MLG’s 82% EV mandate comes as less than 1% of New Mexicans own EVs

Far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is continuing her crusade against gas-powered cars in the name of “climate change,” with a recent announcement she wants to mandate 82 percent of all cars being sold in the state be electric vehicles by 2032, with a 43 percent threshold by 2027.

However, in New Mexico, a rural state that requires traveling long distances many times for citizens to go to work and purchase necessary goods, only 0.8 percent of residents own an EV as of May 31, 2023, according to the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department.

Larry Behrens of the pro-energy group Power The Future said, “This is a move that isn’t going to help rural New Mexicans and going to raise prices on all New Mexicans.”

“The average price for a brand-new EV is about [$61,488]. That’s considerably higher than the average four-door sedan, which runs about [$48,681], according to Kelley Blue Book. Tax credits and gas savings can save you money. However, it’s going to take a few years to make up a potential $20,000 difference,” Bloomberg reported.

EVs are also more expensive to maintain, repair, and insure. Lauren Fix of Car Coach Reports said to GOBankingRates, “Gas-powered vehicles cost less to repair if in a collision.” 

“The average cost of an electric car is 23% or more expensive because the car itself and its parts cost more to repair and replace,” she continued. “Totaling all factors in, an EV will set you back $71,770. A gas-powered car? $58,664. You will never make up the initial expense difference over the lifetime of your more expensive electric vehicle. Put another way, a gas-powered car will cost you $600 more a year to drive. But over an average of six years of owning an EV versus a gas car, the EV will set you back $13,000 more.”

The average range for an EV is also 250-500 miles — a deal-breaker for many New Mexicans who travel long distances. The longest-range EV is the 2023 Lucid Air, which has the capability of up to 516 miles, but it comes with a price tag of $139,650 for the base model, according to Car and Driver.

“Studies have shown that most of the people who buy electric vehicles have an annual income of over $150,000 a year,” Behrens said to KOAT 7.

The outlet’s report noted, “While electric vehicles make up less than 1% of cars, the data did show that about 4% of cars in New Mexico are hybrids.”


28 thoughts on “MLG’s 82% EV mandate comes as less than 1% of New Mexicans own EVs”

    1. Does anyone know what kind of State vehicle the Governor is currently using? I think she is transported around the state in a Tahoe.

      1. She is the biggest bought POS. She only thinks about the money that’s put I her pocket. CAN NOT STAND HER. SHE NEEDS TO ROT IN HELL WHERE SHE BELONGS

    2. Let them eat them.
      Probably will wind up wishing they could at the rate we are being destroyed.

      Gary, below: yup, a totally sold out whore for said, a useful idiot.

      [And why do I have to still fill out all my info each time here?]

  1. Don’t for get the huge cost to the environment and people mining the products to make those batteries that NO ONE ever says anything about.

  2. She is not stupid. She belongs to the movement to destroy this country and bring in the New World Order. They have a plan and they work their plan.

  3. Lujan is in touch with her socialist side-
    Driving the middle/upper-middle into the poor house using any “man made science” available.
    You bozos out there that think once a “scientist” says something it is the 100% truth are brainwashed – Science is a dynamic process; it can, and has, been manipulated for personal and political purposes.
    Climate-tax-change-tax, follow the money- dems are always looking for money to pay for insane, non-sustainable ideas. Where does that money come from? Find a way to reach into someone else’s pocket!
    How much tax revenue would this “mandate” make for the state? Can you see this as,effectively , a mandated tax due to Lujans poor decision making?

      1. I suggest a mandate that she travel in an auto pilot, battery powered, heavy lift drone.
        I suggest an auto pilot drone since mlg has “grown into her job” so to speak, and in the event of a accident an innocent pilot wouldn’t be crushed by flying mlg debris.

  4. Lithium is the worse pollution. It killed birds if it lands on the Lithium panels. Plus more children slave to work in the field to find lithium and cobalt. MLG has no concern about children’s future. Vote red to save our state of NM. We must rid of wind turbines, it killed birds and whales. Climate change is all about $$$$ and corruption government. EV is NOT safe!!!! You can’t travel far compare to gas car. Also it will cost your electricity bill skyrocket.

    1. I think about situations where flooding occurs due to runoff after heavy rains in NM. EVs don’t do well when the Lithium in their batteries are exposed to water. They burn. How many times have we seen vehicles up to their axles in water after rains? Regular cars are hard enough to deal with under flooding situations.

  5. I just bought a Ford Expedition EL (used and affordable). I will never own an EV. They do not make any sense. Of course we are saving the planet. Aren’t we?

  6. Also of significance is that 75% of the cobalt is either in China or in African countries where the CCP is taking over with their road and belt project. Also, the majority of wind and solar is manufactured in China. Makes you wonder if that’s why Hunter and the Big Guy took in over 10 million dollars in bribes to push that climate change bull on us. Connect the dots. Al Gore’s Climate Exchange, WEF, CIA, FBI, and Communist China. And Grincham, Too Lose Oliver, Torres, and Balderra are all is part of the grift of the Soros/Gates/Bezos WEF cabal

  7. I live in Roswell; can’t wait to see all of those “charging stations” (where it takes hours to charge) on 285 between here & Clines, or on 70 between here & Lubbock. F’ing morons

  8. That can be reversed, because the Communist Grisham won’t be in office by 2027-2035. Also have to factor in what electricity will cost to charge those batteries at home. So there is no savings buying EV’S. Seriously considering moving to another State. Preferable Red State.

    1. Wish I could move to a red state but I’m too old and tired to do that. Just keep harping on getting the vote out. Prayers may help but I doubt it.

  9. Another room temperature IQ Bolshevik who hates those she rules over with an iron fist. She and other demin in politics such as Heinrich Himmler, Gabe Vasquez, Ben Lujan etc will continue their lives unaffected by the rules they expect us to follow.

    Grisham hates New Mexicans abd New Mexico as she radicalizes herself in an attemot to curry favor with our demonic national rulers.

    If Heinrich Himmler vecomes governor he will out Newsom Newsom and turn New Mexico into Newfornia!!!!

    Climate change is another scam, just as was Covid 1984, going back to the Club of Rome whose goal is to depopulate the Earth.

    The opposition part must defeat Heinrich Himmler at any cost or NM will become California on steroids!!!

  10. nmg* mlg can mandate until the cows come home but she can’t force anyone to buy them nor can she order things to work..

    I just can’t see EV’s replacing ANY gas or propane powered vehicle on the road. How are long haul semi trucks going to deliver food, fuel, cars, building materials, furniture, car parts, clothes, electronics, refrigerators – ANY THING SOCIETY USES IN MASS QUANTITIES EVERY DAY. There aren’t enough trucks to deliver anything
    or everything around the country.
    Plus there isn’t enough generating capacity to charge just the delivery fleet, much less have any capacity to heat, light and cool our households.

    But don’t worry, our elite rulers will have electricity to burn – EV races, all night feasts on weygu beef and dancing until dawn, while we get cricket burgers.

    “Your Majestic Rotundity, Queen mlg, the peasants are revolting!”
    “Yes Jeeves, they are. Issue an extra 5 gallons of water for each of them so they can bathe once a week. On second thought Jeeves, make that two gallons per week because with the splash I make in the pool the level is going down.

    And issue a photo to all the enemedia of me swimming among blocks of ice, keeping cool while they swelter in this heat – that should cheer the little people up. Hmm, I wonder if I should have a tattoo – maybe “TITANNIC” on each hip, between the first and fifth roll of blubb – I mean between foi gras (that’s French for “sweet girl” tee hee!)

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