MLG signs gerrymandered Dem congressional map into law

On Friday morning, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the Democrats’ gerrymandered dream congressional map into law, creating three Democrat-leaning congressional districts — a move to take out Republican Congresswoman Yvette Herrell of the Second District. 

The embattled Governor wrote, “This morning I have signed New Mexico’s new Congressional map into law, as approved by the state Legislature. This map is a nearly 90 percent reflection of the People’s Map produced by an independent Citizens Redistricting Committee. New Mexico is a vast & diverse state, with both rural & urban communities & interests that span the spectrum politically & economically. We must honor the ideals of democracy by doing everything we can to ensure a level playing field & reflecting what is unique about New Mexico.”

The map is not the“People’s Map.” It is a map drawn and funded by the left-wing George Soros-funded group the Center for Civic Polic.

As we previously reported:

The new map skews all three districts to favor Democrats, albeit only slightly in the Third and Second Districts. District 3 represented by Democrat Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez is weakened from a D+14 to a D+5, District 2 represented by Republican Rep. Yvette Herrell is flipped from an R+14 to a D+4, and District 1 represented by Democrat Rep. Melanie Stansbury is weakened from a D+18 to a D+11.

Democrats achieved this partisan advantage by extreme gerrymandering, including chopping up communities of interest to meet its partisan agenda. The Third District snakes all the way from the northwest corner of the state down to the southeast corner of the state, including northern Hobbs, Roswell, and Lovington with places like Española and Santa Fe. 

The Second District includes Albuquerque’s South Valley and many of its Republican-leaning areas have been segregated out of the district. The First District snakes down to Roswell while eating up Lincoln and Torrance Counties. 

Although the Democrats may, however, have shot themselves in the foot with the passage of this partisan map, especially with 2022 expected to be a Republican blowout year and their now more vulnerable incumbent Democrats having to fend off Republican opponents who very well could flip the Third District and hold onto the Second District.


4 thoughts on “MLG signs gerrymandered Dem congressional map into law”

  1. And just like always…the democrats know that science and the people don’t support their state destroying ways…and they keep doing it. Sooner or later their supporters are going to wake the heck up….but hopefully New Mexico will be savable then. Not sure if that will happen though. People here are stupid and have been brainwashed into thinking it is the republicans doing all the bad.

  2. Could it be that northern NM will finally get a decent Representative? Leger-Fernandez is an embarrassment to New Mexico. and frankly a disgrace to northern New Mexico. The woman is a walking Woke billboard.
    Fellow Hispanics, you do not owe anyone your vote just because of their ethnicity. Decades of Democrats have brought us decades of poverty. Now they are taking away your freedoms and mandating medical intervention. Tell them No.

  3. Stop the evil in NM

    She is a Demon and a liar, she hates Hispanics (even though she is one). Someone need to stop this evil queen from taking money from evil Soros. She cares nothing about New Mexico. Does she even live here? If she is voted in again, it will prove New Mexicans are as stupid as this witch says they are.

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