Two New Mexico U.S. reps. vote against stripping antisemitic colleges’ funding

The U.S. House of Representatives recently voted by an overwhelming bipartisan majority to strip federal funding from college campuses that promote antisemitism. 

However, two New Mexico representatives decided to support antisemites and vote against the legislation along with 52 of their colleagues.

Those who voted no were Reps. Teresa Leger Fernandez of the Third Congressional District and Melanie Stansbury of the First Congressional District.

Rep. Gabe Vasquez of the Second District, who faces a tough 2024 reelection against Republican former Rep. Yvette Herrell, voted for the measure.

Stansbury and Leger Fernandez voted with the likes of antisemitic Reps. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, both Democrats. Omar was removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee for her antisemitism, and Tlaib was censured for her rabid antisemitic comments.

A full breakdown of representatives who voted against the commonsense measure is below: 

1. Amo (RI)

2. Balint (VT)

3. Barragán (CA)

4. Beyer (VA)

5. Blunt Rochester (DE)

6. Bonamici (OR)

7. Bowman (NY)

8. Bush (MO)

9. Cárdenas (CA)

10. Casar (TX)

11. Case (HI)

12. Casten (IL)

13. Chu (CA)

14. Clarke (NY)

15. Cleaver (MO)

16. Crockett (TX)

17. DeGette (CO)

18. Foster (IL)

19. García (IL)

20. Green, Al (TX)

21. Grijalva (AZ)

22. Hoyle (OR)

23. Jackson (IL)

24. Jacobs (CA)

25. Jayapal (WA)

26. Johnson (GA)

27. Kamlager-Dove (CA)

28. Lee (CA)

29. Lee (PA)

30. Leger Fernandez (NM)

31. Massie (KY) 

32. McClellan (VA)

33. McCollum (MN)

34. Moore (WI)

35. Nadler (NY)

36. Napolitano (CA)

37. Ocasio-Cortez (NY)

38. Omar (MN)

39. Peters (CA)

40. Pingree (ME)

41. Plaskett (VI)

42. Pocan (WI)

43. Pressley (MA)

44. Ramirez (IL)

45. Sablan (MP)

46. Schakowsky (IL)

47. Scott (VA)

48. Stansbury (NM)

49. Takano (CA)

50. Tlaib (MI)

51. Tokuda (HI)

52. Velázquez (NY)

53. Watson Coleman (NJ)

54. Williams (GA)


30 thoughts on “Two New Mexico U.S. reps. vote against stripping antisemitic colleges’ funding”

  1. If the Republican party does not get it’s act together we will have these two representatives for another 2 years. Yep, the Republican party does not care about these positions as long as they win the house down south. All republicans should get on the phone and call the state republican office telling them to start working on getting candidates to run for these office. They need to come forward now as these two candidates already have the name, money and lots of democrats .

    1. SEMITES , a term originally referring to those peoples listed in the table of nations (Gen. 10) as descendants of Noah’s son Shem (Sem in the lxx and the Vulgate). The derivative “Semitic” was coined as a linguistic term by A.L. Schloezer in 1781 (in J.G. Eichhorn (ed.), Repertorium fuer biblische und morgen laendische Literatur, 8 (1781), 161).

      The problematic nature and evil results of earlier racial theories have led to a restriction of the terms Semite and Semitic in careful modern usage to linguistic categories. Aside from the biblical referent, the linguistic is the only modern scholarly-scientific use of the term.

      ANTISEMITISM , is a term coined in 1879, from the Greek ἁντί = anti, and Σημ = Semite by the German agitator Wilhelm *Marr to designate the then-current anti-Jewish campaigns in Europe. “Antisemitism” soon came into general use as a term denoting all forms of hostility manifested toward the Jews throughout history.

      All of the above information can be found online at

      1. So if Palestinian Arabs are Semites (descendants of Shem) as well, are all of those people opposed to the Palestinian Arab position therefore anti-Semitic?

        This stuff is confusing. When I toss ad hominem epithets at people I want to make sure they do not blow back in my own face.

  2. Antisemitism is nothing but a cover that allows the control of our government,media and 1st amendment to be controlled (purchased ) by a foreign govt (The ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM) Our 2 Reps show courageous common sense seldom seen in that degenerate institution .

    1. Delusional much? The NM people messing with the First Amendment are the democrats. Vasquez is playing nice to save his job. Be sure to let the next bunch of terrorist illegals know where you live so they have a place to stay.

