Buttigieg visiting NM as part of Biden’s ‘Investing in America’ tour

It was announced by Joe Biden that his secretary for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, will be visiting New Mexico. The visit is planned as a part of Biden’s new “Invest in America” tour.

The White House wrote in a press release that the tour would tout legislation pushed during Biden’s tenure that the administration claims is “lowering costs for hardworking families” despite, under the administration, inflation rising to record levels, making the cost of living increase for American families.

“Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack will travel to New Mexico to highlight how the President’s Investing in America agenda is providing a historic $65 billion to ensure every single American has access to affordable, reliable, high-speed internet,” wrote the White House.

The press release added, “Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg will travel to New Mexico to highlight infrastructure projects that are protecting the health and safety of communities and reducing traffic deaths.” 

“Pete Buttigieg will be in Albuquerque on Tuesday before heading down to Las Cruces on Wednesday,” one report noted.  

Buttigieg previously visited Albuquerque last November to push for his climate change agenda on tribal nations. 


24 thoughts on “Buttigieg visiting NM as part of Biden’s ‘Investing in America’ tour”

  1. William Roy Puckett

    They do not have the health and wealth of our country in mind just what they can suck out for personal gain! beware of the wolves in almost sheepskins!

  2. The Biden administration is coming to New Mexico because they’re worried abou Yvette Herrell returning next year..

    1. They also know what a failure Haaland is, but they still want to keep in touch with oil money without too much fanfare. Wonder if Butty will bring his family to the alphabet gender commune that exists in NM? If they stay out of DC then the committee hearings won’t be able to grill them.

  3. REMINDER: At a press conference on August 12th, 1986, US President Ronald Reagan said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”

  4. If Butijudge is coming to NM, he will be welcome open heartedly by the fruits in Santa Fe, his husband should be worried 😉 . They are more about killing babies and cutting off children sex organs than helping people. Internet, how come I have to pay twice the price for 1/2 the speed of folks in big cities. It is all a shit show. DC needs to be broken up to work out of multiple cites. Too much power in one place, too many deals to screw over the American people.

    1. You nailed it right there. And as for the oil etc … we do have: The ‘resident’ wants it ‘gone’. To heck with out jobs and energy indepence.

  5. Yeah there about increasing internet speeds for all the Democrats that live in the city. We live in the county and years and years have passed with no answers and broken promises. Yeah they promise high-speed if you’re like a stones throw from your neighbor. They obviously do not think of the people that choose privacy and live in the outskirts. They still can’t install the equipment. For how wealthy these companies are they’re probably are too cheap to want to build more towers so everyone can high-speed internet. It’s worthless if your job depends on it .

  6. The Biden administration is not welcome in many places…they are safe in NM. Way to go NM, can’t wait to say I told you so to soooooooo many! Time to wake up to the evil and corruption that consumes this state.

  7. So honored to have Pete Butthead here for a visit…..NOT! I hope he wears the right boots this time. He’ll get to pal around with Gov. Package-Grab. Yuck!!

    1. BS. The comments are due to the frustration at the gross incompetence of our Governor, the congress, the appointees to do their jobs!

  8. At least Butigieg announced his itinerary. The only time I ever hear about Martin Heinrichs visits is after he has left town already to flee back to Maryland, like a carpetbagger in the night. I suspect that Martin doesn’t want anyone to know he’s coming to town so no one can show up and protest his weak, milktoast work for New Mexico and the U.S.A….

  9. The visit might also be related to the opening of several new FEMA centers in New Mexico, including one in a massive space in the old K-Mart building on St. Michael’s Ave. in Santa Fe. Local employees in that area say hundreds of “high” end cars with out of state license plates have been parked in front of the building for several weeks now. A newspaper report states the new FEMA has a 4 billion dollar budget (strange, considering the entire NM budget is around 9 billion) which will supposedly be used to assist victims of last year’s fire (a lot of emphasis by the Dems during legislation this year indicated they expect future fires in New Mexico–as if –could it be– they are actually planning them. if you know the facts about last years fires–including that the fires were set during high winds and local volunteer fire departments were told to “stand down” you would not doubt this). Fully armed guards in front of the building are wearing “High Security” badges. I expect Biden officials will also be hanging around there this week. This is a dire situation in my opinion.

  10. I’m sure the bathouses in Santa Fe are throwing a coat of disinfectant on everything in anticipation of lil’ peter Buttplug’s visit. He’s coming to make border jumping easier, to hire a gardener, pool & jacuzzi boi, three
    “mades” (maids) for the home and to buy 17 fat children for a satanic dinner and ball…

  11. Hi Wizzo,
    Thanks for such helpful comments.
    Maybe you could be the pool boy.
    Researching facts, finding accurate information, or being marginally inoffensive in a basically anonymous but public forum is not your thing.
    If a sliver or the comments on this blog are close to a true representation of what the NMGOP has to offer, boy are we in trouble.

  12. well, then again… maybe Poolboywizzo and Wizzo ^ are the same person, and this site is a Honeypot.


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