NM counties are among the highest-growing rent prices in the nation

According to a report from the Washington Post, many New Mexico counties were included in its list of counties with the highest growing rents amid the recent pandemic. Multiple counties, both urban and rural, were included on the list.

According to the report, Bernalillo County was near the top of the national list, with rents rising 21%, with price estimates for multi-family rentals approximately $1,056 per month. In Santa Fe County, rents rose 18% in the same period, with approximately $1,341 per month.

In Sandoval County, rents rose 15%, with prices around $1,207, while in McKinley County, rents rose 14%, now at approximately $807 per month. Doña Ana County saw high rent increases as well, with prices of approximately $896 per month, an increase of 13%. Curry County rent prices rose 13%, with an $843 price tag for multi-family rentals. 

Otero County rates rose 11%, with a monthly rent price of around $840. Los Alamos County followed Otero with a 10% rent increase, coming in at $1,047 per month.

With inflation at 8.5% and climbing, everything is getting more expensive, including gasoline, groceries, and rent, all harming the lowest-income consumers.

Because of anti-energy policies in New Mexico, including the Energy Transition Act (Green New Deal), and the state Land Office’s yanking of oil leases, costs for fuel and the transportation of goods are being passed along to the consumer. 


4 thoughts on “NM counties are among the highest-growing rent prices in the nation”

  1. Home prices are way out of wack in Bernalillo County, over $250 a square foot when two years ago it was $120-160. Giving renters no options when it comes to purchasing a home. That said in regard to rent, the landlords were constantly stiffed over COVID. Just to stay afloat they have to raise rents. This whole situation is simply due to the COVID hoax and we all know what caused that.

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    Fellow moron New Mexicans,craying you are paying higher rent prices for crappy housing thank a Democrap. This is what you voted for NM. Now feel the pain.

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