Egolf ‘retaliates’ against Hispanics, dissolves Land Grant committee

According to the New Mexico House Republicans, in a fit of vindictive rage following the Second Special Session regarding gerrymandered legislative, congressional, and Public Education Commission maps, Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) has “retaliated” against Hispanic voices by doing away with the interim Land Grant and Cultural Affairs Committee.

Chaired by Rep. Miguel Garcia (D-Albuquerque), the Committee deals with many Hispanic issues, specifically cultural issues, in the state.

The House Republicans wrote in a press release:

The 2nd Special Session, focused on redistricting, wrapped up today. Throughout this entire special session the progressive majority made every effort to dilute Hispanic voices in the legislature through the redistricting process with Republicans, Democrats, and Independent lawmakers calling out the process that sidelined and even reduced Hispanic voters voices in New Mexico. Near the end of the marathon special session, long-time Albuquerque South Valley Democrat Rep. Miguel Garcia voiced his concerns about the lack of respect for New Mexico’s Hispanic communities this session and ultimately resigned as chair of the House Local Government, Land Grant and Cultural Affairs Committee. In an overreaction to Rep. Garcia standing up for minority voting strength, the Speaker of the House Brian Egolf dissolved the Local Government, Land Grant and Cultural Affairs Committee, the single most important committee for addressing cultural issues primarily affecting New Mexico’s Hispanic communities.

“It is a travesty that we are seeing play out exactly what so many Hispanic lawmakers, from both sides of the aisle, echoed in the Roundhouse this week- if you are a Hispanic and do not conform to so-called progressivism, you are not the right type of Hispanic and are no longer useful,” said House Republican Whip Rod Montoya (Farmington). 

“Once again, we are witnessing the diminishing returns progressive democrats are finding in Hispanic voting groups. Not only does the Speaker not have the authority to dissolve a standing committee without going through the Legislature, for him to eliminate a committee whose jurisdiction is to protect ancestral lands and Hispanic voices [reveal] to every New Mexican how each of us is a political pawn for the progressive Democrats who control this state,” Montoya added.

Egolf has long been a ruthless ruler of the House, bending and breaking House rules to ram through extremist legislation, limiting debate on amendments and bills, and upending a 24-hour open meetings rule to pass Democrat dream legislation with little to no public input. 

During the Special Session, Democrats passed the most extreme redistricting maps imaginable, splitting Hispanic communities and placating the far-left George Soros-funded group, the Center for Civic Policy (CCP) with the most partisan gerrymandered plans imaginable. Also during the special session, Democrats passed a mammoth billion-dollar spending bill that would spend tens of millions of dollars on eco-Marxist initiatives, such as $3.5 million for plugging drilling wells and $10 million for electric vehicle charging stations.

The public was largely kept out of the process, with a ban on carrying firearms at the Roundhouse, forced masking, and a jab requirement for all who enter (except legislators).

3 thoughts on “Egolf ‘retaliates’ against Hispanics, dissolves Land Grant committee”

  1. When have rules meant anything to these tyrants. Not one democrat has spoken out about MLG’s unconstitutional lockdowns or mask mandates. The Legislature is as infected as the NM Supreme Court with support for a tyrant.

  2. I admit that I know very little about the political process but I don’t understand how my fellow Republican Reps and Senators can shout from roof tops that dem leaders are breaking the law but nothing ever gets done about it?

  3. Its time the Hispanics (I love ’em, God Bless: their culture is a big part of the enchantment of this land) woke up to see what the Dem Progressives are trying to do to us all, all our country: erase our histories, cultures, and become themselves a ruling monolith, very much like the land of China is today. Being a Democrat, and voting Democrat, no longer serves “Hispanics”, but a coming power elite that despises all cultural histories and sterilizes the flavor of New Mexico away.

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