Video shows Couy Griffin being arrested after argument with ‘squatter’

It was revealed that Cowboys for Trump founder and former Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin was arrested by the Otero County Sherriff’s Department last week. 

A video shared on TikTok and later on Twitter appears to show Griffin being arrested in Tularosa. It is likely to have come from a disgruntled tenant with whom the former official argued in another video.

On the tweet, it claims that Griffin is facing “3 counts for Trespassing,  3 counts for Harassing a Witness (sic).” 

The person who posted the video, likely named “DeWayne Braithwaite,” claimed in a previous video that Griffin “used food to get forced labor out of me. That is human trafficking through fraud.”

The arrest could possibly stem from Griffin potentially attempting to remove the man from a property Griffin was renting him. Other videos who him attempting to inspect his property which Griffin claims the man is “squatting” in.

@mywildlifesanctuary Couy Griffin paid my airfare, flew me 1900 miles, picked me up at the airport, brought me to this house, and said, "Here's where you're sleeping, and this is where you're working". Now that I've completed the first of 2 paint jobs Griffin now wants out of our Agreement without any compensation to me and is calling me a squatter. #couygriffin #cowboysfortrump #foryou ♬ original sound – President D

In a video, the man claims he is being mistreated by Griffin for the Cowboys for Trump founder not making him home-cooked meals every night. To that, Griffin called him a “freeloading loser.” The former official then went on to explain all the food bought for the man.

Braithwaite then claimed, “I am not listening to your dealings no more.” Braithwaite is apparently from La Plata, Maryland, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Other TikTok posts from Braithwaite claim he called police six times previously and they did not act on his claims he was being “human trafficked.”

Griffin then, later in the video, told the man not to “harm my family” and reminded him of Mr. Braithwaite’s 14 years in federal prison. 

Griffin is likely being held at the Otero County Detention Center. 

The Republican was previously removed from office by a far-left Santa Fe judge due to his involvement in the incursion of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. 


13 thoughts on “Video shows Couy Griffin being arrested after argument with ‘squatter’”

  1. Francis Mathew, the far left judge does not follow state or federal constitutions, does not follow the law, alters and destroys court records and steals people’s property. He has committed treason against we the people and our nation.

    1. Brenda Mcdaniel

      Oh BS. Look who the baby is that keeps causing trouble..stay home your nobody special .you can have your own weirdo opinions without being a huge jerk and causing so much trouble .civil war…i dont see other adults throwing little baby fits like predjudice couy..shame shame. Stuborn old mule.

    1. That isn’t Couy’s property. He signed it over to his mom, when he was being investigated for misusing county funds & the other issues he’s had. And Couy paid the “squatter’s” airfare to get him out here from Maryland, with the agreement that the man would do various work on that property, in return, he could stay there & also that Couy would provide his meals & assist him with anything else he might need. That doesn’t give Couy the right to not hold his end of the deal up & turn around and at victim. I’m so sick of Couy & his BS. I hope he actually ends up getting whatever he deserves this times, instead of getting a slap on the hand & not suffering any consequences for his actions…

  2. Seems so unfair to Mr. Griffin. Praying for God to judge this situation and may the innocent one be protected.

  3. They like to torture old people in that jail. I was classified suicidal, stripped of my clothes, thrown on a cement floor. I’m 60. I was bruised, had to take by ambulance out of the jail. All because I cooperated and begged for my meds before I was even arrested. I was not allowed to call my Dr to prove I wasn’t suicidal. And all of this because I may mail the nurse practitioner in Truth or consequences that I didn’t like that she showed up in my ICU trying to get me to sign a DNR while I was under anesthesia.

  4. “failed to prepare three hot, delicious home cooked meals daily” GASP !!
    How could he survive!?!
    How old is this Soros paid stooge & flunky?
    Three? Or is he an institutional man who has been taken care of all his life. I can’t imagine why this slug was given any chance of work or rehabilitation, though I’m guessing Mr. Griffin had some reason, maybe a hog feeder or something.

  5. They just won’t leave Couy alone will they? If it his land he has every right to get rid of the squatter. Arrested the wrong person I believe.
    Speaking of “squatters” when are the police going to do something about pan handlers on every one of Alamogordo’s street?

  6. They do everything to slander his name. Corrupt politicians and big government will go against the people by all means necessary if you dare to go against their sick agenda. God bless him and keep him safe under these attacks. Meanwhile judges and politicians get paid to break the law and get away with it. So sickening.

  7. According to the comments, it is okay for some special people like Griffen to flout the laws that they complain about others breaking. It must be nice to be a minor god just because you are a politician. Worship your favorite politicians. 😛

  8. Alicat –

    What laws are Mr. Griffin breaking?

    Have you not seen the additional videos the dept O’ JustUs and the capitol police were forced to release?
    It’s fascinating footage that dimmoKKKraps sure
    didn’t want We the People to see, as it exposes the lies congress and the media have screamed about since Americans were set up by the dims and the deep state on Jan 6.

    I’ll bet you even believe that the Azov/Nazi battalions are winning against Russia…

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