NM Health Dept. fearmongering people over 65 to get new COVID-19 jab

Following the recent endorsement by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices’ (ACIP) recommendation, far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) is now fearmongering all residents aged 65 and over to get yet another dose of the updated 2023-2024 COVID-19 jab. 

NMDOH’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Miranda Durham, claimed, “Most COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations last year were among people 65 years and older,” adding, “An additional vaccine dose can provide added protection that may have decreased over time for those at highest risk.”

The CDC had previously made provisions for immunocompromised individuals to receive extra doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Now, with the advent of the updated vaccine, broader segments of the population, particularly older adults, are being encouraged to enhance their immunity against the virus.

The Department pushed the jab, saying that COVID-19 vaccines are being offered at no charge through private health insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. Additionally, a provision has been made for uninsured individuals to receive the vaccine free of charge through a network of health centers and pharmacies participating in the CDC’s Bridge Access Program, ensuring that everyone has access to the vaccine.

“Data from the CDC indicates that adults aged 65 and older bear a disproportionate impact from COVID-19, with more than half of the hospitalizations occurring within this age group between October 2023 and December 2023. Recognizing the significance of vaccination, NMDOH encourages eligible individuals to stay up to date on their COVID-19 vaccines,” continued the press release. 

According to Bloomberg, the COVID-19 jab is “inked to small increases in neurological, blood, and heart-related conditions in the largest global vaccine safety study to date,” per scientific studies.


28 thoughts on “NM Health Dept. fearmongering people over 65 to get new COVID-19 jab”

  1. 61 and unvaccinated. I was exposed to the “Hong Kong Flu” as a child. My father had it. I was exposed to him. The jab does nothing, but promotes the abortion industry. I will not be any part of this, MLG BS. MLG and the CDC are KNOWN liars!

    1. I’m 71 and unvaccinated. Will never get this scamdemic vaccine nor any other vaccine. Don’t have one iota of trust in our government nor CDC.

      1. Too many people I know died from the VACCINE, NOT COVID! I will never get hoaxed into getting vaxed by Queen Grisham. She’s just a power thirsty politician.

    2. I am 76 and unvaccinated. Had COVID 2 years ago and just slept a lot. I have never had the flu in my life. I will never get another vaccine because the government and healthcare industry are not trustworthy.

  2. I’m 66 but I am not brain-damaged! Y’all do know those things kill people, don’t you? Tell MLG she can haave mine as I won’t be needing it.

  3. Mixed feeling’s on this one, I personally knew five people who died from getting covid and none were vaccinated. Three before the vax was available and two after. I have gotten all of the so far and when I did get it, it was like a medium flu. Being a military brat I was subjected to many vaccines as a child through teen age years and I’m still kicking but I also know a certain amount of the population will have bad reactions or worse. Not sure if I will get this one or not as I’m undecided.

  4. I’m 65 and refused the vaccine. I got it in 2022 and didn’t even know I had but got tested for an upcoming surgery. Never got again that I know of. Both daughters vaxed and they have had it 2 or 3 times each. Sister in-law vaxed and had it 4 times.

  5. Not for political reasons, but for health concerns, I will not be getting this vaccination and I will be 68 this year. We received the first two vax to be able to work and travel out of country, but it didn’t prevent my wife from getting Covid twice. I had health issues that might be related to the vax but no way to know for sure. I will take my chances.

  6. Anytime the Govt or big pharma push to jab you it can’t be good!! This toxic cocktail that modifies your cells causes health issues and death! My heart goes out to the poor souls who have been sickened or lost a loved one to this toxic sham!

  7. I’m 68, never got the jab. I did get covid-19 a year ago. Took Hydroxychloroquine and was fine in 2 days. I just do not trust this “vaccine” and certainly since the Fed Gov pushes it so hard! Eat right, exercise, get the right amount of sleep, don’t smoke…Just a few of the good habits to take up.

  8. This demon never quits in her gaslighting! Don’t fall for it – take HCQ, Ivermectin or Fenbendezol and you’ll breeze through any ‘so called’ Covid 19.

