Lujan Grisham signs bill changing NM’s assisted suicide law

On Tuesday, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed S.B. 471, which will no longer force New Mexico doctors to perform physician-assisted suicides following litigation by the national group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) in Lacy v. Torrez. The measure passed unanimously through both legislative chambers.

The bill allows exceptions for physicians based on reasons of conscience or religious beliefs. Previously in 2021, physician-assisted suicide passed the legislature, which would mandate all physicians to prescribe drug “cocktails” to cause death in terminally ill patients. 

The American Medical Association previously wrote in a medical opinion, “Physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer, would be difficult or impossible to control, and would pose serious societal risks.”

During the 2021 assisted suicide bill’s hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee, the “expert witnesses,” law professor Robert Schwartz and physician Steven Kanig could not list the drugs that would be prescribed to end an individual’s life and admitted that there is no set “cocktail” that is used. Schwartz claimed the concoction of harmful drugs “has been refined over the years” and that “these drugs do change.”

Following the signing of S.B. 471, ADF’s senior counsel Mark Lippelmann wrote, “We commend the New Mexico Legislature and Gov. Lujan Grisham for enacting this critical law to protect health care professionals who object to assisted suicide for reasons of conscience or faith.”

“Dr. Lacy and the thousands of other Christian medical professionals we represent believe every life is sacred and full of inherent value, and that assisted suicide ends an innocent human life without justification. The government should never force doctors to surrender their religious, moral, and ethical convictions.”

Dr. Jeffrey Barrows, senior vice president of bioethics and public policy for the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) wrote after the bill’s signing, “As Christian health care professionals, it is our aim to serve every patient with excellence and compassion, as image-bearers of God,” adding, “We strive to perform our work according to the dictates of our faith and professional ethics, including the belief that every life is precious. We’re grateful New Mexico quickly responded to our lawsuit by enacting protections for conscientious physicians.”


25 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham signs bill changing NM’s assisted suicide law”

      1. suitmatchestan2024

        I know- MLG should be more like Trump and go out of her way to praise great leaders such as Putin and Kim Jong-un. Fact checking it un-democratic. Vote Red like your life depends on it and if you still don’t win you always have your guns and you can out breed them and or /they cheated. Bash communism praise fascists. The party of Hubris.

        1. “No set cocktail of drugs…” just give them fentanyl. It’s cheap & easy to acquire in this state. Better yet, skip the doctor all together & go buy it yourself if you want to die. Don’t force a doctor to violate the “first, do no harm” oath.

          1. Doctors Nationwide already Contrived with Democrats to demolish our Healthcare System using the ‘Pandemic ‘. Can’t let a good Pandemic go to waste. Denying people the drugs that are effective killed quite a few people. The absolute ABSURD Response the all the hospitals and the policies placed on the workers was horrific. So many nurses turning to Travel to make BANK while doing so. Also pushing the inequality crap down our throats conjuntively with mandatory shot.
            Several of my favorite Drs left and refused to be part of it. I was SAVED by Cancer and allowed to medically retired in 2022.

  1. So doctors won’t be forced to kill someone when requested by the patient. I fully agree! No doctor should be forced by law to murder. However, MLG and the Demoncrats will force doctors to kill a baby (unborn and up to 28 days after being born) when the baby desires to live. What tragic irony! We advertise that we are the abortion (“baby murder”) capital of the world! New Mexico would be the equivalent to Sodom and Gamorrah in the old testament!

  2. I truthfully find it difficult to pray for these evil politicians who will probably burn in hell unless they repent. However, I will continue to pray that they will have a change of heart even though it is easier to despise them for their actions. It is never too late. Come Holy Spirit. This is not politics folks. It is blatant, downright EVIL descending upon our nation and our world.

    1. That is my struggle, too, Lisa! By command, we continue to pray for our enemies! I must remember that they are as I once was, and God, in His mercy, saved me ! Thank you for reinforcing (sharpening) my faith! God bless you!

  3. Marc Perry PhD MSW

    As a medical professional, I believe Governor Lujan Grisham and the NM State Legislature did what was right by changing statute if/when necessary to clarify and adjust statute . Cancer and other horrific disease may cause horrific suffering to patients and their families. I know many physicians wrestle with questions surrounding a patient’s right for self-determination. In hospice, for example, human beings suffer terribly with horrific illnesses that linger and some patients really want that right to choose. Never are these decisions easy and often everyone suffers WITH a patient.

    I support New Mexico Statute SB471. It was right to correct an oversight when it was signed into law.

    1. The doctors are forced to kill babies which is easier to deal with right….life is life no matter how big or small….and life starts at CONCEPTION….not matter who’s opinion it is….

  4. Given this bill’s passage, for the hopelessly sick, be sure to check with your doctor to ensure that he can and will help you out of this world in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy. If not, find one who will.

  5. It seems hypocritical to me that that she signs a bill that protecting physicians & “allowing exceptions for physicians based on reasons of conscience or religious beliefs” when it comes to terminally ill patients that do not want to suffer or watch their families suffer with them anymore, but yet she is forcing medical facilities & staff to perform abortions on innocent unborn babies! She’s not concerned about conscience or faith! This makes no sense whatsoever to me & many others! NM needs proper leadership & MLG and her buddies in office are not the correct ones!

  6. Separation of Church and State. I person should be able to end their pain and suffering for themselves and their families. Always trying to take away our freedoms.

  7. Tina PITBULL Weber

    Please excuse my French but opinions are like rear ends, everyone has one! I believe that people’s opinions depends on the side of the fence their on and Ms. Grisham is doing the beat she possibly can at this point & better than most would! It’s easy to state your belief, I get that, but to be honest when you put yourself in the shoes of the people who don’t concure with your beliefs we all tend to slander them. However when it’s you yourself in the situation believe me it’s entirely different! Yes I have my faith, however we didn’t give ourselves the gift of life & therefore should not have the power to take it away(and yes I’m a suicide survivor also!), I too have HAD to go through a abortion having 2 surviving living children already and being told if I went to term I was risking not only my newborns life but mine as well! Had to think who was gonna raise my children and how they would be affected! I had to personally weigh out the outcomes with the risks and I apologize to anyone that has had to come to this decision as I know it’s not easy however I had to terminate the pregnancy! Not that’s it’s anyone’s business, I just want to raise people’s awareness that every situation is different & unless you’ve lived their lives in their shoes you should absolutely not judge them! EVERYONE has the right to be heard, even those who oppose your beliefs no matter their reason! The part that hurts me most is the ending of lives that are silent and are not heard in euthanasia in animals who give all they’ve got to live, be loved and cared for yet die by the 1000s daily at humans hands, yet once again not 1 person is worried about them, I AM! ITS TRULY A TRAGEDY, IM SICKENED BY IT ALL QUITE HONESTLY! Please if your going to be compassionate, do it for all not for just 1! Thank you

  8. It’s up to God when u go home, wether u suffer or not, it’s definitely not up to a Dr or family member to decide, suffering is part of life, just pray people

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