MLG ‘expects’ all New Mexicans to celebrate Easter at home, proclaims Easter Bunny as ‘essential service’

On Saturday Gov Michelle Lujan Grisham published a video on Twitter wishing the state a happy Easter with a surprise appearance from the Easter Bunny.

“I want to first thank the faith-based community for supporting us directly and making sure that we’re clear that home is also holy,” said Lujan Grisham.

“We have signed a proclamation that the Easter Bunny delivering goodies and baskets statewide is considered an essential service or this Easter holiday weekend,” explained the Governor. 

Later in the video, she was joined by the Easter Bunny, wishing everyone a “Happy Easter.”

Lujan Grisham’s tweet reads, “This Easter, home is the holy place. I expect all New Mexicans to stay safe by staying home to celebrate, not gathering with friends and family. Together, we will have a safe and happy Easter – by staying apart. BUT tell the kids not to worry: the Easter Bunny is essential!”


8 thoughts on “MLG ‘expects’ all New Mexicans to celebrate Easter at home, proclaims Easter Bunny as ‘essential service’”

  1. OMG does this witch have no boundries. To first of all Mock our religious beliefs and then make a state proclamation of a false idol being “essential”

  2. What she doesn’t realize is that most churches, places of worship were already ahead of her and have been practicing this method for the past 3-4 weeks before she asked this 2 weeks ago. But to put out an emergency transmission over TV, Phone and radio was a slap in the face to any church or religion in this state (NM). What MLG does not understand is that most churches are helping in some form or fashion to lesson the burden on local and county government by donating food, clothing, delivery options and a boat load of volunteer time to get us through this. She needs to think through a thought before putting it on paper or have her advisors advise a little better since they all got a nice 12%+ raise while half of this state is unemployed right now.

  3. So lying to children is ok? Yet where the truth is, you keep others from it? Jesus is truth. Easter is Pagan and is for worshipping the Goddess Eostre. You cannot serve two Gods. Pagan cannot be made Christian. Continue to lie and oppress the people of God. I believe quarantine should be limited only to the sick, not the well. You have destroyed our state. What other lies abound?

  4. To use the emergency warning system to set up a warning not to gather as she did on Sunday morning reminds me of nurse kratchet. I think it is so obvious she is trying to grab power by any means possible, that she is over playing her hand.

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