MLG claimed to be ‘product’ of NM ‘public schools system’ despite going to private school

On Tuesday, far-left Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham was called out on Twitter by school choice advocates for claiming to be “A product of New Mexico’s public schools system” [sic] despite graduating from a private school.

The Democrat’s education platform reads, “A product of New Mexico’s public schools system, Michelle is dedicated to uplifting every student, parent, educator, and school in New Mexico.”

However, Lujan Grisham graduated from St. Michael’s High School, a private Catholic school in Santa Fe, as she also notes on her official government website, “Lujan Grisham was born in Los Alamos and graduated from St. Michael’s High School in Santa Fe.” 

Corey A. DeAngelis of School Choice Now wrote on Twitter, “New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s campaign website says she’s ‘a product of New Mexico’s public schools system.’ She graduated from a private school.” 

The Rio Grande Foundation’s Paul Gessing chimed in also:

She also did the very opposite of “uplift” every “ student, parent, educator, and school in New Mexico” due to her pandemic lockdowns which punished teachers who would not get the jab, ramming down the far-left Critical Race Theory curriculum through her Public Education Department, and even going as so far as to remove duly elected school board members who she disagreed with — the antithesis of her promise.

New Mexico’s education marks show 30-year lows in testing, with the deprivation of education for months and years to some children resulting in a barely literate publicly educated student population.

The proficiency tests released by PED show that third-graders had 23% proficiency in language arts, while those figures ebbed and flowed for other grades: fourth-graders (35%), fifth-graders (36%), sixth-graders (33%), seventh-graders (35%), and eighth-graders (33%). 

The state’s schools remain dead last on multiple rankings that show New Mexico has the worst public education system in the nation. Lujan Grisham is endorsed by the leftist teacher’s unions, the American Federation of Teachers, and the National Education Association, both of which advocated for lockdowns, forced masking, jabs, and Critical Race Theory. 


14 thoughts on “MLG claimed to be ‘product’ of NM ‘public schools system’ despite going to private school”

  1. Why did she Lie? It is in the Democrat DNA. These people Do Not live in reality. They say it long enough and it becomes their “Truth.” Not all of us are asleep out here.

    1. Wait a minute…you’re the same guy that wrote a nonsense lie response to the previous article I read? How interesting…

      “Why did she Lie? It is in the Democrat DNA. These people Do Not live in reality. They say it long enough and it becomes their “Truth.” Not all of us are asleep out here”

      I’m guessing that you don’t see any irony at all in writing this do you? You’re missing it entirely right? I would have to agree with you on one thing though, you’re not asleep…comatose morelike.


    1. A Catholic school should have also taught her not to protect human traffickers (she knew all about Epstein), not to behave inappropriately around men and pay them off with taxpayer money and not to coerce people to violate their God-given bodily integrity with experimental shots. I believe that last item is a violation of the 9th Commandment. MLG is about as Catholic and Christian as Satan is. WHEN WILL SHE BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE?!!!!!!

      In the same vein, Maggie Tolouse Oliver likes to refer to herself as “a single mom on Medicaid.” Oh puh-leeze! She has two ex-husbands that are involved father’s and that pay her child support…both work for the state. “Tolouse-Oliver” are her EXES. Her daddy was Dr. Kenneth Crumley, the respected (and well-off) child psychologist. Maggie is a liar about her privilege too.

  2. The ‘governor’ is a liar, as are all communists. With rigged voting machines and voters who are as dumb as a bag of hammers, she will have no difficulty continuing her reign.

  3. Mr. Block,

    No one cares about education in New Mexico. Its a proven fact that the voter doesn’t give a s*** about education over and over and over. What I’m telling you is this message hasn’t resonated with the voter…


    If the DNC gave a s*** about education, they would have done something in the last 40-50 years to change it. They haven’t. They wont. But it sounds good in the press so they continue to beat that dead a$$ horse for votes.

    The message I suggest to attack with is a critical one with voters, that is….IF YOU LET IT BE CRITICAL…That message is?

    “The Democrats in New Mexico whole heartedly stand beside a woman’s right to choose to execute fully developed infants at any stage of pregnancy”. The DNC “ENJOYS” having the power to kill 9 month old CHILDREN at the moment of birth. We are last in educational again and again and this fact of “permissible execution in the womb” is just the path that the DNC shows contempt for all life…in any stage in New Mexico.

    The fight isn’t about a woman’s right to choose. The fight should be not a fight at all…but a celebration that only a woman has the gift of being able to GIVE LIFE. Women are our gift to preserving life. Women are blessed, and damned, to be the candle of light to our continued existence. AS SUCH WE SHOULD DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO AID WOMEN DURING PREGNANCY AND EVEN AFTERWARDS FOR HAVING THE RESPONSIBILITY OF CHILD REARING UNTIL THAT CHILD IS ABLE TO PROVIDE FOR THEMSELVES.

    Some go all out to the gifting of life, and that too can be awkward. There must be…exceptions to end the life of a child in the womb. After all, we are just men and woman and mistakes can happen in life. We as a human race are not perfect.

    This DNC and Governor in New Mexico took away the right, the ethical right, of all nurses and doctors to object to being forced into aborting a child for any reason whatsoever…and has “FORCED MEDICAL STAFF” to perform these practices…and removed their choice to object…and that is another path showing the true insane mental state of the Democratic political party of New Mexico and this Governor.

    Why cant New Mexico change course? $10,000,000.00 is one reason right now for a death center to be built in Las Cruces…plus the untold millions already doled out over the past 50 years for the practice to continue unabated.

    Now… this year… there is a confrontation of ABATEMENT for the first time in decades… with the Supreme Court GIVING THIS PROCESS BACK TO THE STATES FOR CONSIDERATION.

    Now THE VOTER can alter the course of our human existence for mass murdering of infants. The voter can choose to continue the mass execution of children, or return to a normal process of the GIFT OF GIVING AND GRANTING LIFE.

    Then money (like this $10,000,000.00 proposed death center) can be thrown at the process of GIVING LIFE AND PRESERVING LIFE AFTER BIRTH… The Voter can show they enjoy the GIFT OF LIFE and empower the voter with the ability to affect the continued GROWTH OF LIFE GIVING BY SUPPORTING WOMEN and the birthing they are blessed with.

    Just sayin”… I know of no man giving birth or damned to give birth. By taking a different path showing the devotion to life and continued financial support and growth of children after birth until adulthood, we might,,, no…we will… show those children a better light from a candle they can hold in their own hands…and quite possibly.., the DNC dictatorship In New Mexico from decades long summary execution of life in the womb ends… FOREVER.

  4. The ignorance shown on this page NEVER ceases to amaze me. And that you are still harping on “Critical Race Theory” astounds me. Proven to be a “Far Wrong” dog-whistle hot point.

  5. MLG Telling more lies to NM

    Another lie from evil MLG. Going to catholic school did nothing to make her a good person. As a catholic she should not be happy to murder babies in any stage of pregnancy. She should not be forcing CRT, Critical Racist Therory on our children. And she should truly care for the people of New Mexico. All she cares about is the money filling her pockets. She is no catholic and cannot claim to be educated by the crap public schools she has made much worse.

  6. What’s worse is that there are idiots out there who will vote for her again. This state has turned into a cesspool of lying, power hungry demons. Just when you think it cannot get any worse, her horrible face turns up on the TV with another lie. God save our state and country. Pray people.

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