NM Supreme Court holds fate of swing district in balance

The Republican Party in New Mexico is fervently urging the state Supreme Court to invalidate a congressional map that has dissected a politically conservative oil-producing area into multiple districts while reshaping a swing district along the U.S.-Mexico border to favor Democrats.

The court heard oral arguments on Monday but did not issue a ruling. The map in question, crafted by far-left Democrat state lawmakers, is contested by Republicans who argue that it disproportionately affects the representation of their political minority in the state.

The stakes are high as the court’s decision could sway which party ultimately holds the reins in the state’s Second Congressional District, where Democratic Representative Gabe Vasquez seeks a second term. This district has become a focal point in national politics as Republicans strive to maintain their slim majority in the U.S. House in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Similar battles over congressional maps are unfolding across the country. Recent court rulings in Alabama and Florida found that Republican-led legislatures had unjustly diluted the voting power of Black residents. Legal challenges are ongoing in various states, including Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah.

In New Mexico, a state district judge ruled in October that Democratic lawmakers had significantly weakened the votes of their political opponents. However, the judge stopped short of labeling it as “egregious” gerrymandering. The Republican Party, appealing this decision, argues that the diluted representation of their political minority may persist for the entire decade until the next round of map redrawing.

Harrison, representing the Republicans, pointed to the 2022 defeat of incumbent GOP Congresswoman Yvette Herrell as evidence of the adverse impact on Republican representation. However, justices raised skepticism, noting the thin margin of Herrell’s loss in 2022 and her previous loss in the open race for the seat in 2018 before district boundaries were redrawn, indicating ongoing competitiveness.

Sara Sanchez, representing Democratic legislative leaders, countered that the evidence presented in the case does not support claims of egregious gerrymandering. She emphasized that while every map may favor one party over another, it only becomes a constitutional concern when it results in entrenchment, a level of effectuation not evident in this case.

The broader political landscape in New Mexico, where Democrats currently hold all statewide elected offices, three congressional seats, and two Senate seats, underscores the significance of the ongoing legal battle over redistricting. The state Supreme Court’s ruling will shape the trajectory of political representation in the Second Congressional District and could have broader implications for the balance of power in the state.


17 thoughts on “NM Supreme Court holds fate of swing district in balance”

  1. The whole point of New Mexico’s redistricting was so that no Republican could ever serve Congressional District 2 again

    1. Yep… your part right… and…and…and this one is pretty important…

      So that the City of Albuquerque gets a significant say in all representation in the 3 CD’s.

      The city dweller’s rule over all the rural areas of which we share little to no values.

      We raise cattle, they raise sheep.
      We grow cotton and chile, they eat it.
      We drill oil & gas, they burn it.

    2. Voters play party politics. If we voted the correct way and not let the party control us redistricting wouldn’t matter. Yvette Herrel is the best candidate and Gabe plays party politics. He leans to the right when he wants to get re-elected. He voted against funding Israel while claiming he’s with them.

  2. Supreme Court will rule in favor of Democratic’s. It was a done deal before the hearings started. Nothing will change the Democratic mentality until the grassroots conservatives make their agenda heard. I truly feel that we citizens of this beautiful State must make our voices heard at the voting polls in 2024. We must get back the integrity we have longed for in our leaders. God help us.

  3. The Supreme Court will rule in favor of the Democrats. It was decided before the hearings began. So sad the Law of the Land has been abused. Let’s vote for integrity and honor in 2024. I’m addressing this to all the voting public. Our present government is not working for the residents of this beautiful State, it’s only filling the pockets who now hold office. God help us.

    1. You are correct on all counts. People need to wake up and vote out those who are raping our state for their own gain. I will keep praying for NM and for our country. And may God have mercy on us all.

      1. The POS Luhan, if you look at the votes he had, there were like 3 increases that increased all at the same time. That can only be done by a computer. Plus the other senator does not even live in NM, yes another POS.

        1. Correct and that “other” senator so called wants to be governor. If Heinrich Himmler becomes governor we will not even remember MLG’s rule of terror once the Newsom wannabe arrives in Santa Fe from his home far away!!!

  4. Our states’ courts are so corrupt we may never see actual constitutional results. This governor is so controlling that no one wants to cross her for any reason. And our republican party refuses to stand for anything meaningful. Would help if Chaves County Commission would take a stand but they won’t. They don’t seem.to care what we citizens desire!

  5. NM is a prime example of a communist operated state. The control must overtake all rights and reasons to create complete failure in all areas of morals and laws.

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