‘March for Trump’ bus passes through New Mexico

On Tuesday, Amy Kremer, Chair of Women for America First, posted a video of her organization’s bus stopping through New Mexico.

The group’s “March for Trump” bus looks to have stopped through the state on the way to its first stop in Nevada, according to Kremer’s post and the roadmap posted on TrumpMarch.com. The bus looks to have passed through I-40, meaning it passed through Albuquerque toward Gallup and Grants.

Women for America First organized the massive “Stop the Steal” and “Million MAGA March” rallies in Washington, D.C. and across the country against Democrat voter fraud. At the last rally, President Trump flew over the crowd in Marine One to greet the countless attendees. The bus tour is funded by Mike Lindell, founder of MyPillow, along with Right Side Broadcasting and other partners.

“Good morning #NewMexico! The #MarchForTrump is headed to #Nevada today. If you see us, give us a big 👍,” wrote Kremer in her Twitter post.

If Piñon Post readers see the bus on its way to Nevada, please send them to us so we can update our story! 

1 thought on “‘March for Trump’ bus passes through New Mexico”

  1. Robert Paul Garding

    Wish I would have been here to see that….but I am heading to Indiana for a few days and will miss that great Bus.

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