Far-left Alamogordo mayoral candidate blows up at Piñon Post editor, calls him an ‘a**hole’

On Tuesday night, after the Alamogordo City Commission meeting, Mayor Pro-Tem Nadia Sikes confronted Piñon Post editor and founder John Block, claiming the October 20, 2021 article written about her radical record was not factually accurate. 

Once Block took his phone out to get the conversation on record, Sykes had a much different tone. Block asked her what was factually inaccurate specifically about the article, to which she claimed her abortion stance was not accurately portrayed, claiming full-term abortions rarely ever happen.

When pressed regarding her specific stance, she repeatedly said, “I’m pro-choice,” while dodging questions on if she supports any regulations whatsoever on abortion. Once she began backing away, Mr. Block pointed out his opinion that he hopes Ms. Sykes loses the election, to which she said, “What an a**hole” for all commissioners and the public to hear. 

Despite her erroneous claim that the October 20 article was factually inaccurate, she has yet to formally request a retraction on any specific part she deemed to be supposedly inaccurate. 

Block released the following statement following the altercation:

It’s a shame that a person like Ms. Sikes has attained any office of public trust, especially in the City of Alamogordo, a place where respect and family values are cherished. Ms. Sikes using profane words toward a constituent, much less a member of the press, automatically disqualifies her from this race and proves why she is not fit for any position of public trust.

The video recorded by Mr. Block of the incident is below:


6 thoughts on “Far-left Alamogordo mayoral candidate blows up at Piñon Post editor, calls him an ‘a**hole’”

  1. “I hope you lose this election because you’re going to Nadia! God bless.” Can I be the first to say I love John Block!😂😂😂

  2. Oops. She messed up. Great question John. You have proved what New Mexico represents. John has class. Thank you. Keep up the great work. John represents New Mexico as it should be. Let’s all stand up for what we believe.

    Let’s take our state back.

  3. Way to go John! She paid you the ultimate compliment. That means you are doing your job well. Just we careful, some of these people are just crazy enough to attack you. Be safe.

  4. All they do is use the big microphone to let everyone know they are in the majority, but if they are, it is shrinnking fast and more and more people are finally waking up….and these commenters are right. it is time to take New Mexico back and make it great again. *come on libs…refute me on that*

  5. I am posting this on spreely- and Gab -Fb will not allow posts that are truthful. I want the rest of the country to know that NM is not just populated by leftists democrats there are many conservatives. NM residents are starting to wake up. Most don’t know how the dem they voted for voted on bills concerning abortion, immigration (legal and illegal aliens), energy, water and private land rights, and a host of other concerns. Voting records are important. u might want to check out ballotpedia.org for this info.

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