MLG ‘conspiring’ to ram pro-voter fraud bill through the backdoor: Report

According to a report from the New Mexico House Republican caucus, Democrats and scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham are “conspiring” to ram through the embattled governor’s pro-voter fraud bill through the backdoor. 

“According to credible sources, House and Senate Democrats are now in secret negotiations with the Governor to convene a special session. After facing the embarrassment of a historic veto override in a legislature-led extraordinary session, the Governor has convened with Democrats, without public input, to garner the support of enough Democrats to end their pursuit of an extraordinary session,” wrote the Caucus.

“Instead, she will call a special session and the unhappy Democrats will re-introduce the Junior Appropriations Bill, which she will now sign, in order to avoid having her veto overridden and public [acknowledgment of Democrats’] loss in confidence of the administration.”

The report concludes, “In addition to addressing the Governor’s veto of the Junior Appropriations Bill, secret discussions are taking place to revive the controversial election code changes and hydrogen hub legislation that were defeated just weeks ago.”

The Junior Appropriations Bill had $50 million in projects carefully selected by each legislator and funded things such as the Special Olympics, senior centers, vehicles for law enforcement, and tools to solve child abuse cases. Lujan Grisham flatly vetoed the entire bill, to the ire of both Republicans and Democrats.

“It is obvious that Lujan Grisham doesn’t believe that she can win re-election without changing our election laws just months before New Mexican voters are set to decide if she has done a good enough job to stay in office,” said House Republican Whip Rod Montoya (R-Farmington). 

The pro-voter fraud bill that failed in this year’s legislative session included provisions such as expanded use of ballot drop boxes, mail-in votes being accepted one week after an election, giving third parties backchannel access to voting data, among other measures. It died in the Senate in the final hours of the session due to a filibuster by Sen. William Sharer (R-San Juan).

Montoya said, “It is time for the governor and Democrat leaders in the House and Senate to stop the secret backroom dealing. Their actions reek of the corruption and politics New Mexicans have grown tired of.”


10 thoughts on “MLG ‘conspiring’ to ram pro-voter fraud bill through the backdoor: Report”

  1. Makes perfect sense MLG didn’t get want she wanted so she vetoed the Junior Appropriations Bill. She is truly a tyrant, if she cheats her way into a second term NM will never recover.

  2. Stupidity is picking up a snake when you know it will bite. Snakes do what snakes do! Who’s the idiot? The snake for doing what comes natural or the one that thinks this snake would be the exception to the rule?

    When you keep doing what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten.
    Why the shock now?

  3. The government officials who run our elections know the election results at 7:00 pm on election night. If you allow absentee ballots to come in for an additional 7 days, those in power have the ability to ensure the election results they want. This is how FJB received “81 million” votes. The government officials who run our elections counted fraudulent absentee ballots until the winning number was achieved. Our problem is not the Dominion, our problem in NM is the registration process (MVD motor voter registration) and expanding absentee ballots.

    1. NM is a small enough state to have one election day with results that day, paper ballots, and NO same day registration and then being able to vote immediately. But we live in an upsidedown world with the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen having a tea party celebrating the death of freedom.

  4. MLG can only win when she cheats

    Here we go again. She is an evil b@tch. The Republicans will do nothing and MLG will steal the election. Done with New Mexico.

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