MLG posts ‘virtue signaling propaganda’ video telling NM to ‘mask up’—then deletes it TWICE

On Monday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham posted what some are calling “virtue signaling propaganda” on her Twitter account, urging New Mexicans to “mask up” by wearing face coverings.

The 26-second video features far-left politicians, including Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, Lujan Grisham’s cousin, Rep. Ben Ray Luján, Rep. Deb Haaland, among other unidentified people, presumably from the Governor’s “Mask Madness” competition, where New Mexicans submitted entries of them wearing unique masks. 

The video features slogans such as “everyone is masking up,” “protect NM,” “protect yourself,” “protect others,” and “it saves lives” flashing in front of the screen. It is not clear if the Governor got permission from those featured in the video before posting.

So, does this appear to be propaganda or just a benign campaign video promoting mask use? You be the judge: 

Lujan Grisham deleted the tweet a little over an hour after it was posted, however, people had already retweeted and shared their comments about it, as the below tweet reflects. The video was then pulled down a second time.


4 thoughts on “MLG posts ‘virtue signaling propaganda’ video telling NM to ‘mask up’—then deletes it TWICE”

  1. CDC has now changed their “standards” on counting cases. Go to banned dot video to see the documents and testimony from judges and council members. So now 1 positive case from a fraudulent test becomes 17 more. More information;
    First, the POS has no lawful authority to make law, so any “orders”, “guidelines”, etc. cannot lawfully be enforced upon the people, only upon those in the Executive Dept. Pursuant to her oath, for the POS to compel people to give up their rights and put themselves at risk by wearing masks, which are harmful and also ineffective at stopping any so-called virus, and to threaten them with monetary fines if they do not comply, blatantly wars against the Constitutions and egregiously violates the inherent rights and due process of law GUARANTEED to the people in the state and national Constitutions.

  2. Gruesome’s orders and supposed mandates, are solid, undeniable proof that she has violated and denied the inherent rights and due process secured for the people in the Constitutions. Thus, by her actions, which perjured her oaths to these Constitutions, she has invoked the self-executing Sections 3 & 4 of the 14th Amendment, VACATED her office and forfeited all benefits thereof, including salary and pension. She can and should immediately be removed from office, and if NM Citizens were to write sworn Affidavits of Complaint and bring them to their sheriffs for their immediate actions upon them, then the sheriffs, pursuant to their oaths, have the duty to act upon these complaints, remove the POS from office, arrest her for the crimes she has committed, which include sedition and insurrection against the Constitutions and treason against the people who are the de jure government–the government of right. The sheriff has the authority to convene a grand jury in his county to hear the evidence against the POS, all on the public record, obtain an indictment against her and demand the county prosecutor bring her to trial by a jury of NM Citizens, all of whom have been harmed by her unconstitutional actions and orders.

  3. New Mexico’s LEAST essential person needs more than a mask–She needs to NOT be seen by the public.. In other words “Shut up and sit down loserjan!!” This little dictatorship ain’t gonna happen..

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