Heinrich gets horrible news in bid to keep U.S. Senate seat

Nella Domenici, daughter of New Mexico’s former Republican Senator Pete Domenici, has made headlines by setting a new fundraising benchmark for a Republican Senate contender in the state. Launching her campaign in mid-January, Domenici has successfully amassed over $1.25 million by the end of March, marking a record for GOP Senate candidates in New Mexico for the first quarter of an election year. This fundraising milestone was first revealed to Fox News Digital.

As the expected Republican candidate, Domenici is poised to challenge Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich in the upcoming November elections, where Heinrich seeks a third term. The significant $1.25 million raised is celebrated as an unprecedented achievement for a Republican in the state’s political arena, per Fox News.

Domenici’s campaign highlighted contributions from over 1,100 supporters, reflecting widespread backing. Domenici expressed her gratitude, stating, “What an incredible outpouring of broad support in such a short amount of time – New Mexico is truly ready for a change.” She criticized incumbent Senator Heinrich for prioritizing “extreme progressive ideology” over practical solutions for New Mexico’s challenges.

While Heinrich’s first-quarter fundraising figures are pending, his 2023 campaign efforts yielded nearly $4.5 million, with his campaign account holding about $3.5 million at year’s end, as per Federal Election Commission records.

Pete Domenici’s six-term tenure in the Senate, which concluded in 2009, endows his daughter with significant political clout and familiarity among New Mexico voters. Nella Domenici, with a robust background in finance, including roles at Bridgewater Associates as CFO, Credit Suisse, and Citadel Investment Group, brings a formidable fundraising network. Announcing her candidacy, she committed an initial personal investment of half a million dollars to her campaign.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has shown support for Domenici, indicating GOP endorsement for her candidacy. Despite New Mexico’s leftward shift in recent electoral cycles, Domenici’s campaign represents a concerted effort to reclaim a Senate seat for the Republicans, a feat not achieved in the state for 15 years.


42 thoughts on “Heinrich gets horrible news in bid to keep U.S. Senate seat”

  1. But my question is, since she is a Domenici, is she just a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing, seeking the Republician vote???

  2. I’m an independent supporter. It’s about time we get new blood in Washington who is not beholding to the swamp.

    1. You are on target. Now, let’s get her elected. the Progressive marxists are going to come after her with a vengence. This is a seat the have counted in their corner for a long time. It is now all hands of on deck with no holes barred.

  3. What kind of dysfunctional remark is that?
    Let’s see: “A wolf”. no…just a citizen attempting to replace a do-nothing Senator.

    1. Carlos Del Valle

      Specops did not assert that she is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. He simply raised the question – a question which is quite legitimate. It is by no means a “dysfunctional remark”. It was the first question that came to my mind on reading this article. Apparently other readers have the same question, as well.

      1. First question I asked was: “hmmm. I didn’t know he had a daughter interested in politics. Never heard of here here in NM, ever…”

        Now, TADA!!! “I’m here and elect me please! Thanks…”

        My sketch o meter is pinging…

  4. I don’t have confidence that Ms. Domenici isn’t another RINO. She has not indicated her support for America First but appears to want to ride Trump’s coattails to victory.

  5. While Heinrich is as worthless as a screen door on a submarine, I fear that Dominici is a swamp creature just based on her dads contacts. Remember St. Pete’s illegitimate son that New Mexicans knew nothing about but was Kept a Washington and media secret for decades? Sadly I fear it’s another “heads I win , tails you lose” affair for the people of NM.

  6. He is a worthless pos that should have never been elected. He lives in Maryland, how can people in NM be so blind

  7. I hate to say it but a RINO is better than a democrat. But it is like stepping in dog poop, one is hopefully dried up and the other is slimy but both are dog poop and you still have to clean your shoe. We need a MAGA type senator and one that lives in our state. One that believes killing an unborn baby is murder, one that believes parents are in charge of our children not the state. Why are we stuck with another Dominici? Not sure her father did anything great. What are we considering politicians royalty and we are going with royal families? Where are our true conservatives? I will vote for this chick if that is all we have but I would drop her like a hot rock if a real conservative like John Block was running.

  8. When Pete Domenici was in office, he and Jeff Bingaman created a very collaborative, bi-partisan relationship that greatly benefited NM. I don’t know if his daughter can duplicate that with our other Senator or not, but it would be wonderful to see that working relationship again. Hyper partisanship is destroying this country.

