NM abortion rate doubles, Planned Parenthood opening new locations in state

On Friday, New Mexico Alliance for Life released a report showing that New Mexico’s extremely loose abortion laws are causing even more babies to be killed through abortions annually. In 2019, the number of babies’ lives ended through the deadly procedure doubled.

The group wrote, “The Center for Disease Control released its 2019 numbers and the findings are shocking: New Mexico’s abortion rate doubled—in just one year. The out-of-state abortion rate outpaced in-state residents ending their child’s life by abortion, largely due to pro-life laws in neighboring states.”

“This is an eye-opening report, while Texas, Arizona, and other states pass life-saving laws, New Mexico’s Governor and the abortion lobby fought to rescind all protections for women and unborn babies,” said Elisa Martinez, New Mexico Alliance for Life Executive Director.  

The group’s report further stated, “New Mexico also leads the nation in elective late-term abortions, also due to neighboring states passing pro-life laws.  This is why New Mexicans must elect pro-life leaders to send to Santa Fe and Washington D.C. to represent our values.”

Now, as pro-abortion politicians in Santa Fe rammed through an abortion up-to-birth bill in 2021, New Mexico, which has already been the abortion capital of the United States, is a haven for inhumane killing of babies up to and in some cases after birth. 

New Mexico’s neighboring state of Texas recently passed a pro-life law to save babies from Abortion, which has already prompted abortion businesses to open new locations in the state, with at least one new location opening in Las Cruces, according to the Southwest Coalition for Life.  

Mark Cavaliere wrote in a March email, “Now, in a move that is tragic yet also not surprising, the nation’s largest abortion corporation ‘Planned Parenthood’ has been distributing literature promoting a new center “coming soon” to Las Cruces, which will distribute chemical abortion pills.


8 thoughts on “NM abortion rate doubles, Planned Parenthood opening new locations in state”

  1. Oh great, we are number one in infanticide! I’m honestly to the point where I can see no positive value for the State of New Mexico.

    1. I agree. We run abortion centers like a 7/11 or Allsup’s. Next thing you know they will be passing out Chimichangas.

  2. I agree with Angus New Mexico has been turned into a state with no redeeming value by the demonic, communist, criminal cabal that currently runs this train wreck called a state. New Mexico is at a crossroad , if we can endure the massive voter fraud that is obviously coming this election cycle and place God fearing patriots in their place , New Mexico might live again. If not we’ll just be California south west . Last one out , turn off the lights.

  3. Apparently the communist censors are at work since I tried to post a comment earlier and it was deleted by them. It was truthful and to the point about the current sad state of affairs in New Mexico. I apparently hit a nerve with the demonic communist overlords.

  4. Nancy Tannenbaum

    I cannot imagine being proud of enabling the brutal murders of preborn children as well as infanticide. So this disgusting leftist liberal governor’s big ‘accomplishments’ consist of infanticide, legalized pot (which will increase the already #1 in the nation property crime rate) and “free” college that taxpayers will fund? Words are inadequate at this point.

    1. Nancy lets not forget treason for denial of constitutional rights to the citizens of NM and crimes against humanity by violating the Nuremberg Code. MLG makes the mafia look like school boys.

  5. Keeping Fighting

    Is NM taxpayer money being used to fund abortions for women from out-of-state by way of Presumptive Eligibility for pregnant women? If so, is this legal?
    Our tax dollars should not pay for any abortions but have been for years via presumptive eligibility medicaid.
    Ever notice that these in your face proabortion politicans like Lujan-Grisham, Leger-Fernandez, Pelosi, post pics of themseves with their kids but gladly support other women aborting theirs.

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