Lujan Grisham’s election fraud bill is here to bring third-world elections to NM

On Tuesday, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced her election fraud bill to create a wild west of election cheating in the state on social media, touting the bill’s file number as S.B. 8, although it was not posted on the New Mexico Legislative website at the time.

Lujan Grisham claimed, “While voting rights are under attack across the country, New Mexico is taking every action to protect and expand them. The New Mexico Voting Rights Act will safeguard access to the ballot box and ensure New Mexicans’ voices are heard.”

Voting rights are not under attack in New Mexico or the country — to the contrary. Many states are expanding the right to vote, but making it harder to cheat, such as in states like Texas, Georgia, and Arizona, which have put safeguards in place to help stop bad actors from infiltrating elections.

According to a press release from Lujan Grisham’s office, far-left Sen. Peter Wirth, who also serves as majority leader in the Senate, is the primary sponsor. 

“Given all that is happening at the national level to stymie voter protections, states must step up to expand ballot access and support voter rights,” claimed Wirth “Our democracy depends on it. I’d like to thank Secretary of State Toulouse Oliver and Governor Lujan Grisham for their leadership on this issue and look forward to getting this bill passed and signed into law.” The United States is not a democracy and voting rights are not under attack or being “stymied.”

“New Mexico has the opportunity to be the innovative leader that expands voter protections and ballot access,” claimed the House Majority Leader Rep. Javier Martínez (D-Bernalillo), legislation sponsor in that chamber. “SB 8 will make sure the people of our state can freely and safely exercise their constitutional right to vote and we can protect our core democratic values.”

Democrat Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, who has constantly attempted to weaken New Mexico’s elections and has refused to clean up voter rolls, claimed, “This legislation now gives us the chance to pass one of the most powerful voting rights bills in our state’s history.”

However, the alleged “voter protections” not only erode the right to legally vote in New Mexico, they create opportunity after opportunity to implement fraud across the board, such as giving voters seven full days after an election to return an absentee ballot — an easy way for radical leftists to swing elections by harvesting and stuffing ballots in drop boxes (something already in place in the state) to swing elections after the fact. 

Other provisions in the bill include:

  • Increasing voter access by designating Election Day as a state holiday and allowing 16 year-olds to participate in local elections;
  • Creating a permanent absentee voter list that allows individuals to voluntarily receive mail ballots for each election without needing to make individual requests;
  • Expanding online voter registration opportunities by allowing individuals without MVD-issued ID to register online using their full social security number;
  • Supporting Native voting access by expanding the timeline for indigenous nations, tribes, and pueblos to request alternate voting sites;
  • Improving automatic voter registration by adopting a system that provides a mechanism for eligible individuals to become automatically registered to vote upon completing a transaction at the Motor Vehicle Department;
  • Enabling nominating petition signatures to be securely submitted electronically; and
  • Automatically restoring the voting rights of those convicted of a felony who are not currently incarcerated.

This legislative session, this bill should be THE SOLE BILL REPUBLICANS FOCUS ON to stop in its tracks, or the books will be cooked for years in the state, with little to no hope of going back. This is the kind of third-world illegal voting fraud that goes on in countries like Venezuela with its dictator Nicolas Maduro and Cameroon with its dictator Paul Biya  — not the United States of America.

Call your senators and representatives and demand they oppose S.B. 8, a bill solely focused on sowing more election fraud into New Mexico elections. Find your legislators here.

More information about voter fraud in New Mexico can be found here.


7 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham’s election fraud bill is here to bring third-world elections to NM”

  1. Democraps cant win without stealing elections

    This illegal bill will pass and nothing will be done by anyone. At this point people should leave New Mexico, before MLG and the rest of the evil Dem’s start locking people up for not obeying.

  2. Hope You post This

    Tried to post something and it disappeared. This bill will pass, as New Mexico is a decmocrap party run hell whole. Republicans will do nothing. Writing to our representatives never helps as they have deaf ears when it comes to what real natural born New Mexicans want. Our state will never be the same.

  3. Give the people a little more credit. This bill does NOT have to pass. We have been through so much the past couple of years. If you want the insanity to continue, just give up. If you want change, let’s make it happen. All eyes can be on NM if we don’t give up. Call or email your reps, let them know this is NOT what AMERICANS want election DAY to be. Thanks.

  4. I will take my concerns to my reps but they never listen, I always get the same form letter response back which is in direct opposition to my concerns. We must get back to paper ballots and get rid of dominion electronic voting if we are to have a fair shot. Democrats always cheat, they could not win without cheating. Professor Clements did the numbers, Trump actually won this state. Until we get rid of the machines or get our pitchforks out and start holding people accountable we may be screwed. Some hope….citizens grand jury petitions, start one in your county. Also become a precinct committee man to have more control over our elections. I believe we are a red state if we can get rid of cheating. Not giving up…God is on the side of truth.

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