Redistricting group praises NM Supreme Court’s ruling in gerrymandering case

This week, the fully Democrat New Mexico Supreme Court dealt Democrats a shocking blow when it denied Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s appeal for the high court to strike a bipartisan lawsuit challenging the state’s extremely partisan congressional district gerrymander. That means the case can now be heard at the state district court level.

In 2021, the Democrats in the New Mexico Legislature rammed through maps that cut communities of interest in halves or thirds while creating snake-like districts that are clear of a partisan gerrymander. 

During the process, the Democrats gerrymandered the Second Congressional District, which swung the seat from favoring Republicans by 14 points to now favoring Democrats by four points, resulting in New Mexico’s only Republican congresswoman, Yvette Herrell, losing to far-left Democrat Gabe Vasquez, in 2022.

The nonprofit group that was heavily involved in the redistricting process, which the Democrat legislature subverted, Fair Districts New Mexico, applauded the state Supreme Court on its move.

“Some people are declaring yesterday’s decision a victory for New Mexico Republicans, who are challenging in court the state’s redrawn congressional map,” said Hannah Burling co-President of the League of Women Voters of New Mexico and Project Leader of Fair Districts for New Mexico. “But no one knows what the final decision on that question will be. Instead, yesterday’s decision is a victory for voters who believe the courts can – and must – protect voters’ constitutional rights by considering cases alleging partisan gerrymandering.”  

Heather Balas, Vice President of the Election Reformers Network, said, “New Mexico’s court rightly joins a growing number of other state supreme courts in holding what the U.S. Supreme Court once recognized and what every voter knows to be true: that extreme partisan gerrymandering is incompatible with democratic principles and causes constitutional harms. Such cases must be at least heard.” 

Mason Graham, Policy Director for Common Cause New Mexico noted that New Mexicans deserve a fair and transparent process for redistricting. “This process was flawed from the outset. When elected officials from either party meet in secret to manipulate maps and protect their political power, voters lose faith in our institutions and in democracy itself. In that way, gerrymandering harms us all. Ensuring the courts retain the power to protect the interests of voters is an essential safeguard.”

“As New Mexicans we are proud that on the day following Independence Day, the New Mexico Supreme Court affirmed the balance of power enshrined in our state constitution and respected by the U.S. Constitution. This is not a win for any political party; this is a victory for all New Mexicans.” 

The support for sending the case to the lower court to determine the case and the condemnation from all sides of the extreme partisan gerrymander by the New Mexico Democrats in the majority at the Legislature is a testament to the bipartisan groups and officials, such as Democrat Roswell Mayor Tim Jennings, in supporting fair districts. 


12 thoughts on “Redistricting group praises NM Supreme Court’s ruling in gerrymandering case”

  1. Hmmm so it’s ok for Republicans to do this but not Democrats? What is happening in these states right now? It’s about time Democrats sand up to what is right!

    (WASHINGTON — Since January, judges in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Ohio have found that Republican legislators illegally drew those states’ congressional maps along racial or partisan lines, or that a trial very likely would conclude that they did.Aug 8, 2022)

    1. Drawing the state congressional maps to benefit ANY political party is wrong. This issue needs to be judged state by state and made fair to all of them. New Mexico’s map makes no sense except politically. Many parts of the state are very different culturally, economically, and politically. Each area should have their voice. The new map successfully silenced half of the state in favor of the Democrats. Every person in the state should feel that they are represented, but with the new redistricting, many are not.
      Why should half of Albuquerque be moved to a district that is in the southern part of the state? Why should Hobbs be divided in half so that part of it can be included in the northern district? That is not logical at all except from a political point of view. I’m glad this is being examined.

    2. Nope, it’s not ok for either Democrats or Republicans to gerrymander districts which is why the courts have to step in to thwart partisan legislatures.
      So, the states you cite are probably wrong in what they did as is the New Mexico legislature for what they did. Everyone needs to stand up for what is right regardless of what party they might favor!

    3. Faustina, learn how to cite a source – without a proper & valid source your words are just wild internet allegation and rumor – the type of thing mainstream media would quote as truth.
      -If- this did happen, surprise Faustina, no rational person would be cheering.

    4. Sounds like the courts are going after both sides on this issue. That’s fair. Clearly the Democrats in New Mexico created a highly biased map. Look at the California map as well. It’s not *just* NM, but it includes NM.

    5. The Day Yvette Harrel won CD-2 Democrat Speaker of the NM. house Brian Egoff , Stated in Public “That’s the last time that happens” As I remember he recently resigned for ethics violations, rather than run for reelection!

      What I know being a CD-2 Constituent, Xochitl T. Small would sometimes reply to contact request, Like the one where elderly people would be freezing over winter due to a block on fuelwood cutting by liberal activist. I Contacted her in Oct.2019 she did reply by May 2020!

      Yvette Harrel always replied within days, never asked for money, was always honest, even reported that the national party demanded she get $1,000,000 in Donations or they wouldn’t support her!

      This new guy the “defund the police activist” Democrat Gabe Vasquez, never even replies to any contact request EVER!

  2. The New Mexico democrat party is corrupt to the bone. I guess that’s the way New Mexicans like it, just like Mexico.

  3. Yes Trish it’s time things are done right, enough of this corruption, Rep or Dem! Results will be a much better Country! Yes we are proud and New Mexico is not named after Mexico it means something totally special, settled by the Spanish. Mexico got it’s name after we did.


    One thing I can say as a CD-2 Constituent, Xochitl T Small did reply to contact request, 7 months later but she did reply! Yvette Harrel Always replied within days of any contact I made! Made personal note. was always honest & did actual work for the people in CD-2

    This Guy they installed with redistricting, the “Defund the police activist Gabe Vasquez” Never replies to any request! Can any of you democrats give one example of any work he has done for the people of CD-2??? I won’t hold my breath!

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