MLG flies off to DC again, then heads to New York

On Monday, it was reported that far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham was heading out to Washington, D.C. again, this time for a Tuesday White House event with Joe Biden to praise his far-left “climate change” law erroneously dubbed the “Inflation Reduction Act.” The mammoth bill costs American taxpayers at least $430 billion, according to Reuters.

Daniel Chacon of the Santa Fe New Mexican reported Monday that Lujan Grisham is “headed to Washington, D.C., at [Joe Biden]’s invitation to attend Tuesday’s signing of the Inflation Reduction Act and also meet with federal officials to advocate for additional wildfire relief.”

“While @GovMLG is in the nation’s capital, she’ll also have a consultation on an ongoing knee injury with an orthopedic surgeon from whom she has previously received treatment, according to her office.” 

Chacon added, “After that, she’ll remain in D.C. and New York for political engagements. @GovMLG will return to New Mexico on Friday.”

The trip comes after a slew of disappearances from New Mexico for D.C., including her wedding, which was reported to have been officiated by Kamala Harris.

Lujan Grisham faces a tough reelection challenge from Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti who is polling within single digits of the embattled governor. Libertarian Karen Bedonie is also running.

Lt. Gov. Howie Morales is in charge while Lujan Grisham is away for her East Coast trip.


16 thoughts on “MLG flies off to DC again, then heads to New York”

    1. Yes, Rayanne! Karen Bedonie is the one! She will confront the establishment and all this political posturing. She won’t be bullied and she won’t back down! She is what we have needed for a long, long time! And she is gaining support daily! Don’t believe the so called polls. My son have been “polled” 4 or 5 times. And every time Bedonie’s name isn’t even brought up! When he brings it up ans says that he’s voting for Karen Bedonie, the “pollster” tries talking him out of it. These aren’t accurate polls. These are campaign calls called polls in order to sway public opinion!

      1. You spelled Ronchetti incorrectly. He’s the one who needs to disappear since he is another DEEP STATE candidate and will be more of the same. He is not a conservative and has caved on conservative policies already. He’s the Weatherman. How is he qualified to run a state? Does he have business/financial experience? No he does not.

        Why do people think this is gonna be different than the past?

        RED = BLUE = UNIPARTY.

        Fact: We are still using RIGGED machines. The Deep State will choose whoever they want if we use those machines.

      2. Yup,
        Bedonie is going to split the conservative vote and put MLG back in the Roundhouse. She needs to disapear.
        She has increased her name recognition for a future run, now needs disapear honorably.

  1. By golly, I believe Paul Hoylen is spot on with his suspicions about MLG looking for possible federal positions in anticipation of being defeated in November. Makes sense to me.

  2. She has to go to DC for a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon? Aren’t the doctors here in NM good enough for her? Maybe she should do us all a favor, just drop out of the race and move to DC. I have a wonderful orthopedic surgeon here in Albuquerque/Rio Rancho who is about to perform my second knee replacement.

  3. Once again, she thumbs her nose at New Mexico and it’s people and Orthopedic doctors in particular. I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with her other than being a liar and narcissist. Just an excuse to go to DC again and hob knob with the DC parasites.

  4. FYI….she is helping to turn New Mexico into an environment of disgusting and destructive wind turbines and Godzilla power lines. (All to kiss ….and gain power) She could care less about the environment or our state. If New Mexicans do not wake up this election, we are doomed. This state and country need to WAKE UP!

  5. She lucked into attending the comedy event of the year. As the looney lefties were celebrating their anti-inflation bill, the stock market was crashing colossally because of the release of the horrendous inflation numbers earlier in the day. TIMING SO BAD IT WAS HYSTERICALLY FUNNY. Since they had the audience and fake news booked, the loonies had to go through with their celebratory speeches.

  6. Orthopedic surgeon = plastic/bariatric surgeon
    Inflation reduction = Depression Initiation
    Wildfire relief = Gov’t Climate Task Force Enforcement

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