Abortion exec who lost Supreme Court case now moving facility to NM

Shannon Brewer whose abortion mill lost the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, is moving her abortion business from Jackson, Mississippi to Las Cruces. Dobbs overturned the pro-abortion Roe v. Wade (1973) and Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) decisions, which legalized abortion on demand in the United States. It now sends the abortion question back to the individual states.

The Texas Tribune reports, “Brewer’s team picked Las Cruces, about 40 miles north of El Paso, because of its proximity to Texas and its lack of abortion care. They found an old dentist’s office in the city this spring and hope to have their new clinic open [in July].”

Brewer touted how the new abortion facility in Las Cruces, which used to be a dental office, has a parking lot in the rear, making it harder for pro-life sidewalk counselors to help pregnant mothers turn around and not go through with the baby-killing abortion.

“You have antis who were in these 20-some states that are fixing to close — what are they going to do?” she said. “This is all they know, and this is all they’ve been doing,” said Brewer to the Tribune.

New Mexico has long been the abortion capital of the Southwest and the late-term abortion capital of the country. But in 2021 when radical pro-abortion Democrat politicians did away with all protections for women, babies, and medical professionals, it left open the floodgates for unregulated abortion up to and after birth in the state.

Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who is up for reelection in November, signed the controversial bill after spending big bucks to knock off moderate pro-life Democrats from the state Senate chamber so she could ram through the unlimited abortion bill.

Just last week, Lujan Grisham signed an executive order shielding fugitive abortionists from extradition to other states where they have illegally performed abortions. More of this pro-abortion radicalism is expected in the upcoming 2023 Legislative Session, where Democrats are likely to propose more anti-life bills.


9 thoughts on “Abortion exec who lost Supreme Court case now moving facility to NM”

  1. WELCOME to the “Land of Enchantment” and the Baby Killer Capitol of the WORLD!
    Can we citizens be proud of that? Is it religion or party politics that gets this PROBLEM confused? I just do not think ALL NM Democrats & NM Catholics are Pro-Abortion.

    1. In MLG eyes the best of both irresponsible worlds, but you left out the medically assisted induced death of the old and sick too. Our flag should have a sugar skull inside the zia symbol with the motto “The Land Of Death”

  2. So now that New Mexico may soon become the leader in aborted fetuses in the US, just what is planned for the remains of this deluge of unborn babies?

    Burned up or thrown away along with accumulated medical waste? Tossed in dumpsters to end up in landfills? Cremated and/or buried with dignity? Or flushed down the toilet?

    Guess one’s compassion, or indifference, to the treatment of the fetus remains directly correlates to one’s acceptance as to what an actual life really is.

    Await MLG and her cohort’s answer

  3. We’re Number one in Poverty, Car Jacking, Crime and Pedestrian deaths, Medicaid enrollment…Let’s all make us #! in Baby M U R D E R ….

    1. Right! NM is #1 on every CRAP list there is. Seems like too many people choose to turn a blind eye & keep voting Democrat, their religion apparently!

  4. This is just great. Instead of producing natural gas and oil, (and the well paying jobs that comes with this activity) NM will make itself rich murdering babies right up to term. This will be a great place for PP to sell babies to “researchers”. There will be a reckoning for this. Don’t want to be living here when all “HELL” breaks loose.
    If MLG isn’t replaced in midterms, will have to relocate.

  5. MLG attracting baby murderers to NM

    We can all thank Evil MLG for attracting more evil into New Mexico. Next more far left psychopaths will move here.

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