reason she’s unhappy with the judiciary’s work. That’s the way to get better judges or motivate? Pay far less than raises she gave her own staff and far less than private sector? Hello?” 

Heinrich, who has been rumored to want to run for the governorship in 2026, sparked chatter on Twitter of his potential run, with one commenter writing, “Someone is getting ready to run for governor.”

POLITICO’s senior political columnist Jonathan Martin wrote, “Notable swipe at [Gov. Lujan Grisham] ahead of Heinrich’s own potential gov race in ‘26 .”


24 thoughts on “Heinrich rails against Lujan Grisham’s vetoes, sparking ‘26 governor run rumors”

    1. He uis. An. Elected us senator from NM. It makes sense to have a house in Maryland , DC or a. To be close to his office and his job that we se t him their to do. If he runs He will be here . He has to maintain residence here as well.

      1. Republicans’ myopia is stunning. They don’t have a chance because they’re allowing the infamous Texan Jonathan Mitchell and his faux pastor sidekick Mark Lee Dickson to use New Mexico as a stepping stone to a national abortion ban. NM attorney Michael Seibel is the 3rd National Abortion Ban musketeer. He plies these towns with medical misinformation and uses Drama Queen scare tactics.

      2. Heinrich is from Missouri. He targeted NM for his political career and moved here because of the gullible voters. He’s backed by powerful people.
        Shades of Heather Wilson and Tom Udall.

      3. Yes Tc I see your point, but it seems to me that Heinrich just doesn’t DO much for NM or the country, wherever he resides. I never hear of him sponsoring any meaningful bills or sitting on any decisive, important committees. He’s never in any national news about anything. I could be wrong now, but I think he’s just a milquetoast, underachieving slacker with a vacant stare. And would be even worse for us as governor then our hyphenated queen, if that’s possible.

  1. What this state needs is less Democrats and more Constitutional people who will follow the laws and quit pushing agenda’s that will only serve to hurt this state and her people. This whole idea that the wicked witch of the north *MLG* or demon-0-rat Heinrich would be good for this state is like Chicago going from ousted Lori Lightfoot to their new mayor. MORE OF THE SAME, and New Mexico does not need MORE OF THE SAME!

    1. Well said Robert, the corruption has got to go from New Mexico along with all the corrupt judiciary and attorneys

    2. If it’s Cow Dung, Horse Dung, Pig Dung, It might smell a little different. But it still the Same Old Dung.

    1. Republicans’ problem isn’t “Lefties.” You’ll remain marginalized until you shed the MAGA brand.
      Maga is costing you Middles, and you don’t win elections without middles.

  2. Both are POSs, we need conservatives to run. Tax benefits for green deal CCP made stuff, heck most NMs cannot afford them anyway so it is a tax break for the rich weirdos in Santa Fe. We are letting our marxist cities overrun our state. Heck I had the rep (Slick Willie) tell me he does not work for me as he grams down plans to force our little community with tax burdens we do not want. But that is how it works, a marxist with a Spanish name will get elected over a non Spanish name. If our schools were better and did not push the Marist agenda NM would do so much better. I say no to folks like MLG and Hien”RICH”

  3. New Mexico has enough of our own home grown
    idiots, we don’t need to import carpetmunchers from Yankeeville to tell us how to live. As much as I despise that plump Nazi “NOT MY governess mlg” matty h would be much, much worse. Run for governess in Maryland, or Uranus – anywhere but here.

  4. Robert Gosselin

    They could swap jobs! MLG and Heinrich would have no trouble getting elected in liberal voting NM. The republicans have only 2 candidates with a base of support and those are Pierce and Ronchetti and they are both proven losers

  5. He’s worse than she is if you could believe that’s possible. Sold our state out to the Green Energy companies that are destroying our land. Heindick needs to run for something in Washington or California. He is not wanted here

  6. Hiney-lick turned his back on New Mexico when he boarded the plane to Washington!! Ig you think Loserjan Gruesome is bad you ain’t seen nothin yet!! If Hiney-lick gets in to the roundhouse NM will become a worse shithole!!

  7. God help us. Every time we have a Democrap in office, the true people of Our state loses. The liberal idiots have flipped the state upside down from a great place to live, to a liberal bastion of stupidity and pocket lining by the crooked politician’s.

  8. William Ontiveros

    Our state has allowed the Democratic party to be in power one way or the other for most of the last 90 years. Education ranks in the bottom of everything good and top of everything bad. Yet we give teachers raise after raise. Crime climbs, so we reclassify offenses and send offenders home on probation. Our citizens ask for mental health help, so we give more pills and then legalize marijuana. Does anyone recognize that we seem to be our own worse enemy when we continue to vote the sane way.

  9. Haven’t heard anything from him in all these years, for the good of New Mexico, now he speaks???!! No thank you Martin Heinrich!

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