  9. My husband is in this age group and I am close. We didn’t get any of these shots and won’t be getting this one either. We had covid at the beginning of all this and recovered with no problems! It was a bad flu and we used the usual common sense when you have the flu (rest, fluids, stay home from work). AND we never got covid again. That tells me our immune systems work just fine. We live healthy, active lifestyles, don’t drink alcohol or smoke, we eat good mostly unprocessed food, get a lot of physical exercise and get plenty of sleep. THOSE are the heath habits that protect you against not only covid but a host of other medical issues.

    Now…I work for a company that is 90% vaxed. Just 24 of us refused to get it. EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has gotten it at my job has some issue. On the mild end, we have folks (and many are under 40) who have had covid 2, 3, 4x and each time it’s worse. Using conventional wisdom about immunity, no one should be getting covid repeatedly, so the only logical conclusion is that jab-ee’s immune systems are now compromised. We’ve had several cases of turbo cancers and things like Hashimoto’s coming out of remission and back with a vengance. Six heart incidents (a stroke, a near-fatal heart attack and myocarditis that require wearing of heart holsters). We have five people who developed diabetes right after getting the shots. The rest complain constantly of tiredness, brain fog and random body aches. All of them have a grey skin pallor that is very obvious. All told, I know 21 people personally who are having constant side effects from the shots. The only healthy people at my job are me and the 23 others who didn’t take the shots. That is no coincidence. It can’t be.

    There’s a great saying about free stuff that I have on my whiteboard at work. “Nothing in life is free. If something is in fact free, YOU are likely the product.” I think all of us have seen the Anthem Incentive document that was given to doctors. This governor, like many health providers, is likely getting incentivized to push the shots through federal funding or some other incentive we don’t know about.

    1. Bee,
      you are right on!!!
      I know of several people, sisters and other close relatives – who got the vaxecution and all the boosters and STILL got covid. I know of others that have suddenly developed symptoms – a-fib, neuropathy, for example.
      I also know several others that quit their jobs or were put on extended leave even after requesting religious exemption because they refused to be vaxecuted. My niece had to submit to the “up the nose to your brain” covid test weekly to allow her to continue to work. This was at Los Alamos Labs.
      My Husband and I (67+ years of age) refused the vaxecution because I worked as a contractor for the government and I don’t trust them – at all – the CDC, the IRS, the FBI, the CIA….but I digress.
      Least of all I trust MLG who IS probably receiving kickbacks from somebody to push this crap on us again. And just in time to scare everyone for the upcoming 2024 election……
      MLG is probably getting instructions from whoever is in charge in DC to get “older New Mexicans” scared to death to die of another covid outbreak!
      So there! I’ve vented and now I’m happy !!!!!!

  10. There’s just too much information available in peer-reviewed journals, Pfizer documents, and whistleblowers galore to buy into the “safe and effective” narrative.

    Anyone pushing this shot is attempting murder and should be dealt with accordingly.

  11. Why don’t we give the shot to illegals or vaccinations who cross the border to prevent the rest of the country from getting Covid or other diseases ? Oh wait, we can’t infringe on their rights like we do Americans. Or is there another motive?

  12. Stephanie McKenzie

    My great-grandma and her 11 siblings and parents all went through the Spanish Flu with no problem. Working the farm with plenty of sunshine and fresh air. When Covid started my granddaughter was living with me and she asked me what we had to do. ‘We’re going to get plenty of sunshine, fresh air, eat nutritious food and live our lives. Neither of us got sick or took the vaccine. I’m still good and healthy at 73. Not going to do anything the wicked witch MLG says to do.

  13. ‘Died suddenly…died unexpectedly’…blot clots 3’ long, heart attacks in young men on the field…reporters collapsing on screen…repeated infections even after multiple shots/boosters….how stupid do they think we are? When this hoax started I saw the weekly reports in media: most infected and dead are in their 70s-90s, and most already in hospital and nursing homes with pre-existing conditions and multiple co-morbidities. Many people testing weekly in fear and panic. Morons riding in cars and on bikes, with family members all masked. Sorry, I am not a sheep… I am never tested, never vaxxed, nor boosted.

  14. 64 years old. Had Covid twice. I have a “new” vaccination. It’s called natural immunity. Works like a charm. Has for thousands of years. I will remain unvaccinated.

  15. Pure Blood. Health provider recommend Ivermectin animal because it is the same as human only taken by weight. UnTrustworthy Government removed it from usage, silenced all opposing voices.

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