Dems drop first anti-gun bill of the 2023 Legislative Session

On Monday, far-left New Mexico state Rep. Patricia Roybal-Caballero (D-Bernalillo) dropped the Democrats’ first anti-gun bill of the 2023 Legislative Session, H.B. 50. The bill is a magazine ban that would make violations of the bill if passed, felons.

The bill reads, “It is unlawful for a person to possess or transfer a large-capacity magazine within New Mexico, except when the person is: a resident of another state who transports a large-capacity magazine into New Mexico for use exclusively in an established shooting competition” or “a peace officer, in accordance with the policies of the peace officer’s law enforcement agency,” with multiple caveats. Other minor exceptions include being a member of the armed forces, certain manufacturers, certain armored vehicle operators, or those displaying such weapons in government-run museums or exhibits. 

It continues, “A person who violates the provisions of Subsection A of this section is guilty of a fourth degree felony and upon conviction shall be sentenced in accordance with the provisions of Section 31-18-15 NMSA 1978.”

Roybal-Caballero requests $1.5 million in state funds to carry out this gun grab throughout 2024, “including the funding of additional local and statewide law enforcement, court process, and incarceration.” She apparently is seeking to lock up more people in prison to push for her anti-gun agenda, despite Democrats claiming to want fewer people in prison.

The bill will likely be just the first of a flurry of bills that are hostile to the Second Amendment and New Mexicans’ other constitutional rights. Other proposals floated include creating a state office of “Gun Violence Prevention,” as well as an addition to New Mexico’s “red flag” bills. 

Read the bill and its supporting information here


41 thoughts on “Dems drop first anti-gun bill of the 2023 Legislative Session”

  1. Democrats don’t necessarily want more people in prison but they would like more people guilty of felonies so they can take your guns away…

  2. Isn’t this bill against the NM constitution as well as the US constitution. Also if I’m not mistaken to overturn anything in or on the NM constitution it has to be put through on a ballet for the people to vote on.

    1. The state does not do or pass anything that is constitutional, they do not carry bonds as required by state statute nor do they have oaths of office on the public record as required. The People of NM have allowed this tyranny to get worse and they keep thinking they will “fix” the system and vote them out.

  3. Apparently this dummy doesn’t know that the US Supreme Court has stayed the California 10 round magazine law because it does not conform to SC guidelines. There is nothing to support this proposed law. There have been no
    incidences in NM where magazines of more than ten rounds have been a factor. This proposed law comes directly form the DNC, Bloomberg, Miranda Viscoli, and our anti gun governor who sucks up to all those mentioned.

  4. I’m not sure how a citizen can introduce a bill, but I propose:
    Any legislator, governor, politician or gasbag politico who advocates, pushes or introduces any law that violates any portion of the U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights or the State of New Mexico Constitution SHALL BE GUILTY of a Capital Crime and SHALL BE SUBJECT to immediate execution with no appeal.

    When passed I should think it would cut down on the legislative “workload” as well as the legislative staff “needed” – a WIN/WIN in anyone’s book.

  5. Warned you, told you…and no one listened and still reelected the queen of the tolite seat of the Governors mansion in Santa Fe.

    1. Oh sure, and you must believe she got into the governor mansion legitimately, corrupt ass politicians using sack of shit media, newspapers, social media, and every single bought off gutless sack of shit, cop, sheriff, police chief, city councilor, county commissioner, plus every pinche agency under the state!!! And you expect a pinche fair election??? We are being ripped off

  6. Shouting down N.Ms evil government

    Democraps will try anything that they know perfectly well is unconstitutional. They are evil and stupid and demons don’t understand they will always lose. They have no power over God and his people. Time for all of them to shut their evil mouths!

  7. Too many halfwits sitting in state offices!!! Law makers need to ensure NO MORALS lawyers and NO BALLS judges use the laws already on the books and put criminals away! The revolving door at the jailhouse and the “not competent to stand trial” BS needs to end!!! And another thing won’t taking away high capacity mags be a bad deal for Moochie Loserjans druggies friends?

