Lujan Grisham, Santa Fe Mayor Webber publicly trade blows over obelisk toppling

Far-left Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has publicly contested the account given by far-left Democrat Mayor Alan Webber during his deposition related to a lawsuit concerning the October 2020 removal of the Plaza obelisk “Soldiers’ Monument” in Santa Fe. The governor criticized the mayor’s portrayal of their conversation, stating, “Mayor Webber’s remarks during his deposition amount to an egregious mischaracterization of our conversation.”

During his deposition, Mayor Webber suggested that Governor Lujan Grisham had discouraged him from attempting to address the contentious issue surrounding the obelisk, which had been a focal point of tension between stakeholders.

According to Webber’s recounting, the governor described the issue as “unsolvable” and warned him against trying to “rectify hundreds of years of history that were hard to untangle.”

However, Governor Lujan Grisham countered this narrative, asserting that her advice to Mayor Webber was to approach the situation with “caution and sensitivity,” given the highly charged emotions it elicited among the residents of Santa Fe. The governor accused Mayor Webber of shirking responsibility and criticized his leadership, stating, “Instead of leading on this issue, Mayor Webber is attempting to pass the buck and spread blame. That gets us nowhere, and he should be ashamed of himself for not owning his inaction when asked about it. There is an obvious leadership problem at the City of Santa Fe.”

The city, through Bernie Toon, a senior adviser, initially indicated a willingness to respond to the governor’s remarks but later decided against commenting on the matter, per the Santa Fe New Mexican.

The controversy over the obelisk and other monuments sparked legal action by Union Protectíva de Santa Fé, a local Spanish fraternal organization. In June 2021, the group filed a lawsuit against Mayor Webber, alleging that his decision to remove the obelisk, among other actions, violated the New Mexico Prehistoric and Historic Sites Preservation Act. The group argued that the mayor had succumbed to pressure from out-of-state fringe anti-Hispanic hate groups without adequately exploring alternatives to preserve the site. The lawsuit aims to compel the city to reconstruct the obelisk.


9 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham, Santa Fe Mayor Webber publicly trade blows over obelisk toppling”

  1. Crocodile tears from the little Maoist as more NM history is erased. If you don’t like an episode from the past, learn from it.

  2. MLG has turned her back on her heritage and the people of New Mexico. History was laid far before she arrived and removing memorials and re-writing books is not going to change truth.

    New Mexicans, both Spanish, Native or those of Mexican heritage have mingled and worked out many issues in the past 400 years. We are one now and that means that history is part of who we are, to be learned from, and by the grace of God, not repeated.

    Put the monument back, build more if necessary, but be kind and at peace with each other. New Mexico is a wonderful state, blessed by God.

    Rev. Rico

    1. Agree. All this monument removal has more to do with Democrats attempting to erase the horrendous history of their party than anything else. Trying to re-write history smacks strongly of George Orwell’s “1984”. But no one should be surprised. Democrats have a history of strongly approving of infringing long-standing rights, not amplifying them.

  3. Rev. Rico, well stated. We do have a beautiful State and beautiful people of many backgrounds. We must learn from the past in order to give our children and grandchildren a better future. Forgiveness is the hardest of all emotions to overcome. But the if the Cross and the Man-God nailed to it forgave us, I can hope that we can too. The prince of darkness loves hate. Let’s not let him win.

  4. Two nuts arguing over the same squirrel- but each in a different tree… One is in an Oak…the other in a Pine… both elected by the people…er…well…we think they were elected…IDK, without any checks or balances on the actual votes, there is no way to tell if your individual vote was truly accounted for the person you actually voted for.

    We are from the Gooberment… trust us.

    BTW… give up your guns.

    You cannot challenge your actual vote anyway.

    History made to be forgotten and erased.

    Those who control the past, control the present and the future.

    In my crystal ball…hummm… I see the Democratic political party forever in control of the state of New Mexico.

    Drop off your vote in that little box and just walk away…
    (a tad of sarcasm this morning)

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