Lujan Grisham-appointed judge resigns

A Doña Ana County judge, appointed by far-left Democrat New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham in February, has tendered his resignation. 

Judge Mark D. Standridge, serving as a Third Judicial District Court Judge for Division IV, officially resigned from his position, with his last day being December 15th.

Mark D. Standridge, a University of Arizona and UNM School of Law graduate, entered the legal profession by being admitted to the New Mexico Bar in 2006. 

Before his appointment as a judge, Standridge held diverse roles, including serving as an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of New Mexico. In that capacity, he focused on investigating and prosecuting various felony criminal cases, emphasizing civil rights and gun-related offenses.

Prior to his federal service, Standridge contributed to the legal landscape in Las Cruces, working as a Deputy City Attorney for the City of Las Cruces. He also handled cases in private practices, showcasing a comprehensive legal background.

The circumstances surrounding Judge Standridge’s resignation were not detailed in the available information. His departure marks the conclusion of his tenure as a judge in the Third Judicial District Court in New Mexico.


7 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham-appointed judge resigns”

  1. So somehow you’d like to draw a connection between the person you call a “far left” governor and the judge who seems somewhat pro law and ordered who happened to resign for unknown reasons? I would call that either grasping at straws or really bad journalism.

    1. The New Mexico Democrats are trying to kick Trump off the ballot here in New Mexico therefore denying the right to vote to thousands of New Mexicans. This fascist move must be stopped. New Mexicans rights must not be violated.

      1. Maybe I missed something but I don’t think they’re actually trying to do so because there’s no way that Trump is going to win in New Mexico anyway. It’s a safe Blue State so stop spreading misinformation. And by the way the legal reason for barring Trump from the ballot is contained within the Constitution.

    2. Really bad journalism? What the Piñon Post puts out has absolutely nothing to do with “journalism”, either good or bad. It’s nothing more than right-wing propaganda.

  2. Is he trying run before he gets tangled up in ANOTHER Loserjan scam, or, He’s already dirty and wants to be able make a plea bargain from the sidelines..

  3. “And by the way the legal reason for barring Trump from the ballot is contained within the Constitution”.


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