MLG fact-checked after her unhinged rant against ‘automatic weapons’

On Friday, far-left Gov. Michelle Lujan (D-NM) Grisham said she would continue her attacks against the Second Amendment — going further to say no one in America should personally own an “automatic weapon” while appearing for an interview on MSNBC. 

She said, “Frankly, no one that isn’t in the military — this is a weapon of war — or, uh, the trained police department. In my view, no one in America who isn’t in one of those two situations should own an automatic weapon. There is no reason to own one of those…. There is no reason.”

She also said she is “looking at” legislation that died in the last legislative session to “go after gun manufacturers. This is an all-of-the-above approach. Every single thing. I want fewer firearms in the street, I want no more gun trafficking, I want people held accountable, and what happened to Mr. Wilson? Did he reach out for help at the school? I’m going to need to know that. Was there a missed opportunity for a red flag high-risk protection order?”

But after making the unhinged statements, she got brutally fact-checked by Breitbart News and the National Rifle Association (NRA). 

Breitbart wrote, “Contrary to Grisham’s assertion, AR-15s are semiautomatic firearms. They fire one round, and one round only, per trigger pull. The AR-15 has a safety on the lower that allows the owner of the gun to switch between ‘safe’ and ‘fire.’ Automatic weapons, on the other hand, have a select fire switch that allows the owner of the gun to switch between ‘safe,’ ‘semiautomatic fire,’ and ‘automatic fire.’ (In some cases the choice is a three-round burst of auto fire instead of unlimited auto fire.)” 

“Grisham’s claim that an AR-15 is an ‘automatic weapon’ is false,” the article concluded. 

The NRA also shared the video of Lujan Grisham, writing how “yet another governor soft on criminals, aired her extensive gun control wish list on MSNBC. Complete bans on the most popular self-defense rifle, disarming young adults, targeting gun manufacturers, and more. Her erroneous ‘automatic’ AR-15 label: ignorance or deception? The NRA and our members will fight against her anti-gun agenda.” 


21 thoughts on “MLG fact-checked after her unhinged rant against ‘automatic weapons’”

  1. Stephanie McKenzie

    This is an evil woman. She specifically states she is going against the second amendment of our constitution. She has already shown she has no respect for the constitution so she is a traitor. If she was legally elected (and I doubt that she actually was re-elected when it has been proven there was voter fraud in EVERY NM county) she needs to be removed from office and put on trial for treason.

    1. She needed to stand trial after Fort Bayard. PEOPLE DIED ON HER WATCH. That she was allowed to “cooperate” with the DOJ, claim that she had “a breakdown” and walk free without consequence was a tragedy and a travesty.

  2. This woman need to get a serious education. NO one has Automatic weapons. She needs to be able to understand English.

    1. The Governor’s / New Mexico State Police force has how many ‘Weapons of War’? They have fully automatic machine guns to use against whom? Governor, disarm that state army of their weapons of war.
      PS: that would also apply to your personal security and Capitol detail.
      Leaders lead from the front.

  3. Why , why does MLG refuse to focus on the cause, the mental issues that dive these people to do such horrific acts. The answer seems clear, she doesn’t care. All she wants to do is tote the far left party line. Why tote the party line? So she can ensure she has position of power when her term is up.

  4. Areas to look into behind the shootings other than an inanimate object:
    Prescription and non prescription drugs
    Steady diet of violent entertainment
    Mental illness
    Broken homes
    An absence of any love from anyone
    MK Ultra

    1. YES! And let’s talk about how much in oil and gas surplus Martinez left her…money that she blew in less than 6 months in office. We were under one of the longest “states of emergency” in the country…for which we received billions of dollars in “relief funding.” Was any of that put towards helping the situations you mentioned? Of course not. Yet she gets up on her soapbox and talks about how “effective” her regime has been and how much more she wants to do to “improve” things. She is incompetent, intellectually and educationally lacking and beyond bad for New Mexico. I do not think, with Maggie Screwloose Oliver minding the henhouse, that MLG was duly elected. She was selected…yet there are legions of liberals in this state that support her. Well, this is what you get for standing behind an idiot. What an embarrassment to this state.

  5. Her runnin her mouth needs to end! I pray daily for her being escorted out of the roundhouse in handcuffs with deputies on either side of her! She let’s her thugs and drug buddies run rampant while accusing and abusing taxpaying citizens. If she pulls guns from every law abiding citizen then her thugs won’t meet resistance when they come to steal more rights and property. Using a bad situation and instead of focusing on a punk with mental issues she and her office monkeys follow the leftist/liberal idiots and blame the gun..

  6. MLG should be more worried about the drugs, and illegals coming across the border than the second amendment. As well the crime that is rampant in all 4 corners of the state, the child welfare and education that is last in the country, inflation that is Biden’s fault, and unemployment.

  7. She is an evil bitch. There is no other way to say it. Look at all the abused children she has let down. Look at all the fentanyl on our streets. Child slavery and abuse far outweigh any gun crimes. Nobody reports this. Leave our guns alone. We need them to protect our families.

  8. She is an evil witch. She cares nothing about our children. She let them down. Called a special session for marijuana rather than for laws to protect our children. Look at all the abuse and trafficking of our precious children that far outweighs any gun crimes. I encourage everyone to see “The sound of Freedom” coming July 4th unless they censor it. All these woke politicians are for themselves.

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