Campaign finance report: MLG takes at least $16K in dark money, spends big on TV

On Thursday, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s campaign filed its fourth primary report with the Secretary of State’s Office. The report shows she is trailing her Republican opponent, Mark Ronchetti, in fundraising by $452,973.37. She brought in $755,303.63 compared to Ronchetti’s $1,208,277.00. Republican-turned-Libertarian candidate Karen Bedonie reported $4,079.70 during the same filing period.

During the reporting period, she brought in donations from many of the pueblos and tribal economic councils, ringing up to around $78,100, with donations from the Pueblo of Zuni ($5,400), the Jicarilla Apache Nation ($5,000), the Laguna Development Corporation ($3,000), the Pueblo of Jemez ($5,000), the Pueblo of Isleta ($15,600), the Pueblo of Picuris ($10,400) the Pueblo of San Felipe ($2,500), the Pueblo of Sandia ($10,400), the Mescalero Apache Tribe ($10,400), and the Santa Clara Development Corp ($10,400).

Other donations included $1,000 from Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber, $500 from state Rep. Harry Garcia (D-Grants), $1,000 from state Sen. Antoinette Sedillo-Lopez (D-Albuquerque), $1,000 from state Sen. Liz Stefanics (D-Santa Fe), $10,400 from ConocoPhillips, $2,500 from “Black PAC,” $250 from Santa Fe City Manager John Blair, $1,000 from failed two-time Democrat candidate for state House Karen Whitlock, $10,400 from Lujan-Grisham appointed far-left Citizens Redistricting Commission member Lisa Curtis, and $10,400 from “PNM Responsible Citizens Group.”

Other contributions included $5,000 from the Verdes Foundation, which does medical marijuana, as well as marijuana company Nature’s NM Management LLC, which donated $5,000. Former U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman’s family dug deep, with the former senator donating $8,300, his wife, Anne, donating $8,300, their son, John, donating $9,800, and his wife, Marlene, donating $9,800. One contribution of $340 was attributed to a “Marilyn Monroe” purported to be living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

There were at least $16,400 in contributions that did not specify a donor, with $10,400 coming from an anonymous “political committee” on June 29, an anonymous $1,000 contribution on June 2, and $5,000 from an unnamed “political committee” on June 6, among others. Most of the Governor’s campaign contributions came from out-of-state people and entities. This is by definition “dark money.”

During the reporting period, Lujan Grisham received $939.88 in in-kind digital ad contributions from the abortion up to birth Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico and $1,618.12 from the Democrat Party of New Mexico.

The Governor spent heavily on television advertising during this reporting period, with four separate transactions to the Washington, D.C.-based Buying Time LLC totaling up to $569,289.46.

She paid the Alexandria, Virginia-based Clarke & Sampson, Inc. $20,651.50 for insurance costs, $35,300.00 to the Washington, D.C.-based Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research Inc. for polling, and a hefty catering expenditure to Santa Fe-based Honey Yohalem for $4,522.31. Failed Democrat State Auditor Candidate Zachary Quintero was also paid a salary of $3,026.01 on June 29.

Ronchetti’s campaign said it has received 95% of its contributions from in-state. The election will occur on November 8.

5 thoughts on “Campaign finance report: MLG takes at least $16K in dark money, spends big on TV”

  1. All those “POOR” Indian Pueblos donating like slot machines to MLG. They will not get squat in return if she is re-elected. Same for the Black./Hispanic donations. Time to wake up people. Democrats take your vote and could really care less about YOUR problems. They USE people.
    Who needs to solve anything? These “Idiots” keep voting for us anyway. It’s the “New Mexico Way.”

  2. The only way an evil Demon wins is by cheating or taking evil money. MLG dark money for an evil dark soul.

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