As pro-lifers rejoice Roe’s fall, MLG promises to ‘fight like hell’ for abortions

On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 1973 decision Roe v. Wade and the 1992 decision Planned Parenthood v. Casey were overturned in a shocking 5-4 decision.

Following the game-changing ruling, New Mexicans responded to the news.

Piñon Post editor and GOP nominee for House District 51, John Block, wrote:

As a pro-lifer and as a human of morals, seeing the deadly Roe v. Wade decision overturned marks one of the most important moments in our nation’s history. From helping women find life-affirming options on the sidewalk outside of Planned Parenthood abortion centers to fighting hard to stop pro-abortion bills in our Legislature, all of our hard work has finally paid off in a tangible way.

But the fight in New Mexico has only just begun. Radical Democrats are hell-bent on killing as many precious unborn babies in our state as possible, which is why we must fight hard against their agenda of death. As the next representative for New Mexico’s House District 51, I will sponsor bills to protect life from conception to natural death, and I will continue to work tirelessly to stop anti-life bills. 

What an amazing day for the right to life in our Country, and may God continue to give us strength as we work to restore a culture of life in New Mexico.

Pro-abortion Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham wrote, “Today, a new generation of women will be forced to face a future where they cannot seek safe, legal abortions. We have long feared this moment and I’m going to continue to fight like hell to ensure every New Mexico woman has access to reproductive health care.” 

The governor added in another statement from her official gubernatorial account that she thinks women will now be “second-class citizens” because they don’t have the right to kill their babies protected on a national level.

Far-left U.S. Rep. Melanie Stansbury of New Mexico’s First  Congressional District wrote, “The extreme and dangerous decision by SCOTUS this morning sets the clock back on human rights and gender equality by decades.”

She added, “While abortion remains safe and legal in New Mexico—this decision will block people across the country from receiving care. The time for the Senate to act is now! The time to organize is now!”

Fellow far-left U.S. Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez of New Mexico’s Third Congressional District wrote, “Abortion is SAFE AND LEGAL in New Mexico. The Supreme Court just voted to take away women’s autonomy and end Roe v. Wade. This is an unprecedented unraveling of the right to bodily privacy and choice”

She continued, “New Mexico codified abortion access in 2021 when @GovMLG signed SB-10 and removed a 1969 law that criminalized abortion. 26 states may quickly ban abortion, and 13 will implement trigger bans. New Mexico expects an influx of patients who will need this lifesaving care. We must do everything to ensure they get the care they need. Congress must codify the right to choose under law.”

Pro-life advocate Elisa Martinez wrote, “Today, a new generation of women will have the right to be born.”

“RPNM applauds this momentous ruling and the Court’s realization that we must protect the sanctity of life,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce following the opinion. “The decision is in the best interest of America, and the high court’s Justices have fulfilled their duty to protect the lives of the unborn and to abolish the horrors of abortion. Abortion is wrong on moral grounds, and I and everyone who stand for life am pleased at the outcome in this important ruling.”

12 thoughts on “As pro-lifers rejoice Roe’s fall, MLG promises to ‘fight like hell’ for abortions”

  1. i believe as long as there is a heartbeat it is a living thing and if you terminate it, it is considered murder. there are so many couples out there that want a baby and cannot conceive, i think they should make it easier for them to adopt the ones that these women do not want. mlg is nothing but someone who codons murder. like someone said before she’s probably glad her mother didn’t feel the same way she does. GET HER THE H—- OUTTA THERE.

  2. MLG and Leger-Fernandez publicize THEIR motherhood on twitter and yet encourage young moms and dads to abort their own children.
    This is particularly disgraceful for Leger-Fernandez who touts her Catholic roots to sucker Hispanic Catholics of northern NM to vote for her.
    The clergy, espcially the Cathoic clergy, has not spoken out loud enough. But laypeople will vote them out.

  3. “New Mexico expects an influx of patients who will need this lifesaving care.” Since when is murdering a child lifesaving care? Whose life? Rare, very rare, is an abortion used to “save the life of the mother”. And since when is the mother more special than the child?

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