Lujan Grisham reveals her plan to mandate EVs, hike gas prices

In her latest act to reach her so-called “climate change” goals, far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham wants to mandate that nearly half of all cars sold in New Mexico be electric vehicles by 2027 (43 percent), she announced on Monday.

The proposed mandate would make the percentage increase to 82 percent by 2032.

The average cost of an electric vehicle is $64,000, while the average cost of a new vehicle in the U.S. is $48,000 — which is 33 percent higher for an electric vehicle.

She wrote on Twitter, “Today I promised to enact advanced Clean Car & Truck rules to expand consumer vehicle options, combat climate change and improve air quality. This is how NM continues to be a #climate leader.”

Although the plan was not released Monday, the Albuquerque Journal noted the final rule should be finalized by Friday. It reported, “Under the proposal, automakers would also have the option of buying credits from other companies to help meet the 43% requirement for 2027 electric vehicles.”

Also on Monday, the governor demanded the state Legislature pass the extremist “clean fuel standard,” which would hike gas prices by over 50 cents per gallon, according to estimates. The bill has died three years in a row and is unlikely to get through with the makeup of the current New Mexico House and Senate. 

Larry Behrens of the pro-energy group Power The Future wrote of Lujan Grisham’s proposal, “This is another misguided proposal that begs the question if the governor’s electric vehicles are so popular,” adding, “why does she have to force them on us? These arbitrary goals with arbitrary deadlines have real consequences as the cost of vehicles rises on New Mexico’s families.”


34 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham reveals her plan to mandate EVs, hike gas prices”

  1. Just another thing that should show ALL New Mexicans that she is an evil witch and doesn’t have any of our well being’s in mind when she comes up with these moronic ideas. As my pastor Steve Smotherman calls her the “wicked witch of the north” as the most true statement of her I have heard so far. It bears more truth than anything MLG can say or do.

  2. How about charging stations. How will I get to Silver City with 4 ladders and all of my gear. Or any of my long distances jobs. New Mexicans will vote her back in for protecting us from ourselves. This is why NM is the dumbest and poorest state in the union.

    1. for the millionth time she was not voted in….she was installed in by the cheating….if nobody has been paying attention….with all those people in office they will keep cheating until they get caught….

    1. She redrew the district lines to her favor. Most New Mexicans are angry about how she is destroying our once beautiful state. Is she trying to “win” a white house position for being the most radical and evil governor? Hmmm

  3. She’s trying to Californicate New Mexico. Contact your representatives and tell them to oppose this insane scheme!

      1. Many of my friends and co-workers have already taken their lives and money elsewhere. Try: FL; SD; AR; TX; ID; Get the idea?

    1. Sounds like an idea, but how many will listen? The Democrat legislators all owe their allegiance to the far-left teachers unions, the Sierra Club, and billionaires like George Soros and eco-kook Tom Steyer.

  4. The only way they’ll be able to do this is to subsidize/offer huge rebates from the state of New Mexico or get the feds to pay. Or both. Gooder and harder New Mexico. Keep voting for free shit.

    1. Probably not. No rational person would vote for Gov Nuisance Lite. In addition to being last in the nation for education, we’re probably one of the top states in corruption. So many cheaters that things never have a chance to get better. Our SoS is a real piece of work and has been trying to change the voting laws for years. She’s also a friend of “Gov” Katie Hobbs (D-AZ).

  5. MLG is looking to replace her cousin in the Senate. Only place she can forever have a job. She also is a DC lover and hates our state. She hopes to run with that crowd but she’s too short to be taken seriously. Many DCers don’t even know where Mew Mexico is much less that it is a state. Until we can get all the Pueblo’s together there will never be another Conservative elected. It won’t matter too much if the UN and Biden administration get their 30/30 plan enacted. We will become an extinct species once they take the land and water from public ownership to private world government control. Pray and VOTE.

    1. on TruthSocial

      The Democratic party ISN’T !

      Friendly Fire isn’t.
      Every day in NM is an IQ test.

      Act local
      Buy local
      Be vocal.

      Marxist Michele is the left.
      The Left is coming for your Rights.

      Can someone take her out



      Remember Normal !

  6. More mindless plans from queen idiot. Where is the power coming from to meet the increased demand? Will our gorgeous landscape be trashed by more useless wind turbines? This administration is the worst thing ever for NM. But, people keep voting for liberals who keep destroying our state, then complain that we are last in everything. People need to wake up!!

  7. She’s going to burn the state down. Have you seen his long it takes the firefighters to put the electric cars out. Oh NM water was given back to TX by Richardson.

  8. Where does she get the Authority to do this? Who granted her this power? Where is that Old Fool Pearce on this? Remember what that Idiot Child Billy Joel said….We Didn’t Start The Fire….

  9. elections have consequences. New Mexicans need to pull their heads out of the butts. As poor as we are, how do we afford electric cars, how do real folks drive to cities? If you ask NMs ?? you will find we are conservatives, why do we vote democrat? The socialist marxist democrats of today are not your grandparents Democratic Party. It is time folks realized it. If you have not convinced a NM democrat the evilness of our governor you are not doing your job.

  10. The government has absolutely no right to tell me how I get from point A to point B. They can go to hell.

    1. You’re right. Now, try and get a license plate for your new non-EV starting in 2026. They’ve got you by the throat.

    1. It’s all for your “saaaaafety”. Don’t you understand? This is based on a ruling of the NM Environment Dept. and based on the linkage that Democratics forged between New Mexico and California’s loonie auto MPG standards. And since CA is going all EV, that drags NM along with it down the toilet.

      Oh, if only we had a Republican governor and Republican controlled legislature to reverse this… It’s a nice dream, but you’d have to get a lot of people awakened to understand the threat they’re under.

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