Nella Domenici launches second TV ad

On Tuesday, U.S. Senate candidate Nella Domenici, the Republican nominee who hopes to defeat Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich in November, launched her second ad of the campaign cycle, focusing on introducing herself to New Mexico voters.

“Growing up, Nella blazed her own trail,” the ad explains, showing Domenici hiking in New Mexico. “Set her sights on law school, took night classes, and paid her own way. Graduated business school nine months pregnant — top of her class.” 

The ad shows photos of her education experience and then explains, “‘Mom’ was Nella’s most important title while she forged new paths in business and community, breaking down barriers and driving innovative solutions. It’s time to do the same for New Mexico. There are mountains of problems. We need an experienced leader to fix them.”

“The journey to getting New Mexico back on top will not be easy and requires experienced leadership- not the two decades of failed leadership we see in my opponent,” Domenici wrote in an X post, introducing the ad. “I look forward to demanding more and delivering for New Mexico in the United States Senate.”

A recent Red Oak Strategies poll of 1,800 New Mexico voters showed Domenici only three points away from Heinrich, indicating the viability of her campaign. However, Domenici closed this gap when respondents heard positive information about her and negative messages about Heinrich.

In Domeinici’s first ad, she focused on her deep New Mexico roots, growing up on Monroe Street in Albuquerque. 

Following the news of Domenici’s new ad, Heinrich wrote in a panic-stricken fundraising email, “John, my multimillionaire opponent is back on the air this week with a brand-new TV ad. She’s paying $250,000 to reach voters with her ad statewide this week. This news comes right after a poll showed our Senate race in a dead heat. As my opponent reaches voters statewide, it’s never been more important that folks across New Mexico know what our grassroots campaign stands for every day.”

The Democrat accused Domenici of putting “Wall Street profit” above voters due to Domenici’s successful business career for Fortune 500 companies. In contrast, Heinrich has been in elected office for decades and lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.



16 thoughts on “Nella Domenici launches second TV ad”

  1. She will be a great Senator, like her Father before her she will be for the people of New Mexico unlike her opponent “Maryland Martin” who has, for all intents, move his ebbtide family to Maryland and only returns to the state to campaign or show his face for something he feels will benefit him in the eyes of the Democrat sheepeople

  2. What I want to see is what She plans on DOING to make things better and NOT what Heinrich has done Wrong in her ads. We all know what a loser Heinrich is but what we don’t know is How much BETTER she can make it.

  3. John Torrey Baird

    Blah blah blah What is her position on energy, men in women’s sports, DEI in the military, CRT and sexual education in schools, gutting the top management of DOJ and FBI. Revoking the security clearance of the 51 intelligence agents that declared Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation. I need to know she is America First and not a globalist in sheep’s clothing. We desperately need a Senator like: JD Vance, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz, John Kennedy, etc. Get on the Trump train and ride it to DC. Please invite Trump to a rally in New Mexico!

    1. NMGOP has a track history of only supporting low energy RINO candidates.
      We need an America First fighter to turn this state around.
      Not sure why NMGOP hasn’t realized it!

  4. Her team needs a course correction ,too much virtue signalling, no substance. The hillary style macho stance shows a closet femdem ,or nikki haley rino/traitor. Still dont know if she can be trusted, or just a shill.

  5. NM needs a Thomas Massie and a Rand Paul. The interior of the state was built on fraud and it continues throughout all the departments trickling down into city and county. 50% of NM works for state government; city and county government and her position, her win would put their jobs in jeopardy. We have an over bloated government, with pensions, and at this point it is difficult to starve the beast, when the beast feeds half of the state.

  6. Both of these ads were positive messages! All you people know Maryland marty’s politics. He did not support any of the America First agenda. Someone would have to be an idiot to want him back in office!!!

  7. Great comments John Torrey! I agree. I would like to know what her stance is on the Life issue. We have a horrific situation here in New Mexico with MLG and her hate for children, and the new abortion clinic opening in Las Cruces in October which will include vasectomies, transgender surgeries, etc.
    I haven’t heard a word from her about the Life issue which says alot. We can’t continue the murder of unborn children in our state. God will not be mocked, and to me and my family, this is the most important issue. If Nella is not pro life, I will not vote for her.

    1. Luci, I too am pro-life, however I am also pro-American. If Heinlick is allowed back in office it reduces the American First movement which includes not having a FEDERAL LAW imposed. The state Legislature is in total control of the abortion issue.

  8. Give Me Liberty

    So far she seems to have only one thing going for her: she’s not Martin Heinrich.. Other than that, my take is she is just another RINO new world order globalist. Why? She supports the murder of babies. If at her age she still hasn’t figured out why that’s wrong, then she can be trusted with little else. .. I guess under a “Republican” banner in this deep blue marxist state, that’s the most we can hope for.

    1. Of course she is a RINO!!! Those are the only candidates that the NMGOP puts forward. Zero energy candidates that don’t inspire!!

  9. She says she’s a moderate and will reach across the aisle to get stuff done. She praises Reagan which is fine but she needs to be strong and outspoken. Also, she needs to back Trump, our candidate. After hearing her, I want someone with a punch. I’ll vote for her but we don’t need another rhino.

    1. Across the isle is code for RINO. Progressive leftists have been cleaning GOP’s clock for years. Especially in NM. It would be great if the NMGOP took a more aggressive America First stance. It really hard to support a team that has no fortitude. Leadership is weak

  10. I will vote for her over Maryland Marty and his leftist nonsense. Sadly tho, I fear she is another NMGOP RINO minded candidate.
    If the NMGOP took a more America first stance and actually “fought” NM would shift from blue to at least purple.
    I don’t see them fighting to turn the “hispanic generational Democrat” ideology. Not sure why, maybe cause the old tired leadership doesn’t realize just how conservative many of us Hispanics truly are? I dunno????

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