NM bill to harbor criminal abortionists signed into law

On Wednesday, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed S.B. 13, sponsored by Sen. Linda Lopez (D-Albuquerque), which bans the extradition of criminal abortionists and the sharing of information regarding such criminals with other states. The governor was joined by the sponsor and late-term abortion doctor Eve Espey of UNM School of Medicine at the bill signing. 

Section 4 of the legislation reads, “It shall be a violation of the Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Health Care Protection Act to request from a third party, or for a third party to transmit information related to an individual’s or entity’s protected health care activity with the intent to: . . . (6) deter, prevent, sanction or penalize an individual or entity for engaging in a protected health care activity.” 

According to New Mexico Alliance for Life (NMAFL), “This language expressly covers any pro-life communicative activity aimed at stopping abortion. It is hard to imagine a broader, more blatantly unconstitutional restriction. Note that it applies not just to the communications of pro-life groups, but also even to inquiries from pro-life individuals.” 

Section 9 of the bill expressly exempts from extradition criminal fugitives who commit or conspire to commit illegal abortions, so long as the perpetrator remains in New Mexico during the commission of the crimes. 

Therefore, “an abortionist who sends pills to another state will be protected by New Mexico. Additionally, the abortionist must have fled from that state after the commission of the action. This may create a loophole if an investigation is not brought before the abortionist arrives in New Mexico,” NMAFL wrote.

S.B. 13 would isolate New Mexico from other states, as many pro-life legislators pointed out during the debate of the legislation.

The measure passed the state Senate by a vote of 26-16 and narrowly passed the House by a vote of 38-30. 

Democrat Sen. Pete Campos of Las Vegas was the lone vote against the measure in the Senate. Democrat Reps. Anthony Allison of Fruitland, Ambrose Castellano of Ribera, Harry Garcia of Grants, D. Wonda Johnson of Church Rock, Patricia Lundstrom of Gallup, and Joseph Sanchez of Alcalde opposed the bill in the House. 

After the signing of the legislation, the pro-abortion New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice wrote on Twitter, “We are proud to say New Mexico protects reproductive freedom at all costs,” boasting about the harboring of criminal abortionists in the state.


13 thoughts on “NM bill to harbor criminal abortionists signed into law”

  1. “The governor was joined by late-term abortion doctor Eve Espey of UNM School of Medicine at the bill signing.”

    Why stop at ‘late term’ for abortions? I say ‘support out-of-womb abortions!’ If a woman has the right to grind up and vacuum out a fetus in her womb, she should be able to do the same if the fetus is outside of the womb- that’s just a technicality. After all, the baby still relies on her for sustenance. I say a woman should be able to abort the child until it can take care of itself (until it can beg in the street, for example.) After all, it’s her fetus, regardless of whether it can breathe on its own or not. What if after the baby becomes post-womb, the mother decides that she’s just not ready for a child, that she hadn’t planned on the problems involved with having one? All that crying, those dirty diapers, the expense…
    Maybe just use some kind of wood-chipping machine. Quick and ‘humane’. She brought that kid into the world, she should be able to take it out.

    1. Your sarcasm is right on! The people supporting abortion would actually love this if they thought they could get away with it! And the time may be coming when this type of stuff is not only allowed and accepted but celebrated. These people are Satanic and Satan loves the cold blodded murder of children created in the image of God. What you wrote should be on billboards across America then have a picture of an newborn baby next to it just to illustrate what this agenda is!

  2. My suggestion is Moochie Loserjan Gruesome be a part of a really late abortion,(she is the poster child for retroactive abortions), or the Dr. assisted suicide. The woman has no morals, nor shows any will to protect New Mexicans!

  3. Stephanie McKenzie

    One of the problems we have here in NM is that we don’t teach the truth about abortion starting at least in junior high. The boys are taught they really have nothing to do with it and the girls are taught it’s really no big deal, just go get an abortion and get rid of it. And we let them use terms such as fetus, unborn, etc. It’s a baby, call it what it is – a BABY. And they don’t explain to the woman that there are as many physical dangers if not more in having an abortion than of carrying the BABY to term. And then the emotional effects are something never addressed. Just about everyone will agree that there is a special connection between baby and mother. Do you think that doesn’t start until the baby is born? So you are aborting a BABY who has a deep emotional connection with you, and you have a deep emotional connection with even if you will not acknowledge it. The tragedy of abortion affects the life of the mother and of course the baby. I hate to declare anyone to hell, but MLG and Eve Espy are headed there.

  4. I’ve lived in NM all my life, and always thought the Catholic religion was the majority. What has become of these people right to life stance through their religious teaching and faith. Maybe we ought to just forget about the Bible and it’s teaching as well and go a head and surrender every thing to the democrats. I’m sure that’s what they want.

    1. They’re working on it. Starting in 1973, Bible verses banned in public schools. I remember an anti-population film being shown to my 5th grade class in the late 1950’s in Raton, NM.

  5. This law is a step toward secession. When States start harboring criminals from each other, we are no longer a unified country. DeSantis already said he would not extradite Trump. I hope MLG realizes that when she makes these laws, many in the State will not follow it. Eastern NM was once a part of the TX Republic. There are a lot of us East of the Rio Grande who would welcome it’s return. Our elected Sheriffs could see to it also. Just remember the precedent. West Virginia.

  6. OMG what a right wing Republican rag! And we wonder why there is such a schism religiously and politically in this country! Yvette Herrell and her fascist cronies are the harbingers of the anti-Christ, and Trump is the worst criminal of all. Why don’t you harp on HIS marital affairs, financial corruption, fake Christian morals, and anti-christian rhetoric?

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