Police kill Farmington shooter who killed three, injured two officers

On Monday, a gunman killed at least three people and injured two law enforcement, according to the Farmington Police Department.

“At this time, the details we have are that multiple officers from the Farmington Police Department were involved in an officer involved shooting. One suspect was confronted and killed on scene,” read a news release from the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office.

The officers are in stable condition at San Juan Regional Medical Center, police said. 

According to The Washington Post, “The shooting shut down a half-mile of Dustin Avenue, between Ute and Apache streets.” 

“A gunman killed at least three people and injured two law enforcement officers Monday in northern New Mexico, the Farmington Police Department said.” 

Farmington Municipal Schools were in “preventative lockdowns” for at least two hours while police responded to the shooting.

A previous report based upon inaccurate reporting from KRQE News 13 incorrectly stated four people had been killed when the actual number, according to reports, is three.


8 thoughts on “Police kill Farmington shooter who killed three, injured two officers”

    1. There’s no proof of that, Shinoa. Perhaps, you’ve got “facts” to share with us, your “readers.” If you do have facts, please share them.

  1. Sad situation… unfortunately, people kill people and, this is something that is never easy for a police officer to have to deal with.

  2. It’s not the guns
    It’s your sons.
    ( some on hormone replacements and anti depressants?)

    This killer probably not a concealed carry holder nor Republican.

    Are there other journalists who could find out and dig deeper into this story for these answers?

    Sins of Omission found in many stories that are published lately.

    It’s as if intentionally leaving out details. Or if the narrative fits include skin color and “gender”.

    × so what is twilight in journalism courses today?

    I get more details of our American news stories over at http://www.thedailymail.com from British journalists.
    Also I get info from http://www.summit.news.
    Thank you for giving us this much from Farmington.

    Who recalls when people used fist fights to duke it out?

    Guns ?
    Your sons with guns

    For a better America
    We pray for major miracles
    Major Milagros are needed

    Pray up and pray often that the New Mexico curse is lifted.



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