Antisemites rally in ABQ against Israel, appear to support Hamas terrorists

On Saturday, Antisemites gathered at Tiguex Park in Albuquerque to rally against Israel. The rally, dubbed “Nakba (catastrophe): Emergency March and Rally” comes after Hamas terrorists in Palestine shot thousands of rockets at Israel over the past few days. Most of them have been intercepted by Israel’s missile defense system dubbed the “Iron Dome.”

The Islamic Center of New Mexico appears to have played a role in the Antisemitic protest. Just last week, Democrat politicians gathered to support the organization 

At the Saturday protest, people held signs reading things like “Occupation Must End,” “It’s not anti-Semitic to admit Israel is an APARTHEID,” “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine,” “Israelis Are Professional Baby Killers,” “Nationalism is a sickness,” among other things.

From videos posted of the event by attendees, speakers can be heard shouting, “Palestine will be free!” and “No more bloodshed!” However, Hamas, which controls Giza, the portion of land where thousands of rockets have been shot at Israel, has killed many Israelis in recent days. But many, such as Antisemitic U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) claim “Unlike Israel, missile defense programs, such as Iron Dome, don’t exist to protect Palestinian civilians.” 

But Hamas has actually used schools as rocket-launch sites with young children being used as human shields. 

The harsh truth of Palestine’s inhumane treatment of not only Israelis but also its own people was ignored by the protest, which was put on by “ANSWER Coalition,” a large proponent of the Hamas terrorist group. 

Many attendees were seen wearing keffiyeh scarves, which are a staple of Hamas and Antisemitic terrorists occupying the West Bank and Gaza strip. 

Previously, Antisemitic pro-Palestinian supporters have rallied in Albuquerque, notably in July 2020 with an event co-sponsored by the anti-Hispanic hate group “The Red Nation” and “Al-Awda,” whose founder compares Jews with Nazis and is a supporter of the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah. At the 2020 rally, a handful of people in the caravan of cars held anti-Israel signs, with some shouting out of their cars things such as, “Look at the Nazis! F**k you!”

1 thought on “Antisemites rally in ABQ against Israel, appear to support Hamas terrorists”

  1. Just discovered the Piñon Post: looks good, just what New Mexico could use for some information that isn’t totally managed by our Benevolent Masters. However, it’s sad to see this one story simply parroting the usual New York Times etc. garbage.

    Except that I’m sorry to hear about human (or other) suffering anywhere, I don’t really care about this inter-tribal squabble on the other side of the planet. It has – or should have – nothing to do with America.

    While it is true that the Muslims don’t belong here, since their primary allegiance is elsewhere (regardless of what they may say; see – their religion explicitly gives them permission to lie when convenient to “infidels”, i.e. us), neither do the tribe they are fighting with, who share with them both Semitic biology and culture, and primary allegiance to their home nations rather than to America.

    Given that all the people living in Gaza speak Arabic (and presumably are genetic Arabs), it makes no sense to characterize their supporters as “Antisemites”. Look it up: (or any other dictionary). Such corruption of language is typical of the people these protestors are protesting against, who also have a habit of lying to “goyim”.

    Perhaps someday the American people will wake up and encourage these foreigners to return to their home countries. If we don’t, our country is doomed.

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