    1. they are NOT law makers they are representatives, do not give them power they do not have. they are to represent the people and uphold their oath to defend our founding documents which protect our GOD GIVEN rights. They can not just make laws, they must be compliant with the supreme law of the land.

  8. They will get guns declared a public health menace and then MLG can uses executive orders to trample 2nd amendment rights in New Mexico. The state supreme court backed her up with COVID and will back her up with guns. Sad times to be a New Mexican.

  9. First stop allowing them to refer to you as PERSON, RESIDENT, CITIZEN. You are we the people who created them. The second amendment doesn’t refer to GUNS! That’s there legalize syntax word smithing. We the people have a second amendment it covers all arms.
    These STATE OF NEW MEXICO are government sheils color of government .

    It is treason for them to claim these acts. Nothing they roll out applies to we the people. They pass S M U (shit made up ) every day. these are criminals not legitimate leaders.

  10. Dumb many murders in Albuquerque were due to high capacity magazines? The crime rate runs rampant and they do nothing about except punishing law abiding citizens. The dummy needs to go. Talk about extreme leftist ideals.If you own high capacity magazines already you can’t do anything, those are grandfathered in. These same buffoons are the one trying to trample the second amendment and go against the highest court decision in the Supreme Court with Roe Vs Wade.It shows how they think there philosophies trump our constitutional rights.I have a saying and I’m sure a lot feel the same way. You can have my guns and high capacity magazines when you pry them out of my cold dead fingers..🖕🏻

  11. Wether it would be legal or not or against the NM constitution is not relevant. NMs are Gun toting citizens except for maybe Santa Fe, eventually NM s will pull their heads out their butts and vote these nut jobs out. Democrats, chew on this, you voted in all democrats to represent you in DC, well those officials will vote strait down the line with Schumer (the guy that had sex with his daughters best friend) and
    Nancy P. replacement, ( a POS socialist) . So regardless how u feel, they will vote for democraps party priorities. So that includes killing babies, more taxes, illegals getting free money but u paying, illegals getting free medical but u paying, pushing for digital currency so the IRS can track u tax dept, the NWO so u will have less and like it, to name a few. Be careful what u ask for, ( like El Paso tx, they are a sanctuary city that has imploded with illegals🤣

  12. Can’t vote them out if the system is rigged. Can vote them out if your votes don’t count. 2nd Amnd. has long been settled. What your witnessing is fraud & treason. They are out in the open being tyrants.

    STATE OF NEW MEXICO is a for profit corparation. So is the HWY patrol . COUNTY OF . Its all color of Gov fraud .

  13. Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia in 2008 wrote that the right to bear arms is not unlimited and is subject to reasonable prohibitions and regulations and subsequently federal court rulings have often upheld existing gun prohibitions and regulations. In addition, Warren Burger argued that the sale, purchase, and use of guns should be regulated just as automobiles and boats are regulated and such regulations would not violate the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as regulations of cars and boats to not violate the right of free travel.

    1. Those were the personal opinions of the persons named. You do not have a constitutional right to own or operate a car or boat. You do have a constitutional right to own a firearm and that right “shall not be infringed”.

    2. You don’t have a right to drive or operate a boat guaranteed by the us constitution. You do however have a constitutional right to have and bare arms. To protect yourself from a tyrannical government. That means the tyranny of the very same government that is trying to take away your and my second amendment right.
      So I would say that if you want to give up your rights and freedoms then knock yourself out. But don’t expect everyone else to do it so willingly

  14. Gun laws have none , (zero) effect on crime. That’s a proven fact. In states that have abided by the US constitution crime is minuscule compared to communist states and cities that have trampled peoples rights. The intent of these anti constitutional laws are to prevent citizens from defending themselves from tyrannical government such as NM’s . The commie dupes and shills that are proposing these bills are doing so on behalf of their communist bosses. These neo Bolshevik’s are using the same playbook used in all communist takeovers. They must disarm you before they enslave you.

