MLG releases massive $9.4B budget proposal for upcoming legislature

On Tuesday, far-left Democrat New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham released her executive budget that she will demand the legislature pass in the upcoming 2023 Legislative Session starting next Tuesday, January 17, 2022.

The massive $9.4 billion budget would be a 10.58 percent increase from last fiscal year’s $8.5 billion budget. This proposed budget would include a four percent increase in salaries for state workers, a four percent increase for all school staff, along with a $750 rebate, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican

In the budget are sweeping social programs, including $107 million for housing and homelessness initiatives, $200 million infusion for health care programs, and $30 million for “free” school lunches in all schools.

Despite the massive spending on education and educator salaries, New Mexico’s schools rank below all other states and the District of Columbia. 

Weak-on-crime politics have led to a deadly past few years in New Mexico, especially in the state’s most populous city, Albuquerque, which shattered its homicide rate again in 2022, the second straight year in a row. 

Last year’s budget included $75 million in recurring funds for socialist “free” college for citizens and illegal aliens, millions for an anti-gun office of “gun violence prevention,” millions to carry out 2019’s Energy Transition Act (Green New Deal), among other waste that was spent on socialist-style handout programs in the state.

This year’s proposal would include a $4.1 million slush fund of sorts to the Environment Department to “develop and implement actions related to climate change,” along with $5.9 million for enviro-Marxist policies.

New Mexico remains the most federally dependent state in the nation. This executive budget would continue that record of heavy dependence on the government. 

After the budget was released, Power The Future’s Larry Behrens wrote, “Governor Lujan Grisham has proudly said we need to transition away from fossil fuels, but she sure can’t seem to transition away from spending the revenue,” adding, “Before taxpayers foot the bill for more of the Governor’s green pet projects, it’s past time for an examination on the Governor’s past initiatives to see if they’ve delivered on her over-hyped promises.”


12 thoughts on “MLG releases massive $9.4B budget proposal for upcoming legislature”

  1. MLg still evil, not my govenor.

    She needs more wagu beef and men to fondle. She needs more money to pay them off after she gets sued for unwanted grabbing.

  2. There is nothing I this for “We the People”.

    Just for what she’s says.

    They are not asking the people. This is in there favor.

    Same ole story.

  3. I can’t wait to be forced to buy an electric car, wind mills and solar panels. Not sure where we will all get the money to make these purchases. Maybe the state will buy them for everyone. When will New Mexicans wake up? Most are conservatives brain washed in the schools to be democraps. Is it worth your freedoms to be socialists?

  4. How much of the health care program will that money go to abortions facilities or programs. We need all our Conservative cities/counties to be a sanctuary place for antiabortion agendas.

  5. We need to turn NM red. Woke up New Mexicans. We will be poor and the lowest education than Mississippi. Climate Change is a hoax. We have clean natural gas and coals. I prefer independent natural energy and freedom of choice. NOT BIG GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

    1. We HAD the chance to turn the state red. Republicans didn’t show up in the numbers needed to unseat the Democrat trash. There was also cheating — Maggie Screwloose Oliver is VERY protective of her Dominion and ERIC system and is quick to jump all over any attempt at scrutiny, checks and balances as “misinformation.” We also had the chance to hold Steve Pierce’s feet to the fire by insisting that he put forward and support strong candidates that can win. We could have gotten Ant Thornton, Jeremy Gay and Audrey Trujillo to clean house but didn’t for the reasons I said. Not to mention, we have a low-intelligence voter base. It’s very hard to argue for better representation when the populace buys into the things that are promised to them by Democrats. Oh, we’ll fund “free” school lunches, free college, we’ll pay you to stay home because of Big Bad Covid. They don’t want to see or know about what they are really voting for or the socialism behind it…they only see immediate benefits.

      Don’t like the education system here? Do like I do and sign up for public comment anytime there are legislative or school board meetings. My “child” is 23, yet I still make time to get on Zoom or submit comments online. When I speak, I remind them that $500 of my property taxes go to pay for APS Schools and therefore, if I fund their jobs, they better listen to what I have to say. The vast majority of people with kids in our schools don’t bother. Laziness and apathy!

      I agree with you on Climate Change and coal/gas. This porcine governor needs to be reminded that she lives in AN OIL & GAS STATE. All of her Green New Deal BS is the equivalent of crapping where you eat. Besides, all of these turbines and “green energy sources”? Where do they get the fuel to operate? Oil and gas.

  6. Can’t say it enough. Republicans get your act together and get some republicans that can lead and stay true. Get rid of all the RINOS especially Steve Pearce. As for the MLG she hasn’t found a dollar that she can’t spend. Everything having to do with climate change and NM will be so poor since the federal government can’t keep us in the green

  7. I blame the people of NM for for continuing to vot for commie baby killers. If the people of NM are good Catholics, why do they vote for baby killers. They are so ingrained in Demoncrat, they won’t listen to reason. I hope they like the high price of gas, food, rent, etc. Trump didn’t make you poor, demoncrats did. Pay attention.

  8. Well NM Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller have turned NM and Albuquerque in particular, into a sh!thole. I was born here and this is my home town. ABQ was a great place to grow up in back in the 60’s 70’s & 80’s. I have a lot of great memories from here but I now consider NM a lost cause.

    We’ve found a new home in the Heartland of the country and will be making our move in the spring.

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer described the situation NM is in, with “Bonhoeffer‘s Theory of Stupidity” There are just way to many IGNORANT people in NM. You can’t fix stupid. Hasta La Vista NM…… 👋…… Bub Bye.

  9. As a school teacher who has been in 4 different nm districts i think the health and school purposals are reasonable. The states students should not be punished for poor life choices of parents who struggle with drugs and or limited work oppertunities. One person commented about socialist free college, but since when is investing in our human capital a bad thing? Baby boomers got a free or very inexpensive education from half of the states in the country in the 1970s leading to the boom years of the 80s-2009. Since than a lack of investment in our young people via college had allowed china to catch and almost over take us as the biggest econmy. For the teacher raises i can tell you that our schools remain under staffed with my previous school of Espanola having 25% of its teachers from the Phillipines because we lack teachers due to poor pay, expensive health care, classes sizes of up to 40 students per class, and a public that disrespects us calling us liberals or socialist. As a rural conservative i wish i got the public support and respect as a educator who helps educate hundreds of students per year as many of you show for our soldiers and police officers. Oh and if i worked private sector my training , experience, and education would net me 15-20 k more, but then who would guide our young minds. Finally, on healthcare, nany if you are focused on abortion, but what about oyr rural communities that need more services. Much of the money previously was used to attract doctors and nurses to clinics and rural hospitals . Not everything is about abortion. Healthcare covers all of life not just the 9 months in the womb. We need womb to tomb services not just prenatal care.

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