BernCo-area elementary student shares edible THC candies with classmates

According to reports from Tessa Mentus of KOB 4, an Algodones elementary student brought edible THC-infused candies to school, which were shared with classmates. This comes just days after legal recreational marijuana sales began on April 1 following Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham forcing a special legislative session to ram through the bill in 2021.

According to the release from the Bernalillo Public Schools:

At approximately 1:00 p.m., Algodones school administration was notified that a student brought edible THC infused candies and shared them with approximately 14 other students.

The District is collaborating with medical personnel and law enforcement to investigate and respond.

At this time, all involved students have been evaluated and are under the care of medical personnel and are stable. Parents have been notified. We will continue to make sure that all students are safe and healthy.

Like any other school system in New Mexico, we will have to grapple with educating our families, children, and staff on what to look for and how to provide safe environments for our children under this new era of legalization.


5 thoughts on “BernCo-area elementary student shares edible THC candies with classmates”

  1. Hey, this fits right in with our State’s World Class Educational system (currently ranked LAST in the USA) and much improving with “Drug Candy.” What do the kid’s parents have to say? We know APS certainly has no tools to do anything about this.

  2. Trying to shame the lawmakers and MLG is a waste of time. Their conscience is more seared than a steak on a New Mexican grill on a hot summer afternoon. They are blind and cannot see, so deaf they can’t hear and they would not recognize what is good or wholesome if it came up and bit them on their derrieres! They may be well known and consider themselves to be elite but they are on a very slick slide headed into hell and they would love to have any New Mexican who is willing, to join them there!

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