Heinrich to kick off reelection bid for Senate with governorship in his sights

According to a report by the Santa Fe New Mexican, far-left Democrat U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich is kicking off his 2024 U.S. Senate reelection bid to hold onto the office until he potentially makes a run for governor in 2026.

“Democratic U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich plans to kick off his 2024 reelection campaign Friday with a fundraiser in a private home. Senate terms last six years, but Heinrich might try to cut short his stay by running for governor in 2026,” the report notes. 

The news comes as Heinrich was just elevated to chairman of the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee (JEC) for the 118th Congress, of which he previously served as vice chair and ranking member.

Heinrich said of the elevated role, “Too many people in Washington, D.C. think that if the stock market is going up, the economy is in good shape. But that’s not true for working families in New Mexico or across the country. The way we should measure the success of the economy is if parents can afford to send their kids to college, entrepreneurs can start new businesses, our children are educated and healthy, and workers are able to retire with peace of mind,” adding, “As we continue our economic recovery, ensuring access to quality education, well-paying jobs, affordable healthcare, and clean energy are essential to our collective prosperity.”

Some may take the rhetoric, of which is rare from Heinrich, as a move to position himself in a place of power as he eyes New Mexico’s chief executive office.

“As his campaign begins, Heinrich will have to deal with uncomfortable questions until he supplies answers. Voters need to know if he pledges to complete another term in the Senate, or if he’s going to run for governor,” opined the New Mexican.

The report notes that the “favorite” in the Democrat primary to take over the governorship following incumbent Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham would be U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, writing, “Deb Haaland would beat him if she wants the job. And Haaland, secretary of the interior, could depart her appointed position more easily than Heinrich could abandon his elective office.” 


16 thoughts on “Heinrich to kick off reelection bid for Senate with governorship in his sights”

  1. Heaven help us!! Haaland for governor?? Are we just doubling down as she has already made us the “laughing stock” of the Nation??

  2. OK, I believe Heinrich is a POS as a person and as an elected official. The only thing he has done is been a shil for the Democratic Party. What has he done for NM????? Yes Nothing. If NMs are dumb enough to elect him as governor we will further fall deeper into being one of the worst states in every category. The sad thing is most NMs are conservatives but just do not realize it.

  3. AngryTXARNGVeteran

    There was a time whenever I needed a question answered, a problem fixed, or just a question about a bill I didn’t understand; that, I could call on Heinrich’s staffers and they would answer me immediately.

    This past year though, that has not been the case. He and his staff have been every bit as rude, arrogant, and condescending as Sen. Ben Ray Lujan and his staffers.

    Now, he thinks he’s ready to be Governor? The job he is doing is horrible.

    I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I support the candidates who honor their oaths of office to protect and preserve the Constitution.

    That’s not Heinrich or Lujan. And, for the first time ever; that’s not any Democrat I know of.

    If it weren’t for the incompetence of the RNC in honoring their elitist Donors while telling rank and file Republicans to shove off; I’d be highly tempted to rejoin the Republican Party.

  4. I guess New Mexico would have to build Heinlick a Governor’s mansion in Maryland? He so obviously doesn’t live in New Mexico. Haaland for Governor? I couldn’t have even made that up. Our ‘rulers’; who were selected – not elected (because stolen elections do have consequences), are Dog Kings. Useful idiots picked to demoralize us, terrorize us, and make sure we know they are our betters.

  5. Heinlick or Haaland. You can’t possibly think of two more worthless people in New Mexico. Oh wait…I forgot Lujan-Grisham.

  6. New Mexicans we are calling on you to WAKE UP and rid our state and our federal Government of corruption and idiots like Hiney-lick!! His reputation needs brought to the front of every advertisement and every vote! He – like little Benny-boy Loserjan, turned his back on New Mexico and New Mexicans the day he walked out to the airplane headed to Washington! To change New Mexico you can’t vote the same idiots back in to office!

  7. A concerned citizen

    Wow nasty comments! He’s not a far left Dem but sadly a hard party liner. If he rounded himself out (he’s mostly known for his conservation efforts) and was more moderate and acknowledged SOME conservative values he could easily win.

    I don’t understand how a strong Hispanic population of mostly Christians keeps voting in radical leftist who HATE Christianity and all it stands for !? Seriously!

    1. Ignorance of the truth. The media lies and they believe the lies. then there are those that still believe that the Dem party is the same party it was for their grandparents, parents, and have become “yellow dog dems.” We need to stop voting for a D or R behind their name. question their policies and what they support. If their values are the same as yours, vote for them and recall them if they don’t adhere to those policies.

  8. Heinrich wants to do more damage to NM and the USA, just like Ricardson and Lujan-Grishman.
    Read all about his communist background and ties – “Security Risk Senators part 2” by Trevor Louden.

  9. I want to know how a guy who doesn’t live in New Mexico thinks he should run for governor of a state he doesn’t live in. What’s he going to do….move back for 4 years?

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWYf1IVSxDA&ab_channel=ForbesBreakingNews 0:56/3:30
    You decide -Clueless or partisan politics? Secy Deb Haaland got the appointment based on her ethnicity. She banned U.S production of critical minerals for defense, creating a security problem for the U.S and leaving our country dependent on China for those minerals. According to Bidens’ financial statements and the info on the Hunter laptop (ownership confirmed) Biden is compromised by China. According to their actions it appears Bidens administration is all in for China.

  11. Martin Heinrich is for the assault weapon ban. Anyone who wants to disarm you is your enemy think about that for just a moment. Anyone in New Mexico who owns a AR-15 or similar rifle will be deemed dangerous by the governor.

  12. Sun Zia and other BS corporations will probably pay millions for his campaign…sick sick sick. Go back to Washington and stay there Heindick.

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