NM Dem bill wants to let 16-year-olds vote in state and local elections

A recently filed bill in the New Mexico Senate, S.B. 336, sponsored by freshman Sen. Carrie Hamblen (D-Doña Ana), who took out former President Pro Tem Mary Kay Papen in the primary election, seeks to let 16-year-old children, who are not even legally adults, vote in local and state elections. 

This is just the latest of a slew of radical proposals from Democrats this legislative session, looking to do as much possible damage to the state in this 60-day legislative session as humanly possible.

They are currently on-track to ramming through extreme anti-gun laws, abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bills, tax hikes on the lower and middle classes, penalties for businesses, anti-law enforcement bills, and the list goes on. 

Now, amid all the problems New Mexico faces, Sen. Hamblen wants kids who have not even met the age to graduate high school yet make consequential decisions on New Mexico’s election outcomes, which would not only be costly to the state in terms of implementation, but it would open many new opportunities for voter fraud. 

Already, extremist groups, such as “Olé” have lauded the bill, claiming it would “address the age disparities in voter participation by building participation and a lifelong habit of civic engagement earlier in life.” 

Another bill, S.B. 14 from Sen. Linda Lopez (D-Bernalillo), seeks to register people to vote without their knowledge any time they make a change to their Motor Vehicle Division records and then make them go through the burden of filling out a card saying they would not want to vote and sending it back to their local county clerk. This would allow these 16-year-olds, many of whom are eligible for licenses, to be automatically added to the voter rolls, adding more opportunity for voter fraud with each voter who is unaware they have automatically been registered to vote.

Olé is also supporting S.B. 14 by sending New Mexicans texts that read the following, “Hi [Name]! This is Frances with OLE. SB 14 is headed to its first Committee, Senate rules do you have any questions about the bill ?” Coincidence? 

S.B. 336 has been referred to the Senate Rules Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee, with no set committee schedules as of yet. S.B. 14 has also been referred to the same committees with no scheduled committees. 

Yesterday, New Mexico hit the halfway point for the 60-day session, with plenty of time for there for Democrats to slip through these measures, if the public does not reach out to show their opposition.

You can find the names of members of the Senate Rules Committee by clicking here. What are your thoughts on letting 16-year-olds vote? Make your voice heard in the comments.

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  1. Carrie Hamblen are you a complete fu**ing idiot or just too stupid to know 16 year olds can’t make up their own minds about eating tidepods or which pair of clothes match their hair color of the day..

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