Climate alarmist Deb Haaland tapped for Joe Biden’s ‘Climate Engagement Advisory Council’

Last week, far-left Rep. Deb Haaland (D-NM), was tapped by Joe Biden’s presidential campaign to serve as a member of his “Climate Engagement Advisory Council,” which is reportedly aimed at “mobilizing” voters who prioritize “climate change” and “environmental justice.” 

Axios reports that as well as Biden’s championing of Obama-era “climate” policies, such as the “Paris Climate Accord,” which the UN revealed was a “fraud,” the campaign is meant to also tug on the heartstrings of the Black Lives Matter protests ravaging cities across the country. 

“[A]ctivism stemming from the police killing of George Floyd is putting [a] fresh focus on environmental justice — that is, addressing the disproportionate pollution burdens facing people of color and poor communities,” writes Axios.

Haaland will join billionaire ex-presidential candidate Tom Steyer, Obama’s former “climate official,” Carol Browner, Harold Mitchell, Jr., a former South Carolina state representative, and others on the panel to spread climate change propaganda tinged with racial overtones. 

Haaland shared the announcement on Twitter, writing, “I’m honored to have been selected to [Joe Biden] Climate Engagement Advisory Council. This planet is our home & climate change is the biggest threat we face in our lifetime. I look forward to electing Joe Biden as President – a leader who believes in science & climate change.” 

Deb Haaland supports Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal,” which would decimate the U.S. economy, and wholeheartedly supported New Mexico’s version of the legislation in the form of the “Energy Transition Act,” which will completely decimate the New Mexico oil and gas industry. 

Haaland previously supported Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for the presidency, despite Warren’s cultural appropriation of Native American heritage. Once Warren’s hopes for the White House had vanished and she had dropped out of the race, Haaland changed her endorsement to the presumptive Democrat nominee, Joe Biden.


5 thoughts on “Climate alarmist Deb Haaland tapped for Joe Biden’s ‘Climate Engagement Advisory Council’”

  1. People do not realize the green new deal is already being fulfilled
    through this hoax. Think about it. They want to destroy our economy and implement a brave new world. They are succeeding.

    Do you know WHO stated that asymptomatic people do not spread these microorganisms and the odds of transmitting this bogus virus is next to nothing. Why are we being told to wear masks? Because slaves wear masks. Look it up. This is a total psyop and most are too stupid not to see it.

  2. Great– just what America needs- another idiot with NO background in climate issues – maybe she stood out for her thievery or voter fraud abilities – the type ole Groper Joe likes to have on his team..

  3. How about our education system??? New Mexico is last on the list. Shouldn’t you be more concerned about that issue? ? AOC, really??? Butting heads with her in The Green Deal sounds pathetic!!
    Citizens of N.M., we need to get these people out of office. VOTE for better education for our children and grandchildren! SERIOUSLY!!!

  4. As long as the people of New Mexico keep electing these democrats we will keep hearing this nonsense. Biden will be a footnote after the November elections. And New Mexico will remain a joke as far as its government is concerned.

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