MLG complains about self-inflicted fundraising blackout

On Tuesday, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is calling for another special session after she vetoed a junior spending bill that included funding for the Special Olympics, senior centers, and helping solve child abuse cases. 

The special session is likely a tactical move by Lujan Grisham to ram through more of her far-left policies through the pretext of revisiting the special project funding bill. However, reconvening the Legislature for a special session means a fundraising blackout for legislative candidates, sitting legislators, and the governor.

But despite Lujan Grisham’s actions being the sole reason for the special session, she is now complaining about the fundraising blackout. 

She wrote in a fundraising email, “I’m already behind on my fundraising goals because I was not allowed to fundraise during the legislative session from December through March – and ANOTHER fundraising blackout starts Tuesday.” She claimed she needed more cash before the blackout due to her “protect[ing] our state from far-right radicalism.”

In a follow-up email to Lujan Grisham’s, her campaign wrote, “ANOTHER fundraising blackout will start on April 5. This is horrible news in an election year.” 

Apparently, the far-left governor and her team are hoping potential donors to their campaign forget that Lujan Grisham’s fundraising blackout is self-inflicted due to her veto that resulted in bipartisan fury. Now, in true form, the governor is once again playing the victim to raise more cash.

Campaign funds from Lujan Grisham have been used inappropriately in the past, including $150,000 in hush money to the governor’s alleged groping victim and over $8,000 to her own daughter for hair and makeup services — a violation of state campaign finance law.


2 thoughts on “MLG complains about self-inflicted fundraising blackout”

  1. Cancel culture yourself…good one Irish Red. Liberal’s in this nation use the cancel culture to cancel Americans feelings, yet when their own actions go against them, they still blame others for their own action…and never blame themselves, thinking they can just solve their problems by complaining about laws that now go against them because of their actions. I hope the people are smart enough to see this.

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