MLG says Trump doesn’t have ‘national strategy,’ talks up Biden presidency on Easter CNN interview

On Easter Sunday, one day after banning New Mexico from attending Church services, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham joined Jake Tapper for an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Right off the bat, Lujan Grisham offered criticisms of the Trump Administration, accusing the President of not having a “national strategy.” She said, “If we had better national strategies and better national data, and universal testing, and software [inaudible] contract tracing, then we can really figure out when opening makes sense.” 

When pressed about her administration using Descartes Labs to track New Mexicans through cell phone data in order to gather information about social distancing and citizens’ privacy concerns, Lujan Grisham went on the defensive. She said:

“Some folks got confused that somehow this is state data and [a] state effort, and it isn’t. It’s also aggregate cell phone data for the entire country. And Descartes Labs is a data — large data firm and they do incredible work managing any huge types of information that can be beneficial. So we treat this as a tool that allows us to figure out whether our social distancing — more than just looking at the cases, but looking at where people are traveling, how long people are traveling, and get a sense about whether we need to do something else that limits person-to-person contact and enhances our social distancing. In terms of oversight, if it was anything that we thought in this company or anybody else that was breaching already robust federal or state laws protecting privacy, a) we wouldn’t have a relationship, and b) we would do the appropriate accountability, but they’re just using aggregate data. We don’t have any idea who any of the cell phone numbers belong to — not just in New Mexico but nowhere in the country.”

Some have made the case that the use of grading counties by compliance to “social distancing” disproportionately affects rural New Mexicans who have to drive long distances to reach grocery stores and other “essential” businesses, as opposed to people in urban areas who have a shorter distance to drive to get these essential items.

When asked about Joe Biden potentially picking her as his vice-presidential running mate, and if she would accept the nomination, Lujan Grisham answered, “ Well, I will do this: I think that you want a vice president who was much like former vice president Biden. He knew how to govern, he had done a ton of work as a senator and in local government as well, and I think those are incredible attributes. I want to be the governor of New Mexico. I will do whatever it takes to support a Biden administration, and I’m looking forward to a federal administration that can do a national strategy in good times and in bad times both.”


34 thoughts on “MLG says Trump doesn’t have ‘national strategy,’ talks up Biden presidency on Easter CNN interview”

      1. Apparently both of you don’t know how to read and comprehend. Also, if you don’t like her move somewhere else.

    1. Totally agree with you! We need to vote her out at the next election. The NRA is suing her for closing gun stores & places like Sportman’s Warehouse even though the president deemed them as “essential businesses.” She fought to get the Red flag law passed & promotes up to birth abortion as well as tried to get marijuana passed for recreational use in NM. She is the worst governor NM has ever had!!

  1. I am so glad i left the state as soon as she said private home based physical therapy was not allowed. National news should do a story on her dick grabbing tendencies

  2. She has NO business being in any official office. She doesn’t care about New Mexico. Because of officials like her, lots of Democrats are voting for Donald Trump. And I am one of those Democrats

  3. Take her, I’m from.New Mexico if we had in law a recall, she would be right on it. Trust me im 51 and every since i was a voter I’ve been a democratic, not anymore..Signed a new Republican.

  4. She is taking are of healthcare workers and first responders, yet allows abortions in the state? Why has she not closed this death chamber? She will have blood on her hands!!!

  5. She’s a DISGUSTING EVIL person and all I have to say is HELL is waiting to welcome her HOME👎🤬🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. State power grab nothing else! Lunatic lujan: just the beginning for her radical policies. Watch out N.M. here comes full socialism

  7. She doesn’t Have any Room to talk …How much Sence does it make to Close gun shops and Release Criminals back on the streets !!
    Worst Governor NM has Ever Had and Wrve had some Bad Ones °°

  8. Biden is a yes man he will not be the President If he was to win the Clintons and Obama will be telling him what to do and what to say as they’re doing right now. Lujan is a stupid ass all she wants is power she would be 10 times worse than Hillary Clinton but Biden has no chance to win.

  9. New Mexico here and MLG is part of the Pelosi team does what she is told and governs like a dictator. She is a socialist.


  11. I’m so sick of this ,why can’t people work together, instead of trying to put political propaganda into this , I think this is getting blown way out of portions, this is getting very old , and people are going to get tired of this soon , America won’t set long , before we stand and do something, dont underestimate the American people, we will only comply for so long.

  12. Johanna Palmgren

    I support my President…will vote straight Republican in 2020…I think t the liberals are making this virus more than it is to control and try and instill fear in the American people…mr Gates, Clinton’s, Dr Fauci , and WHO are colluding to control the masses…destroying our rights to our freedoms our economy and first and foremost our health…I am a recently retired med professional…people that eventually have be on a ventilator die!….why is that? Wake up America! This quarantine has many implications for our people…increased depression, isolation causes stress that leads to decreases in the functioning of our immune system, no sunlight dec bit D needed for immunity and mental health I can go on and in..,

  13. Charlotte Blandford

    I don’t think a Democrat is capable of saying anything positive about a Republican! Even if everything was done perfect they would gripe or have something negative to say! I am being honest when I say that after listening to the negativity portrayed by Democrats I am so proud to be a Republican!

  14. She’s not my Govenor although I live in New Mexico ! Thank God I didn’t vote for her, what are these people thinking? She’s one of the worst Govenors we have ever had!!!! People please pay attention to what your doing when you vote.

  15. Our NM Governor is an IDIOT. Another politician on a power trip, and in true NM historical style, enjoying watching our state crumble.

  16. fuck u michellle you have done nothing in ur whole time in office , your the worst of any govenors to run this state, you are the most hated new mexican even in front of our idiot mayor fuck u both

  17. I drive 15 miles to the nearest Grocery store and Gas…She can kiss my ass and go to Hell, along with the rest of her Commie Socialist Party…and I will drive anywhere, anytime I want to. I hope the ignorant DemocRats remember this, as if any Republican had suggested this cellphone tracking they would have been called NAZIS….

  18. Calling this woman names solves a lot of problems. Get involved and make sure she does not get reelected! Sounds like a bunch of Democrats whining about Trump. You don’t have to make it a 40 hour job, but volunteer to take her unopposed power away from her. And for all you “Independents”…that’s doing a lot of good also. Make a decision. Vote republican.

  19. Well I don’t like her and most of us in New Mexico don’t like her except for you people that live in the big cities i e Albuquerque and Santa Fe and Las Cruces the rest of the state does not like her including myself and she will be gone next election

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