Judge removes Couy Griffin from office, citing Civil War

On Tuesday, it was announced that state District Court Judge Francis Mathew had made a ruling barring Otero County District Two Commissioner Couy Griffin from holding public office.

Mathews wrote in his ruling that Griffin “became constitutionally disqualified from federal and state positions specified (under the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment, Section 3) and forfeited his current office as Otero County Commissioner effective Jan. 6, 2021,” adding, “Griffin shall be removed from his position as an Otero County Commissioner effective immediately.”

The judge made many anti-Trump sentiments in the ruling, claiming President Trump on January 6th made “false claims that the election was ‘rigged’ and ‘stolen,’” while claiming that the incursion into the U.S. Capitol constituted an “insurrection” despite not a single person involved being convicted of “insurrection.”

Regardless, Mathews concludes, “The Court concludes that the January 6, 2021 attack on the United States Capitol and the surrounding planning, mobilization, and incitement constituted an ‘insurrection’ within the meaning of Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment.”

He then compared the January 6th protesters to the Confederates, who lost the Civil War, writing, “The mob ultimately achieved what even the Confederates never did during the Civil War: they breached the Capitol building and seized the Capitol grounds, forcing the Vice President and Congress to halt their constitutional duties and flee to more secure locations.”

“The case law holds that a person ‘engage[s]’ in an insurrection within the meaning of Section Three by ‘[v]oluntarily aiding the [insurrection], by personal service, or by contributions, other than charitable, of anything that [is] useful or necessary’ to the insurrectionists’ cause. Worthy, 63 N.C. at 203; see also Powell, 27 F. Cas. at 607 (defining ‘engage’ as ‘a voluntary effort to assist the Insurrection … and to bring it to a successful termination’ from the insurrectionists’ perspective).” 

“One need not personally commit acts of violence to ‘engag[e] in’ insurrection,” said Mathews.

According to the New York Times, Griffin’s removal is “the first official in more than 100 years to be removed under the Constitution’s bar on insurrectionists holding office.”

Griffin represented himself in the trial, and he does have the opportunity for an appeal.

Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham will likely have the opportunity to appoint Griffin’s replacement, which will go against the citizens of the District who elected Griffin — a conservative — to represent them as commissioner.

The lawsuit was filed by residents of Santa Fe and Los Alamos Counties, while none are from Otero County.


26 thoughts on “Judge removes Couy Griffin from office, citing Civil War”

    1. Yes this is worse than pretty bad. We the people are allowing this criminal to violate our rights. Check Francis Mathew’s record especially case D-101-CV-2013-00911. The records are altered and removed from the court. files. He and all the judges up to the supreme court have committed perjury, insurrection and treason in every case every heard. The fact remains that the judges do not hear. He and the rest of his comrades do not follow the Constitution – He and his comrades including the AG and Sheriff are all committing RICO to extort We the people. They either do not know the law, state or federal Constitution or they simple have gotten away with their criminal acts and do not care.. NOT one of them attained a bond as required by the New Mexico Constitution. They are falsely posing to be a government employee. See no bonds registered with the SoS. They are all foreign agents, yet have not registered with FARA.gov. This is a felony. I do not know of one judge in New Mexico who has integrity. They have denied due process and equal protection in the 5th Amendment. This alone is grounds for impeachment. They also deny trial by jury 6th amendment.. They are all criminals they protect each other.. What are We the People going to do? The Constitution tells us they can remain in office under good behavior. Where is the good behavior? In Canada the people walked corrupt judges out and put them under citizens arrest.

      1. 100% correct. Sections 3 & 4 are used against a tyrannical public official like the judge and numerous others in office; yet this “judge”, who probably holds no credentials to be a judge, used this against an American Citizen who was merely exercising their God given Rights, secured and protected by our National Constitution. This is serious BS folks. Wake up before you and your children are swimming down the river with the swamp rats.

    1. Harlan Arthur Lawson

      Agree! Why does he believe that anyone outside of Otero County has any standing to file such a lawsuit regarding a duly elected Otero County Commissioner?

    2. Paul, you are exactly right. You can always tell what a leftist is doing…..it’s what they are accusing you of doing. We will see more and more of this in the very near future! All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.

    1. Angus,
      I believe that We the People in Otero County have the integrity to stop this corruption. and they will. All of New Mexico has had enough of the perjury, insurrection and treason of those falsely posing as Government-judges, AG, and Sheriffs who do not follow the law. Check out who has an oath and who has attained a surety bond filed with the Sec of State as required by the New Mexico Constitution. Where is the Santa Fe Sheriffs oath of office filed? No one seems to know. How have the judges shown accountability? They do not have accountability.

  1. Harlan Arthur Lawson

    As the article states, there was no insurrection on Jan 6. Judge Matthews obviously let his hatred of Trump to overshadow his judicial ethics.

    1. If you care to research the evidence in Francis Mathews case history records, You will find the following facts confirmed about Mr. Mathew. He does not have a bond, he has conflict of interest- He worked in behalf of the banks before becoming a judge and continues to destroy evidence on the record so that he can rule in favor of the banks. He could cares less about the law or justice as he colludes with attorneys in violation of ex parte communication,, removes evidence and alters the court record, to cover his lies. He appeared to be drunk during hearings and called the attorney for JPMorgan Chase Bank who had no authority to do business in New Mexico. He does not even know the law or have a willingness to hear the law to even follow it.. See case D-101-CV-2013-00911. I can show anyone who wants to see the evidence. We need to know how criminal Francis Mathew, Larry Montano, and Kathleen McGarry Ellenwood, the court of appeal, and the NM Supreme Court have committed grand theft, and treason not only against me and my land patented property, but also we the people of New Mexico

  2. No insurrection and the case should have been dismissed as they are not in the County. However, the judge exposed himself as to who he is. Has to GO!

    1. Francis Mathew continues to commit perjury, insurrection and grand theft. Look at the criminals performance in the court records.

  3. This judge should be removed from office, not Mr. Griffin! His ruling will never stand up in the U.S Supreme Court. Mr. Griffin needs to immediately file an emergency appeal to SCOTUS while seeking a stay on the judge’s illegal decision.

    1. I agree with you. It’s a bad day when 1 man (the judge) can step in and try to remove an official from office that the people have elected solely because he doesn’t like Trump. Politicians have forgotten that they work for the people and not the other way around.

      1. MLG did the same thing. She (through the PED) removed duly elected Floyd school board members. An elected official cannot legaly remove another duly elected official. If we go down that road anyone can “remove” anyone! Tyrannical rule!!!

      2. Well said, thank you Melcolm. Francis Mathew continues to commit perjury, insurrection and grand theft. This is validated in his criminals performance in the court records. Please validate the facts.

  4. So a dimmoKKKrap “judge” gets to make up rules that libtard rezidents from Santa Fe and Los Alamos counties have “standing” to hold power and be the lords over Otero County?
    It’s BullSchiff to see proof the Santa Fe Ring still runs Nuevo Mexico for the elite rulers – no wonder we are dead last by every measure of progress save one, we’re #1 in O.D. deaths in the nation.

    1. Agreed! Karen Badonie has begun pointing out all this corruption and will do something about it if we will get behind her. There is a reason that the establishment doesn’t want her as governor. She won’t go along to get along. She isn’t afraid of their threats.

  5. So where is this issue at? Is the POS governor appointing a left wing green weeny to represent Otero county? Is Griffin fighting it, does he need support. What can we do to fight the lefty judge? Just asking.

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