NM braces for ‘most violent wave’ of illegal immigration after SCOTUS ruling

On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a decision allowing Texas to enforce its S.B. 4, which allows law enforcement to arrest suspected illegal border crossers

This decision represents a notable albeit provisional victory for Texas in its efforts to manage unauthorized immigration.

This development follows a temporary injunction against the law, sought by the Biden administration, which has been challenging the legality of the measure, referred to as Senate Bill 4, introduced by Governor Greg Abbott in December. The administration’s lawsuit contends that the law encroaches on the federal government’s exclusive domain over immigration matters, reminiscent of a previous legal challenge to an Arizona immigration law.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton celebrated the decision, viewing it as a triumph over the Biden Administration’s opposition and a defense of the state’s sovereignty. The Supreme Court’s decision focused on the procedural aspect of lifting a prior suspension by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rather than the substantive legal questions at the heart of the case. Justices Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh, in a concurring opinion, emphasized the importance of allowing the appeals court to take the lead in such matters.

The legal saga is set to continue in the Fifth Circuit, which may revisit its decision, potentially leading to another round of Supreme Court deliberations. Governor Abbott sees this latest ruling as a positive step, albeit one within a broader legal and political battle over border security and immigration policy.

However, while the Supreme Court decision may be a victory for Texas, New Mexico will likely become the new epicenter for criminal trespass into the country through its over 50 miles of wide-open border that is not protected by any type of barrier.

State Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo) said after the decision via X, “Brace for the most violent wave of illegal immigration our state has ever seen after this Supreme Court ruling unless our state takes action. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham must immediately order a state of emergency due to the border crisis, direct the New Mexico National Guard to send personnel to assist agents at the border, and direct the New Mexico State Police to immediately begin arresting suspected illegal border crossers.”

This ongoing dispute is part of a series of confrontations between Texas and the federal government regarding border management strategies, including previous legal actions related to physical barriers on the Rio Grande and access restrictions to key crossing points. The issue of border security remains a pivotal topic in the political landscape, especially in the lead-up to the 2024 elections, with both President Biden and former President Trump articulating their stances during visits to Texas.


13 thoughts on “NM braces for ‘most violent wave’ of illegal immigration after SCOTUS ruling”

  1. I’m sure the NM response led by the Hobbit will be as effective as California’s (e.g., anything else that we can get you newcomers? Maybe some zero down home loans?)

    Time to call forth the militia.

  2. Our Tint TyRunt doesn’t care, she wants the votes, to her and the state’s socialist party aka democrats, they aren’t illegal immigrants they’re “yet to be registered democrat voters”.

  3. NM democRAT leaders not caring at all for the for the safety of NM Citizens. If any killing happens sure hope its the politicians that want this wave of illegals and not any innocent citizens or law enforcement individuals. Until these crooked politicians are then ones being killed by the surge of violent illegals the invasion of the USA will continue.

  4. Once again I love reading the comments of your readers. All of them are spot on. The only way to see any political deportation with the demoncrats is to have them become victims of crime or the down the road of not getting in to hospitals or medical appointments. Then the education stays a loser because teachers are forced to spend more time with illiterates and non speaking english kids and their parents.

  5. “Loony Lujan” and her cohort of far left liberal DemocRATS is why we left new Mexico for Texas after living in New Mexico for 38 years (almost 1/2 my lifetime) and buying a house we thought we would never leave. I have renamed New Mexico as “Nuevo California” because that is the direction the DemocRATS are driving the state. If Loony Lujan is not trying to disarm law abiding citizens of New Mexico she is pandering to the tsunami of criminal aliens (yes they are criminals. They have broken US immigration law (among others) by illegally crossing the border) that are crossing the border illegally. As some one said they should not be called illegal aliens, they are just
    “as yet unregistered DemocRAT voters”.

  6. Bring it! Loaded for Bear….lots of them. Dumbass Dems can take em in to their own homes. We have fence and lots of “posted, keep out, etc” signage so no mistakes here. They are already criminals….

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