  3. Two Nincompoops embarrassing themselves and New Mexico by voting in support of evil terrorists who choose despicable methods to murder innocent civilians, including women, children, and the elderly.

    But I suppose those that support aborting infants up to birth may not be bothered by beheading those that they opt to hate.

    1. Kudos William, these delusional people who think that Palestinians have no right to life or country don’t understand a shred of real history. Unfortunately propaganda has replaced education in America and people “educated “ by MSNBC and CNN simply regurgitate their lies. What ethnic group comprises 80% of Biden’s cabinet? Who owns almost all media? Hint, it’s not Arabs , Hispanics, Blacks or whites.

      1. William George Norris

        Good job Norteno! Let me guess the same ethnic group that was in the majority in Trump, Obama and Bush Jr’s cabinets? This may take a while to figure out, LOL.

        1. You are absolutely correct sir, all presidents have had their “advisers “. It’s known as the deep state. They are the real policy makers. Presidents of both parties come and go but the deep state remains.

    2. Mr Norris is an individual that believes that Jews are secretly running most of the world governments and economies and should at best be dispersed at worst be exterminated. He is the epitome of anti-semitism.

      1. William George Norris

        Hello Dave,

        Yes the Jews do secretly run the world and I would ask that you take a look at these two videos and book to see the proof. They are irrefutable. I welcome any feedback after viewing these links.

        Conspiracies of the Jews, Part 1 and 2
        By Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi

        Woe to You Who Call Evil Good!
        By Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi

  4. NM has chosen to turn its back on God once again Isreal is the chosen people of God. Don’t forget how hamas attack Isreal and killed unarmed citizens men women and children. As Palestine people cheered it on now claiming to be victims

    1. William George Norris

      Sorry Floyd,
      But current day Jews are NOT the chosen people of God only true Catholics. Here are the verses that prove it.

      “Know ye therefore, that they who are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham… For you are all the children of God by faith, in Christ Jesus.” (Gal. 3:7, 26)

      “That is to say, not they that are the children of the flesh [racial Jews], are the children of God; but they, that are the children of the promise [Catholics], are accounted for the seed.” (Rom. 9:8)

      “He came unto his own, and his own received him not. But as many as received him, he gave them power to be made the sons of God, to them that believe in his name.” (Jn. 1:11-12)

      “Who is a liar, but he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ? This is Antichrist, who denieth the Father, and the Son.” (1 Jn. 2:22)

      “But their senses were made dull. For, until this present day, the selfsame veil, in the reading of the old testament, remaineth not taken away (because in Christ it is made void). But even until this day, when Moses is read, the veil is upon their heart.” (2 Cor. 3:14-15)

      This great book who the current day Apostate Jews really are.

      Floyd, don’t forget That Hamas was DELIBERATELY allowed in by Israel as a pretext so that Israel could wipe out Gaza.

      Great video of former IDF Soldier showing how Oct 7th was an inside job. (10:06)

      Another testimony from an Ex IDF soldier who lives in Jerusalem and was at her home and followed the developments of the The Hamas “attack” on October 7th. She says without a doubt this was an inside job. She says the large plan is to flatten Gaza. (10:04)

      Another former IDF person: “I served in the IDF 25 years ago in the intelligence forces.. there’s no way, in my view, that Israel did not know what’s coming…Something is very wrong here” (6:51)

      Jonathan Pollard: Helicopter Pilots Were Given Stand Down Order (1:32)

  5. I am still trying to figure this out. If we are going to be accusing people of something, should we not know the meaning of what we are accusing them of? We throw around all sorts of terms; “anti-semite” is one we see a lot. What does that word mean? Exactly who are the “Semites” anyway? If I am going to be “anti-” something, should I not understand what that “something” is? So, again…what does the term “Semite” mean? Is the word “Semite” synonymous with the word “Jewish”?

    1. William George Norris

      Good point Carlos. Palestinians are considered to be Semites also. So wouldn’t Israel’s brutal treatment of them be considered Anti-Semitic?

      1. Mr. Norris, I submitted a response to you but it failed to appear. I tried a couple more times and it just won’t post. I’ll give it a day to see if it appears suddenly.

  6. Teresa and Melanie…why am I not surprised? When are we going to talk about both of them admitting to having worked for Ghislaine Maxwell? I don’t care if they were working for one of her fake money-laundering/networking companies…they both knew who she was and what she did for Epstein.

    I don’t expect any rational thinking or ethics from either of them, given that. Didn’t vote for either of them, I bad-mouth and contradict them any chance I get….they need to be gone. NM doesn’t need two pedophile supporters speaking for us.

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