MLG campaign makes its most desperate fundraising plea yet

On Friday, far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s campaign made its most desperate fundraising plea yet.

This time, Lujan Grisham shared a screenshot of a June 27 tweet from waning actress Bette Midler who posted an altered photo of the New Mexico sign, edited to add, “We’ve got Chile, Weed and Reproductive Rights.”

The screenshot included Lujan Grisham’s retweet, which added, “And we’re going to keep it that way.”

The sign references the extremist Democrat Governor’s legislation that legalized abortion up to birth, which she claims is “reproductive rights,” despite abortion ending the reproductive process and killing a child.

She also called a special session of the state Legislature to ram through a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana despite it being a federally illegal Schedule 1 substance.

The fundraising email read, “You heard the Governor, friend! Donate now to keep New Mexico the land of chile, weed, and reproductive rights.”

This could possibly be the laziest fundraising ploy yet from Lujan Grisham, but there are still four months until the November 8 election where she faces off against tough competition.


19 thoughts on “MLG campaign makes its most desperate fundraising plea yet”

  1. That billboard should be enough to keep any sane person out of NM. Certainly nothing to be proud of!

  2. The billboard should read: “We’ve got chile, weed, reproductive rights, and a witch for a governor!”

  3. I can only imagine what New Mexico will look like should this commie puppet get reelected. She was big on contact/tracing, which is huge concern for me, and I believe she’ll have the sheep in masks and lockdown by the end of the summer while women from other states fly in for abortions, and illegals come up from the border.
    I don’t see how Commie Grisham can be defeated as long as they will still use the Dominion voting machine and mail in ballots.
    Very rarely will you hear any of the corruption that goes on in this state from news sources outside of this state which makes me feel like nobody really cares about us here. Maybe we need to get loud….very loud.

  4. We don’t have to imagine much about what NM will look like if this commie shill gets “re-elected” , just look at commiefornia, Oregon, Washington state. These are all states decent people are leaving in droves due to communist policies from narcissistic Marxist despots. This group of “leaders “ are trained in state wrecking by foreign governments then placed in positions of power. The Governor seems to take pride in the fact that NM is last in everything good and first in everything bad. The mainstream media is also part and parcel to these destructive policies that’s why seldom is anything reported factually. We need more honest patriots like John Block who can inform the public truthfully and people that stand and oppose these wretched tyrants.

  5. A lot of people back East don’t know New Mexica state. That might be because we’re a lot closer to Mexico than America. With MLG, we’re becoming more third world.

  6. A lot of people back East don’t know New Mexico is a state. MLG is keeping us in a backward third world condition. We’re looking more like Venezuela than America.

  7. Nancy Tannenbaum

    She could get just one vote and would still remain in power. No one who could/ should does anything re: rigged machines, voter fraud, etc. Frankly I will be amazed if anyone replaces her. My suggestion to anyone who manages to vote in person in spite of likely forced mail-in ballots is to take your own ballpoint pen. The Sharpie pens they hand you with a smile at the polling places tend to bleed, which according to them makes your ballot “unreadable” to the rigged Dominion machines. The devil is in the details. Believe me, they have thought of everything.

    1. Wouldnt trust a sharpie in hands of a child – the damage could be everywhere. But you’re right they have all the bases covered – as Biden bragged like a mafia boss on camera (Oct 24) before being “elected”
      _ “”We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

      And even the Supreme Court wouldnt review the corruption – both our state and the federal – courts that is – eh hem.

  8. Why would I want my State to be known for great education, low crime and great economic opportunity? No…lets have NM stand for “weed,” crime, illegals, no education, no medical, no care for the severely disabled, the outright murder of babies. What a hell hole NM has become.

  9. It’s called FREEDOM, for women to obtain the medical procedures for their lives, the legalization of cannabis for so many health benefits, and the best green chili in the nation. I will vote for the Governor that is in office NOW because she has established the defense of our rights as women and American citizens.

    1. Nancy Tannenbaum

      Vast majority of abortions are done for convenience and have NOTHING to do with a woman’s “health” (these incidents are quite rare) and before the “rape/incest” argument is trotted in, let us be honest and remember that women have never been denied a D & C following rape, incest, or legitimate danger to the life of the mother. What you define as “freedom” is for-any-reason murder/infanticide of a child.

    2. Calling out the sheeple

      Yor body your choice, until evil MLG forces you to weat a mask again. Then you can be a good little steeple and obey. #brainwashed

      1. Replied to wrong person sorry

        Sorry Nancy, this posted to the wrong person was meant for Deanna.. The only person on this page voting for MLG.

    3. Calling out the sheeple

      Your body your choice until MLG forces you to wear a mask again. (You probably never took yours off). You will comply just like a good little sheeple. Brainwashed!

  10. MLG Queen baby killer

    The sign should say the truth, higher crime rate, highest population living in poverty, lowest income growth. All on MLGs watch. Her greatest accomplishment so far murdering babies and being proud of it. Oh and as an idiot feminist she loves wearing a vagina on her head.

    1. Nancy Tannenbaum

      That sign (it looks photo-shopped to me) should also display the numbers of suicides resulting from her destruction of jobs and lives. My daughter works at Presbyterian/Rust Center and these suicides have included children including a nine year old boy.

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