Maggie Toulouse Oliver bashes America, Founding Fathers on Fourth of July

On Independence Day, far-left Democrat Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver bashed America’s Founding Fathers and America in general, claiming the holiday only secures freedom for a “select few.”

“But our struggle for freedom is more than a single historical event. We are still striving to ensure the promise of America is not reserved for a select few,” Toulouse Oliver wrote in an email.

She continued, “We have fought to expand the freedoms originally meant only for land-owning white men. Through years of hard work, women, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), and the LGBTQ+ community have won their rights and brought our nation closer to its goal of a more perfect union.”

Still, she believes the nation has not reached its “perfection.”

“But over the past few days, we saw many of the rights we have fought so hard for threatened and repealed. We have so far to go before we can fully live our values of liberty, equality, and justice. We simply cannot allow ourselves to go backwards.”

Toulouse Oliver is likely alluding to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that repealed the archaic 1973 decision, Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion on demand in the United States. The Dobbs v. Jackson case recently decided now lets the abortion question go back to the states. Apparently, Toulouse Oliver takes offense to the court saying there is no right to kill children in the womb on a federal level.

Despite bashing the United States and our Founding Fathers as “land-owning white men” who fought to secure our country, the Secretary of State still claims to be “so proud to be an American.”

“Today’s celebration is bittersweet, but our country has come so far since our founding, and I know we will again bend towards justice. These ideals are what make our country great, and they are what still make me so proud to be an American,” she wrote.


5 thoughts on “Maggie Toulouse Oliver bashes America, Founding Fathers on Fourth of July”

  1. I am sure the People will just “vote” maggie out (sarcasm); that was soooo successful in 2020 and prior elections (wink, wink).

  2. Maggie shows her ignorance and ingratitude when she says that not all Americans are guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, all while holding the vaulted office of Secretary of State. She is the epitome of privilege.

  3. Maggie’s suggested legislation for New Mexico was to have 16-year-olds vote and to have a “permanent absentee ballot” list, sending endlessly ballots to the same address regardless of who might be living there. Our responsibility is to pray for and support Audrey Trujillo for the position who promises transparency and integrity.

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