MLG formally announces special legislative session for redistricting, appropriating federal funds

On Thursday, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham formally announced a special legislative session for the Legislature to approve congressional, legislative, and Public Education Commission maps. Also, the session will work on appropriating federal funds following the Governor’s loss at the Supreme Court, showing she broke the law by unilaterally expensing funds during the pandemic.

The release from the Governor’s office notes that “beginning at noon on Monday, December 6, as required once each decade by the state constitution. The legislature will also during the session appropriate outstanding American Rescue Plan Act funds to address the urgent needs of New Mexicans in communities large and small.”

Lujan Grisham wrote in the press release, “A fundamental part of our American democracy is ensuring that all voters are represented, and the redistricting effort will make sure that the right of all New Mexicans to vote is complemented by fair representation through their elected officials. I look forward to a productive and collegial session and know lawmakers and legislative leadership will as always carry out the people’s business thoughtfully and respectfully, in a way that honors this important work.”

Interestingly, the Governor used the word “fair” regarding the maps, as all the state House maps would benefit Democrats, and two of the three congressional maps would benefit Democrats. Two of the three state Senate maps would help Democrats.

Democrats have done everything possible to keep New Mexicans out of the Roundhouse during the special session, with a ban on all firearms for the general public with few exceptions and forced jabs to enter the building, leaving around 35.7% of the population unable to access the building supposedly dubbed the“People’s House,” according to the latest jab numbers on the New Mexico Department of Health website.

Read more about the proposed maps here.

4 thoughts on “MLG formally announces special legislative session for redistricting, appropriating federal funds”

    1. Until we get Dominion Voting machines out of our clerk’s offices. Until we admit the 2020 election was stolen and they will continue to steal elections.

  1. New Mexicans new rise up against the evil witch with a b. Or she will keep hurting New Mexico. She is a demon.

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