Melanie Stansbury poses with disgraced Tennessee rep. who led insurrection

On Wednesday, far-left U.S. Rep. Melanie Stansbury (D-NM-01) proudly posed alongside formerly ousted Tennessee state Rep. Justin Jones, a Democrat, who was booted from his role after leading an insurrection upon the Tennessee House of Representatives. After four days of being out of office, the far-left Nashville Metropolitan Council quickly reinstated Jones. 

Jones was charged in 2020 for assaulting people in cars during the George Floyd riots, of which he was an organizer. Watch here: 

According to Scoop Nashville, “Throughout the entire time, he has faced over a dozen charges but always denied that he was violent – despite multiple assaults, assault on an officer, and reckless endangerment charges. In the newly obtained video, one of his assaults was captured, and presented to the Grand Jury – and he was indicted on two counts of reckless endangerment.”

Stansbury, who is a fringe environmentalist and supporter of every left-wing policy imaginable, including weaker election laws and abortion up to birth, posed for a photo with Jones while praising the extreme lawmaker.

She wrote, “It was such an honor to run into the one and only Rep. Justin Jones this morning—inspiring defender of democracy and the duly elected people’s representative of Tennessee’s House District 52. We are with you, @brotherjones_!” 

Screenshot of Rep. Stansbury’s tweet with insurrectionist Justin Jones.

However, Jones and other lawmakers leading an insurrection upon the Tennessee House appears to be Stansbury’s idea of “defending” so-called “democracy,” with other Democrats, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, praising him and welcoming the fringe politician with open arms. 

Is posing with insurrectionist Justin Jones worthy of a U.S. congresswoman?

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13 thoughts on “Melanie Stansbury poses with disgraced Tennessee rep. who led insurrection”

    1. Of course it doesn’t bode well w/all white old racist men representing Tennessee… can’t wait to see y’all voted out😂

    1. I was SO ANGRY that the RPNM put up Mark Moores for CH1. He had no chance to win, and it was a joke. I voted or him because I wanted a red candidate in that seat…but he was a joke. The party handed the seat to her. Anyone who had half a brain needed to just look at her track record to know she is a bad idea. She worked for Terra Mar as “a scientist.” Terra Mar was one of Ghislaine Maxwell’s “paper companies,” designed to launder money and hide underage trafficking. To date, she has never answered for any of that. And look at her CF reports. Look at where Melanie got her campaign money from. Extreme activist groups, out of state influencers, politicians. Take a look…it’s public record:

      She doesn’t represent me or my values, either. We are NOT “a democracy.” We are a constitutional republic. Dems better start acting it.

      @ John Block, can you do a story on Melanie’s association with Ghislaine Maxwell and ask the hard questions as to why that continually keeps getting buried? It’s hypocritical to have Melanie constantly spouting about women’s rights when she has done things for people who were directly involved in underage trafficking and mysogynistic abuse?

        1. A genius would refer to the source, not the fantasy of some hairbrained woke’s opinion on tik tok as you probably did. Democracy is chaos. The majority is almost always wrong.

          What is a Constitutional Republic;

          “A constitutional republic is a form of government in which the head of the state, as well as other officials, are elected by the country’s citizens to represent them. Those representatives must then follow the rules of that country’s constitution in governing their people. Like the U.S. government, a constitutional republic may consist of three branches – executive, judicial, and legislative – which divide the power of the government so that no one branch becomes too powerful.

          A country is considered constitutional republic if:
          It has a constitution that limits the government’s power
          The citizens choose their own heads of state and other governmental officials

  1. What has Melanie Stansbury done for the people in District 01? Instead of taking photo ops with someone in TN, she should be home looking at the crime and mess in the streets of district 01.

  2. Interesting…more of a double standard. So Biden and Kamala Harris praise Jones for an
    “insurrection upon the Tennessee House of Representatives.” Claiming to protect “democracy,” and with the otherside of their mouth condemn the insurrection in Washington. Logically, both are right or both are wrong.

  3. When do New Mexicans wake up and realize that the present democrat party is NOT the same as your grandfather, ur fathers party,or the party known to senior citizens? NM has become the state of yellow dog democrats. They would rather vote for a yellow dog than a republican-resulting in cutting your nose to spite your face. Look at the results of your mind set. Don’t be fooled by their words-look at their actions. FYI the U.S is NOT a democracy (aka mob rule). If you doubt that look at the words of our Pledge of allegiance “to the Republic for which it stands.” That is not to say
    that some in the Repub party aren’t just as bad-seeking to enrich themselves with money & power-and the hell with the citizens that pay their salary. If you doubt that- look at the crime: murder; drug deaths & drug use; high numbers of children killed born & unborn; sexualization of children; child rape & rape of women; child abuse. Total loss of respect for life & others including property. Open your eyes.Talk is cheap-the proof is in the results. When someone doesn’t do the job they were hired to do-fire them, don’t re-elect them and/or recall them. The situation in NM has gone from bad to very very bad. Imagine the hell it will be for your grandchildren and great grands. saddest part of all chances are high that they will be killed before they are born. a vote for democrats and some repubs is a vote for death-Please vote for life, & respect not for a party or person that tells you they are going to “give” you freebies. All those freebies(that u rarely if ever get) are NOT free-they are paid for by our taxes. New Mexicans are unique- even some transplants have learned and embraced our rich beautiful culture. Some, including transplants, have used that knowledge to destroy it. Good example are MLG, & Linda Lopez. Many NM residents say they are anti-abortion then vote for politicians supporting late term abortion. Five incumbent Dem senators who joined Repubs to uphold the NM abortion ban in 2019 were ousted. Wake up before you discover that your family line has ceased to exist & that you are responsible due to your contribution to its’ demise by becoming a “yellow dog” dem or a rino ( republican in name only).

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