  15. You can argue legal interpretation of the 2nd amendment but there are many good sources of non-partisan information on the effects gun legislation and the effects gun related violence. Universally, gun violence decreases. RAND corp., APA, numerous US gov sources, PEW, among others. Keep your guns, but don’t disacknowledge the societal effects. Norteno- you stated that it is a proven fact that laws have no effect on gun violence, I would like to see your sources as every source during my legal career says otherwise.

    1. How about taking the guns away from the CRIMINALS? And how about leaving the law abiding citizens who obviously need lethal weapons in this state keep their guns? Just look to the south. In Mexico guns are illegal and the violent crime using guns is way higher than in the US. In the US, the more we go after legal guns, the higher the crime rate goes. Go after the criminals and support the citizens.

    2. Gun laws do absolutely nothing to stop crime and that is a proven fact for anybody with more than two viable brain cells. the problem is not guns. The problem is criminals. Eliminate the criminals and there are no gun problems.

    3. Truth about guns . Com. The states of Texas, Maine, Missouri on and on when the public is allowed to defend themselves. On the other hand when their rights of defense are trumped by concern for criminals you get; Chicago, Albuquerque, Detroit, California. The statistics are there . I also don’t believe CNN(communist news network) or MSNBC . Maybe you should cite your “sources”.

    4. there is no such thing as gun violence idiot. crime goes up when you have more gun laws. why do shooters shoot up schools instead of police stations???? cause guns are not allowed.

      it does not matter what your opinion or anyone else’s is, we are a nation of laws for this very reason, not men and their opinions. democracy is mob rule and since we have veered from our God given rights to absurd opinion, funded by theft of the citizens, crime is rampant especially illegitimate agencies in government crime.
      taxation is theft and all gun laws are unconstitutional therefore null void and without effect.


      Jason, Chicago and Lightfoot…..need we say more? Forget that, how about the through the roof crime in New Mexico thanks to Woohan Lujan and Mayor Killer who are tough on law abiding citizens, but coddle the criminal. Criminals do not abide by any law, we are a criminal incubator in NM! Catch and release of “non-violent criminals though they may be habitual, who through time become hardened and will have more firepower than carrying citizens or police. Just look on YouTube to see what I’m referring to.
      Or are you going to throw your “legal career” around like it makes you a subject matter expert? I can tell your research will always be selective to support your stance.

    6. Rand?? You gotta be kidding. They attribute an increase of gun crime to concealed carry and stand your ground laws. They don’t distinguish between self defense so any shooting goes into the crime column. “numerous US gov sources”? So, you want us to trust a source of positive results to the same people who are trying to take our 2and Amendment rights away? I can’t stop laughing..

    1. While some small amount of illegal firearms in Mexico come from the US and have little or no effect on crime in Mexico. The vast majority of illegal firearms and ammo in Mexico an the Central American Countries originate in China. Proven fact.

  16. Jason, Chicago and Lightfoot…..need we say more? Forget that, how about the through the roof crime in New Mexico thanks to Woohan Lujan and Mayor Killer who are tough on law abiding citizens, but coddle the criminal. Criminals do not abide by any law, we are a criminal incubator in NM! Catch and release of “non-violent criminals though they may be habitual, who through time become hardened and will have more firepower than carrying citizens or police. Just look on YouTube to see what I’m referring to.
    Or are you going to throw your “legal career” around like it makes you a subject matter expert? I can tell your research will always be selective to support your stance.

    1. This coming from someone who put a youtube link up in a rebuttal and peppers a reply with insults? PP is nothing more than an echo chamber.

  17. Does she even know anything about guns? The law is so badly written and so unconstitutional if it pass I leaving. There so many issues to deal with. Why is the West being polluted with these idiots.

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