‘Cringe’: MLG embarrasses New Mexicans at soccer game

On Saturday, far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham showed up at a New Mexico United soccer game, where she awkwardly danced and tried to get some noise out of the crowd by shaking her fist in the air.

The soccer franchise wrote on its Twitter account, “Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham… is in the house.”


New Mexicans responded to the Governor’s embarrassing showing at the game.

“Nothing could be less cool,” said one commenter. 

“I’m literally suffering secondhand embarrassment for her. She will be out of a job come November,” one commenter wrote.

One New Mexican shared a meme reading “cringe.” 

“A group of absolute clowns,” another person wrote

Lujan Grisham faces off against Republican Mark Ronchetti and Libertarian Karen Bedonie in the November General Election.


9 thoughts on “‘Cringe’: MLG embarrasses New Mexicans at soccer game”

  1. Nancy Tannenbaum

    Clearly someone somewhere in this tyrant’s life told her that she was a cute little thing. I recall her pre-election TV commercial when she was crashing through walls of sheet rock. Recently marched with drag queens and abortion supporters while wearing tutus and cowboy boots. No class, no dignity, desperate, destructive – and morally bankrupt.

  2. Nancy Tannenbaum

    No class, no dignity, and a narcissist. I recall her pre-election TV commercial in which she crashed through walls of sheet rock. Recently marched with a pro-abortion crowd and drag queens while dancing in her tutus and cowboy boots. It is a pity that so many support her.

  3. MLG Permanent Embarrasment of NM

    Worst govenor in New Mexicos history. She is a constant embarrassment. Not surprised, she wishes people liked her. The liberals of the United team love evil tyrants.

  4. I recognized the liberalism in the New Mexico United Soccer team a long time ago when supported by MLG. I will not attend any of their games. When they tried to push through a stadium in Albuquerque I was glad to hear the voters turned it down.
    I am surprised MLG was not wearing her pink toto at this game, she is such a desperate show off.

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