MLG’s new NMDOH pick has scant health background, backed lockdowns

Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham recently announced she would be nominating outgoing Oregon Health Authority Director Patrick Allen, 59, as her new cabinet secretary for the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) after Dr. David Scrase of the Human Services Department remained as acting director.

Scrase’s tenure came after the departure of Secretary Tracie C. Collins, who was only confirmed by the state Senate in 2021. Since the beginning of her regime, Lujan Grisham has constantly had personnel and cabinet members flee or be forced out after short tenures.

Allen, an appointee of unpopular lame-duck Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, is being forced out of a job in Oregon as incoming Democrat Gov. Tina Kotek pledged to oust the controversial cabinet chief who was making a hefty $253,308 a year. Kotek’s win prompted his resignation, writing that he was “sad to be leaving this work behind.”

Now, Lujan Grisham has scooped him up to head her NMDOH, writing that Allen “shares my vision of a New Mexico that fosters better health outcomes for every resident of our beautiful state.” It is unclear what his salary will be in his new gig.

Allen claimed he was “proud” of his COVID-19 response in Oregon, despite abysmal pandemic policies that resulted in child suicides, increased deaths, and economic catastrophe. He also said he moved toward “health equity” to coerce people of color (Latino, Black, African American, and African Immigrants) into getting jabbed against the virus.

Despite this, in his resignation letter, he wrote to Brown regarding her lockdowns, “You have made hard choices that enabled us to save thousands of people in  Oregon and navigate the worst health crisis our nation has faced in more than a century. I  appreciate the integrity of your leadership and all the support you’ve given me and the staff at OHA.”

Similar to Lujan Grisham, Allen also shamed residents of his soon-to-be former state of Oregon for not abiding by the extreme COVID lockdown measures enacted by Brown, as evidenced below:

In actuality, Allen has no experience in public health before Brown’s appointment, with a background on a local Sherwood planning commission. His degree in economics from Oregon State University, with no public health focus. He also is not an osteopath or medical doctor. 

According to the Oregon Capital Chronicle, the Oregon Health Authority, under his leadership, “has failed to help people with mental health and addiction problems, critics say. They point out it has been slow to distribute more than $1 billion to create behavioral health programs and new facilities, as well as addiction treatment networks as part of the rollout of Measure 110, Oregon’s drug decriminalization measure that included a plan to step up treatment. In national studies, the state has repeatedly had the highest or close to the highest rate of people with mental health and addiction problems in national studies.”

According to the Chronicle, “Allen had a ‘serious’ fall on Jan. 23 and was hospitalized, according to a news release from the agency two days later. He was evaluated for heart issues and returned to his home in Sherwood within three days. The health authority said he did not have COVID-19.” 

Critics have suggested Allen’s fall could have been due to alcoholism, namely “binge drinking,” which resulted in a large dent left in his forehead. Others have criticized him due to his lack of apparent personal health fitness and wondered if he has the stamina for the job.


20 thoughts on “MLG’s new NMDOH pick has scant health background, backed lockdowns”

  1. Another decision by Queen Grisham to try and Control we the People. Sadly that’s apparently cwhat the people of New Mexico deserve since they Voted her back into the Castle. She just wants power and she will say and do whatever she hast to in order to keep it. Too many people vin New Mexico depend on State and Government hand outs so they will always be lead around like goats

  2. Just another democrap party stooge. He knows nothing about anything, this useful idiot will be perfect from MLG’s administration.

  3. So we New Mexicans just lick our wounds and bitch and moan, while the Titanic is sinking. Politicians in this state are probably the most corrupt anywhere and now their controlling elections guarantees their perpetual power.

  4. I will say it again for anyone with the courage to heed these words. These people only have the power that you give them. The lockdowns in New Mexico would not have continued had enough people resisted them.
    We The People always have and always will have the power, you just have to exercise it.

    1. Exactly! She is a selected official…not my mother or my ruler. Governors cannot make laws on their own, so as such, I never wore a mask, I traveled where and when I chose, refused to stand in breadlines (I walked right past and into stores, shopped and left) and still remain unjabbed. I dealt with a good two years of maskers threatening and sputtering at me in stores and asking police to arrest me for my “non-compliance”…it would have been funny if it was not so pathetic. There is also no logical way that I will accept “health advice” from two people that are obese and unhealthy like these two. Does he even have a neck? MLG doubled her body weight in the last three years, so no, she is not a “health expert.”

      I for one can’t understand why so many people fell into lockstep with all of the bullsh*t. And why they failed to see it for what it is. It’s a rebranding of the seasonal flu. Why in the hell would you submit to an experimental shot for something that you can prevent and fight off with basic commonsense hygiene? I want to believe that my fellow New Mexicans have backbone and some level of intelligence, but as you said, most don’t know their own power or their rights.

  5. Our state would be better off if they put a chimp in his place. At least we know the chimp would do things for a banana. Who knows what BS floats through a lefty’s mind, control, control, control?

    1. Remember the outrage when Martinez hired an education secretary from out of state? Lujan has hired several and….crickets.

  6. Yea her idea of helping the citizens of New Mexico is helping herself by placing yes people in positions she controls. Wonder who she is going to place in the PRC now that dumb people voted to grant her the pen to appoint without those people having to go thru legislative approval.

  7. DUMB and DUMBER. We will not bow down to them. Stand your ground New Mexicans. They destroyed our children, used propaganda to instill fear, brutally mandated multiple closures and lockdowns, and paid and forced people to inject poison into their bodies. God is in charge, but we need to stand up for our freedom before it is all taken away. Do not allow it.

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