  9. My main reason to even show up to vote is to vote against Heinrich no matter who is running as his competition. I write to him all the time. I get as sensible a reply from his staff as I would if I wrote to one of the neighborhood cats. He supports very little of value.He’s all war all the time. More money to Ukraine. Of course so is that weasel House Speaker Johnson.

  10. I have been a participant of the Piñon Post for sometime and I do contribute to its online newsletter. My question is to all the participants who voice their 1st amendment rights on this platform , Do you give your time, contributions to make the Republican Party stronger? Are you attending your Ward meetings? Are you getting to know the candidates who are running in your district? Are you helping out with campaigns? The old adage is there is strength and safety in numbers. Marjorie Taylor Greene said it best. The American people hold the most power over any government institution. Talk is cheap. Educate yourself, get involved, make it happen this November. God Bless this Nation.

    1. So, play the game is your suggestion? Hmmm…
      The Rep. Party is not very organized and the leadership is stubborn and is not interested in the hard work it takes to flip the North.
      I can attend a meeting, but what does that do when Steve will still do it his way? Nada…

      1. Thank you, Mario. You are spot on. I have done many things to help GOP in NM. I even worked for the RPNM, but as you said they are unorganized, stubborn, and only care about keeping their positions. It is very frustrating when you want to help, but people are so insecure and threatened they don’t want anyone else “involved” who actually wants to do something!!!

  11. What we need is someone who not only is a conservative but who is a truly good Christian person who is strong enough to stand up against the evil queen (MLG) and her comrades. I am tired of so called Republicans who all they do is talk and never much action.
    Why people keep voting in all these socialists and communists is beyond my comprehension. We need stronger laws and no more wasteful spending. And change the law that women are coming here to murder their babies in the womb. Yes I said murder. That is a sin! And if people would open their eyes they would see just how evil MLG and her cronies are. Vote these self-serving people out of office.
    They are destroying NM.

  12. I will predict he will be our next Governor or Raul Torrez. Same
    Democrat BS in New Mexico! Yes, I am a Republican in NM.

  13. Agree with you Paul. How about we also include Sharon running for the 3rd District as we need to get Leger Fernandez out she is a democrat who votes along party lines and is not good for NM. We need for the state republican party come out and support her.

  14. Let me know where to write a check to ANYONE who is running against him!! Hiney-lick turned his back on New Mexico the day he walked to the airplane and headed to Washington!

  15. She seemed to be pretty legit when I spoke with her and I was feeling her out for many of the things brought up in the comments. One thing for sure, she will be better than Heinrich (who is only here when campaigning and pushing the extreme left)….I know that’s a very low bar, but she will be better

  16. I believe her to be a quality candidate. Someone who will garner votes from all sectors of the state. Someone said Trump, Domenici and Harrell. I think we need to get behind Louie Sanchez running in District 1 as well, another quality candidate.

  17. My opinion is this: I am an American conservative first! I served 21 years for my country and I have seen it going to hell and politicians on both sides are passing the omnibus bill to give Israel and Ukraine billions only to have it kicked back laundered clean through their corporate insider trading and enriching Blackrock, State Street, and Vanguard and the military industrial complex. I am dismayed at the state of the Republican Party with these squishes in the house and senate caving to the socialist communist Democrats, bowing to the open border and giving in to illegals while we have homeless Americans who can’t afford rent, much less ever dream of owning a starter home at a median of $295k and a 7% rate! Shame on all who we elected who stand by and let this happen. I know our Reps Block and Lord fight the good fight so don’t get me wrong, but I’d like to ask questions of Ms. Domenici. Ma’am, will you divest yourself or freeze your investments while in office? Will you be connected to the powers that be knowing of the great Senator Domenici’s connections in the DC swamp and your involvement in corporate business? If you will, you’ll be another isolated politician, having no idea how the middle class and poor are living nowadays?

  18. Ignore the negative comments. They are jealous and cannot prove what Heinrich has done for the state which is absolutely nothing. Just like Bennie boy. He’s let the small towns in depression. Who’s paying these folks. Oh Ledger is she a Catholic as she campaigned ? I think not she’s doing the opposite of what gods words are. We must vote for the people who believe in God our Savior!

  19. Heinrich votes against the citizens of NM and with socialist demos every time. If you don’t vote for Domenici, you are consenting to the left’s corrupt domination.

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